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Welcome a cancelled feat of motherhood

, still before became pregnant, I resolved that I will nurse by all means and only a breast. So to speak, it was torn by this part of a body to embrasures, despite everything! “On anything“ was enough - frightening. Three girlfriends who went to this feat to me told horrors. One could not “razdoitsya“ and nearly turned breasts into the inflamed stones. Another showed bloody cracks. The third... Yes I was a witness to how during feedings the husband held her - pain which the child caused to the tired-out nipples, was such strong that young mother shouted, sobbed and escaped (honestly, I do not joke!) .

Generally, I was adjusted on the worst in advance. Like, to what victims you will go to a name of the child! But it turned out so that the victims were not necessary. To my daughter the tenth month, the main food still - mother`s milk, I do not know what is sleepless nights, decantation and cracks of nipples. I will tell you in confidence: to nurse is such high! Perhaps, my modest example will help someone to understand it on personal experience.

And me personally Yulia Kuzina`s book “The book of young mother written by her“ very much helped. The part of my recommendations is obtained from there, we with the daughter learned part in own practice. So, the first secret - we prepare a breast in advance!

In - the first, I never am I wear a bra. But I appreciated it only now! The trick is that nipples which constantly rub about fabric grow coarse. (Well do not become, certainly, similar to skin of heels, be not afraid! But painful sensitivity decreases.)

Alas, it is, of course, council not for all, but there is a criterion, once davny - long ago read by me in the Spid-Info newspaper. The bra is necessary to you in case the pencil thrust under a breast does not fall. If gravity overcomes it - you can quite do without the top part of linen. If, of course, on you not a transparent blouse:-).

Further. It is possible to strengthen nipples during water procedures. Lovely business! We mass a bast from a loofah - it soft, but quite rough. Then by a cool shower it is drawn on an eight breast, will not bother yet. We lead round one, then the second. Also the contrast shower is quite good!

And here I resolutely object to some popular measures. So, before departure in maternity hospital mine mother and elder sister strongly recommended me to wipe nipples with alcohol and/or boric acid that “zadubet and was it is all the same“. (It still that: earlier, speak, also smeared with brilliant green.) Zadubeniye somehow was not included into my plans! Therefore I forgot about alcohol at all, having chosen Yulia Kuzina`s recommendation: own milk, air and children`s saliva - the best nipple lotion which is thought up by the nature!

By the way, in maternity hospital it was necessary “to swindle“, pretending that I wash a breast with antiseptic soap before each feeding as it was necessary. Really I its soaps of once a day - in the morning. I doubt that it so was strongly soiled to do it each three hours, considering that purity at us in chamber bordered on sterility. And the idea is simple here: excessively frequent washing moreover with soap moreover plus wiping by alcohol inevitably overdries already gentle skin. Here to you and please: both cracks, and an inflammation, and everything that you want... The only supportive application which I applied on a breast is Life Source hydrogel. (By the way, I used it also for prevention of extensions. There is no.) I used gel twice: in maternity hospital, for the night (the first nights my daughter after 12 is did not ask) and recently when my successor me bit like a young bulldog.

If milk does not arrive right after childbirth - it is not an occasion to panic. At me personally month for one and a half colostrum, and after the delivery - figs began to exude! Empty breast. Considering that the first two days did not give the daughter to me, I began to worry. But it is good that I was warned about what I will warn you now about: do not drink in liters green tea at all with milk that your milk appeared somewhat quicker. In the time it will appear! I assure you, the crowded stone breast - not the most pleasant feeling. So when the doctor advises to limit liquid - listen! However, will drink very much to be wanted, and I did so: and “chemical“ kissel in the dining room did not drink compote from dried fruits in general (by the way, at couple of kids in our separation from them stomachs ached!) instead afforded exactly as much milk or home-made cranberry drink. More tasty, and more usefully.

