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To chest feeding to be!

Ya of iskusstvenniyets. My mother listened to eternally advising grandmothers and began to feed me with cow`s fat milk. From there all my problems with a digestive tract. Therefore when I learned that I am pregnant, I adjusted myself on breastfeeding of the daughter at once.

Once I read

in the magazine that mothers - iskusstvennitsa often meet difficulties in feeding, and developed a rule number one - not to read and not to listen to anything of that kind that bears negative information: cases of unsuccessful chest feeding of my acquaintances, my familiar acquaintances, information in printing editions on difficulties... On the contrary, I with pleasure read and listened a story about mothers who long and successfully feed the children.

Also I actively prepared nipples for feeding (as it appeared then, it is not enough) that pain and wounds did not stop me. Was not nervous, moved much and strongly wanted the birth of the baby.

When the joyful event happened to

, and the daughter “stuck“ to my breast, I felt satisfaction, some internal delight, affection and still the whole bouquet of feelings. At a breast rastsezhivaniye (thanks to the midwife) it seemed to me that better I once again would give rise. But by the time of an extract everything passed, nipples did not hurt any more, and we with the daughter were full of determination to adjust ours with it chest feeding and to prolong it as long as possible.

Everything that I did - a strict diet, plentiful drink, a quiet way of life and frequent applying. As a result the phrase from the fairy tale - “runs a milk on a vymechka, from a vymechka on a kopytechka, from a kopytechka in cheese the earth“ - about me. Milk flew constantly. I decanted it, fed the daughter, fed a kitten and the niece, and it all the same remained. It gave a certain inconvenience, but, having looked at my acquaintances - mothers who had great difficulties I understood that to me to complain just a sin.

Plus I understood several things: in - the first, the amount of milk does not depend on quantity of food (I ate a little at once and tried not to eat after 7), and here quality depends directly. In - the second if you have milk, then restriction in liquid does not lead to reduction of a lactation, and here if you have no milk, then no collecting, tablets and others a miracle - inventions of modern medicine will help to bring up the kid. In - the third, the correct psychological spirit, huge desire and love to the kid - here the main criteria of successful breastfeeding.

I here, the daughter 6 months, it has 3 teeth, it with the great pleasure is a squash, vegetable and fruit pyureshka, but we - that with it know what dish at us out of competition.