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The short guide to a corporate party

the Russian business becomes more and more civilized every year. Concepts which create idea of the true standard of work become current. One of them - corporate rest - the action organized by the company for the employees.

Heads organize to

corporate parties to encourage workers and to give them incentive to further, even more high-quality work. It was lucky those for whom such holidays - really meetings of the friends and adherents feeling easy in the company of each other and not thinking of what will be told about them by colleagues next day.

But in some collectives happens differently, and rest turns into examination there. Employees too worry, feel in such situation uncomfortably or are afraid that they will damage the reputation. Someone prefers not to go at all, motivating it with the fact that colleagues bothered as it is.

Such action can really conceal in itself the potential danger capable not only spoil a holiday, but also poison further work. Therefore it is worth thinking of everything in advance.


On a corporate party should not put on pretentiously or as, say, in theater, too a parabottom. The matter is that in theater people generally sit, only in an interval walk in the foyer. The clothes have to be festive, elegant, not constraining movements, but without shocking. Besides, at a party it is necessary to dance, maybe, to participate in competitions and if it is a buffet reception, then long enough to stand. Therefore it is necessary to pick up convenient footwear, it is better to refuse magnificent shoes on a very tall heel then not to take off them under a table when nobody sees.


By the beginning of action is better not to be late for a party therefore it is worth calculating in advance, what is the time it is required on the road taking into account all possible difficulties, and also need to correct a hairdress, cosmetics and other.

As the hall is ordered from certain o`clock, too early emergence will put also you, and service personnel in a difficult situation. If you are late - risk to pass the speech of the chief or to rush into the hall while the head just says a speech that, certainly, to you will not add bonuses.


your behavior should not differ in a basic image from usual. Being figuratively expressed, behave as the soldier during At the ease! team, but do not relax as if ordered “Disperse!“. In other words, do not forget that though some ease is given, all of you - are in a system.

Can participate in competitions that is always cheerful and pleasant. It is possible to sing or dance on a scene if you are sure that at you it well turns out, otherwise it is better to sing in chorus, and to dance - in the hall, together with all. If you want to tell the speech, to say a toast, to make number of amateur performances, think of them in advance. If such thought came to mind after the use of strong drinks, it will be more reasonable to refuse it. Ahead there is a lot of parties, act next time, having prepared everything on the sober head.

should Flirt with fellow workers very carefully too, and only if both parties understand and accept rules of the game. Otherwise the ambiguous behavior can become the reason of unpleasant consequences.

If to you such types of entertainments categorically sicken, you consider competitions as platitude top, and dancings under variety music - bad taste manifestation, it is not necessary to sit with a sour look all the time, and especially publicly to express the opinion. Think in what awkward situation you put people to whom corporate parties are pleasant, not to mention those who organized a holiday. Believe if you dare once to step on the stage for participation in any competition or just to jump under music, you will understand what the pleasure from such actions consists in. Optional all entertainments have to be highly cultured, spiritual and intellectual. Among the people having fun now as small children there are a lot of those who have a rich inner world too, just they do not see anything shameful in having a rest, and consider impolite to spoil a holiday all the rest.


Communication during a corporate party - for the sake of what it was also started. Employees know each other and the management better. But it is more correct to discuss what occurs right now: what tasty dishes, what ridiculous competitions, what excellent music! To speak about itself, the private life, the preferences costs only in case it is interesting to the interlocutor, and it is not necessary to go too far in the revelations. It is not necessary to express sharply and negatively something if in advance the relation of the interlocutor to this subject is not known.

of the Subject, the concerning works, it is desirable not to lift too, especially to discuss concrete plans. It is necessary to have a rest once? The announcement of increase in a position or an increase of a salary can only be an exception. it is better for p not to concern

of Questions of religion, policy, a nationality because their discussion most often leads to disagreements, disputes, and at times and the conflicts. And needless to say, it is impossible to gossip for eyes about the chief or fellow workers. Very carefully it is necessary to talk also to the management. Often occur among chiefs such which like to bring subordinates to straight talks. Often this frankness in a consequence costs to the tipsy employee much.

the Table

Sometimes is an easy buffet reception, and happens, as the real feast, more similar to a banquet, than on a party. Surprisingly, but it is frequent on corporate holidays the people low-drinking suddenly are the most poddaty. The explanation is simple: having drunk no more, than usually, the person does not count that sausage sandwiches actually are parchment paper sandwiches on which, certainly, properly you will not have a snack. And not to fall into an awkward situation, try not to be zealous especially.

the people who are very liking to podpaivat others Quite often meet. They persuade, offer toasts which it is impossible to refuse. To resist to such provokers, in advance prepare the reliable basis for refusal.

the Behaviour at a table in many respects tells

about the general culture of the person. Certainly, it is not necessary to pose as the aristocrat and to be indignant that gave not those devices, but also you should not forget about elementary rules.

In some organizations can be taken away with itself after a party sandwiches, fruit, sweet, what remained on the general dishes. If it is so accepted, safely arrive as the others, otherwise no talk on what is so done around the world, will help to avoid sidelong glances and reputation of the petty, greedy person.


it is necessary to Come with spouses or children only if it is provided by the program and the general design of a holiday. In collective there is a certain microclimate which is easily destroyed at appearance of the stranger.

If the party assumes that all will come in couples, it is necessary to instruct the relatives in advance: as it is necessary to behave with the administration which of attendees to you rovnya who - the subordinate. You should not break the existing subordination. Do not forget to warn also about that with whom you should not carry on straight talks whom it is necessary to treat with care. The matter is that where your partner or the partner works, other relationship meaning big freedom in communication can be accepted absolutely.


If at you is big collective, then, certainly, it is not necessary to say goodbye to all by a hand, but also you should not leave in English too. It is enough to say goodbye to the management or to the one who organized a party. In - the first, they have to control a number of people, in - the second, will not prevent to thank for the successful holiday. People put many sincere forces in the organization of action, energy therefore it will be pleasant to them to learn that their efforts were not in vain and colleagues were satisfied.

After a party

In talk on past holiday the sensitivity maximum is the best of all to show

. If organizers ask you to express the opinion, you should not say what was boring or bad. It is better to give the remarks a shape of specific proposals how next time to improve quality of action.

If someone from colleagues dared to drink superfluous or fell into a humorous situation, it is not necessary to reproach him, to remind, deride, play a trick, to tell those who did not see it. The person already feels very awkwardly. At least, you will be able to expect similar sensitivity from employees and in relation to yourself if you sometime make any slip. All of us are people, and, perhaps, the step shown by you today will pay off further.

Gradually experience of civilized communication, organized rest and a reasonable feast will create in our country traditions, worthy cultural society in which all of us so would like to live. And still the corporate party is not reception at court. It is not necessary to perceive everything too seriously, to relax, be rather simple itself and to enjoy a holiday.