Here, by the way: a single question - food of mother. At an extract from maternity hospital we were told very democratically: everything is possible, except frank allergens - oranges, chocolate, strawberry. The rest - please though if any product raises doubts - at first on slightly - slightly and to look at reaction. So I also did the first month, and we had no problems. The only thing that I did not risk to eat - store cake: with pleasure, fatly and heap of dye. But ours with the daughter paradise life came to an end with the first visit to a neonatolog! Having learned about my menu, the doctor nearly fainted. The diet was appointed following:

Well, on sweet to me to spit, vegetables and fruit it is not rich in the winter, and here bread became the first nightmare. White I not only that I hate - it badly influences digestion. Hemorrhoids became aggravated. I was depressed. In general without bread is I cannot - accustomed in the childhood. Black it is impossible. From white stirs up. All food - macaroni without sauce, soup without carrot - cabbage, meat without onions - seems fresh muck. In completion to everything the daughter`s face suddenly became covered by rash, and the silent horror began. We come to reception, I say that I ate, and my list of the forbidden products immediately is replenished on point. Day when I in despair began to yell became apogee:

- Natalya Borisovna! Yes I except rolls any more at all eat nothing with milk!
- Rolls?! And here them is that just and is impossible !

My sufferings lasted until I did not notice that an allergy, seemingly, not on my food, and on one of the drugs appointed to the daughter. So it also appeared. After that I relaxed. However, for a long time did not eat black bread, but bypassed this moment: bought personally for me grain or an unleavened wheat cake.

Running forward I will tell: already much later article in the My Child magazine where it was said that a neonatology, forbidding nursing mothers in general of everything (as in my case caught sight to me:-)), are a little reinsured - just very much many allergichny children! And in reality sensitivity, as a rule, happens to one - two products. Them it is also necessary by method of a scientific tyk to isolate and exclude. I completely agree with it, and by then already precisely knew that it is impossible for me boiled cabbage (fermented if moderately, it was possible to use quietly) and haricot - besides, the daughter did not react to peas. And here onions which, according to many books, too strongly smell my daughter try to eat even independently - the casual plumelet issost in a rag:-).

But we distracted a little. The question of whether to feed at night was the following important item of the program of breastfeeding. Or rather, the question per se for me did not stand, it was clear that - to feed. The question was in how to do it? All unanimously repeated that the baby cannot be accustomed to hands and that she by all means has to sleep in the bed. But if the first two weeks I jumped to it each two hours as a tumbler toy (on the daughter it was possible to synchronize watches: she asked to eat exactly in 12, in 2, in 4 and at 6 o`clock in the morning), on the third I was tired . And to rise barefoot on a cold floor, to grope in a gloom which - how to push to it a breast yes then also to hobble back to a bed became intolerable.

The change came that day rather night when I woke up with the daughter who is giving smacking kiss at a breast in 4 mornings and realized that I remember how took it about 12, and here that was then - resolutely I do not remember. And the way out was found by itself! Here when I appreciated the seams imposed in maternity hospital. Exactly thanks to them, I deprived of an opportunity to sit learned to feed with lying ! Now I did so: stacked the daughter in the 9th bed. When in 12 it woke up for the first time, I, as a rule, already was in a bed. Took Sashka, stacked to itself on a stomach, gave it a breast and continued to sleep farther. Everything that from me was required - almost without waking up, to turn over as required on this or that side that it was more convenient to it. On a bed back I hung up polotenchiko or a diaper with which during feeding covered a free breast - differently there were also floods:-).

Running forward, I will tell that over time the daughter began to wake up for the first time later and later, and smaller number of times in a night. So now I take it to myself only at daybreak and if sometimes she asks to eat in the middle of the night - I feed and I put back. Nobody got used to a parental bed.: -) By the way, my friends who did on the contrary - lulled the child together with itself, and then shifted - complained that it was very difficult to disaccustom then.

A separate line - decantation. At once I will tell that I this masochism was engaged in one time, and this only experience was absolutely unnecessary. Business was so: to the daughter was month two when I needed to leave almost for 4 hours. So long without milk it could not, and I decided to be decanted. It was sick, unpleasant, difficult, even considering what milk I had so many that it splashed from a nipple fountainlets by the slightest pressing. Hardly decanted grams 50. And what waited for me disappointment when, having come back home, I found the daughter shouting for hunger who flatly refused to drink the decanted milk! More I did not toil with a nonsense, and just like that for a long time did not leave:-).

However, I recognize, of course, that sometimes decantation is necessary - some mothers are forced to come early to work, others are separated from the kid because are in hospital... But to be decanted for the sake of just like that that “milk was more“ is, sorry, marasmus! In - the first, it is more in comparison with what?! With what is necessary for the child? I had a lot of milk at once, Sashka did not even eat so much, but day through three she began to drink a breast completely. And the last half a year the feeling of the crowded breast is absolutely unfamiliar to me, at the same time milk is always when the daughter was put - in a second it arrives. There is not a lot of it and much, and so much how many it is necessary. Trust the breast, and she will find a rhythm! By the way, the last month 4 I go without bra again. It seems that feeding did not affect a form and height of my breast in any way. The size, however, increased:-). And all why - sucking of the child in itself absolutely not traumatic! What, alas, cannot be told about decantation, especially rough, by self-milking...

Here it is pertinent to tell also about a contradiction which I when studied recommendations of two sources which are most inspired me trust - to already mentioned Yulia Kuzina and the acquaintance to me under articles on the Internet of the consultant Lilia Kazakova faced. Kuzina spoke: in one feeding it is necessary to give to the kid both breasts, otherwise one will work very hard, and another to be overflowed and be ill, so nearby and to mastitis. Kazakova explained that the child by all means has to drink from a breast ALL milk, not only forward, liquid and rich with protein, but also back, fat and nutritious. And how you will order to combine it? I could not force the daughter to drink a double portion! She agreed or to one breast entirely, or to vershoks from both: And both recommendations to me seemed very important! The solution was prompted by the daughter.

Why Kuzina recommends to give both breasts for feeding? Because an interval which is usually imposed to mother and the child, - 3 hours. Respectively, if to feed on one breast, for everyone it will make even six! For such time, I quote, “one of breasts will decide that twins, and the second - were born that in general nobody was born“:-). BUT my daughter demanded food everyone an hour and a half in the afternoon! As a result I quietly gave it one breast in one feeding, allowed to drink all milk, both back, and forward, and next time made the same with the second breast. As a result the interval for everyone made three hours, and nothing at me fused:-). And when the daughter grew up, she began to drink milk more, and quietly masters both breasts for once now.

There now, perhaps, it is highlights. For a dessert two more recommendations.

me milk between feedings very strongly exuded with

  1. U, and it was not succeeded to buy special inserts in a bra. That I made: bought usual laying without wings, cut them in half and pasted in cups. Now it was possible to go quietly on the street, without being afraid for a sweater, wet on a breast. One but: it is necessary to change such improvised inserts quite often, otherwise the milk absorbed in them from heat of a body turns sour, and the kid does not take unpleasantly smelling breast. And it is not hygienic:-). It was necessary to wash once again:-).
  2. Sometimes the kid suddenly all of a sudden, refuses one of breasts. At us right used such dislike: shouts for hunger, and takes only left, and there it is empty! Horror ! Already then I learned in what the reason: it appears, it happens because at the left the kid hears a sound of mother`s heart, pleasant for it, and on the right - no. And if with the right breast something not so, prefers left! What can be “not so“?
    1. Dirty breast! Watch point first.
    2. Wryneck! This such disease when neck muscles at the kid are too strained, and to it is difficult to turn the head. So if you were not at the orthopedist yet, it is a high time to seem.
But it is already serious

and what to do now when the kid does not take a breast? In - the first to wash it, in - the second if does not help, to give darling - in a couple of minutes for certain the reflex of a molokootdacha will work. As for “unloved“ that did not hold apart it - what in gland, accurately to decant (be only not overzealous, and that in an hour will arrive twice), easily massage a breast, lie down in a hot bathtub... Also try to give again it when the kid is sleepy! At such moment he, most likely, will not understand that palmed off on it something not that:-).

Here, perhaps, in brief and everything that I wanted to tell about the cancelled feat of motherhood. The feat did not turn out. On the contrary, I say to all now that breastfeeding - business for lazy. Lifted up a t-shirt - and the lunch is ready though in a bed though in the going car. And “laziness“ of those who choose fuss with mixes and small bottles is absolutely unclear to me. And I - that will precisely nurse the second child only!