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Obstetric aid in Germany of

the Standard of living in Germany is considered one of the highest in the world. It concerns also health care: not casually many our compatriots choose this country for the birth of the kids. Therefore it will be interesting to much to receive particulars about the organization of obstetric aid in Germany.

Health system we Will begin


with the fact that each resident of Germany has the health insurance, even those who are on the social help: payments for them are paid by department on the social help to the population, and takes them from the state, from means of taxpayers.

the Working citizens pay

the contribution to hospital cash desk; sometimes the part of a contribution is paid by their employer - it depends on conditions of the labor contract. Hospital cash desks (usually they are called an insurance) much, and all of them actively advertize themselves. They differ in the sum of contributions which should be paid monthly, and a complex of medical services which the sick person receives for these contributions.

the Most popular insurance hospital cash desk in Germany - AOK. To be insured in it, also references are not necessary any special inspection. It is democratic and serves not the most well-founded part of the population, and for contributions which in it pay, the person receives the most necessary medical care. At everyone insured there is a plastic card which contains all information on insurance conditions.

Medical care can be received and in cash, but it is expensive. The fees of doctors fluctuate depending on qualification of the doctor and the given help or a way of inspection. The doctor can appoint the fee for work, having counted, in how many it the anesthesia, dressings and so forth will manage, say. Can define the minimum fee. For example, on operation on removal of a cyst of ovaries it is necessary to pay 800 euros - if there is no insurance.

If the health insurance, the scheme of assistance is as follows: is the person comes also the reception doctor and first of all has to show a safety card. From it information on an insurance is read out and entered into computer system. What it is necessary for? To find out that from medical services the insurance will pay and that is not present that then after survey wrote the account to hospital cash desk and received from it money for the work. The patient will not even know, how much is survey and consultation of the doctor. If the insurance did not provide payment of any additional special analyses, then in case these analyses need to be made nevertheless, to the patient will suggest most to pay for them. For example, research the calla costs 18 euros. In case of refusal to pay the analysis do not do.

Therefore, choosing hospital cash desk, all try to provide themselves with the greatest number of services.

Supervision over pregnancy

the Program of inspection of pregnant women in Germany is similar

on Russian, as well as the put researches: Ultrasonography, blood, urine. At the beginning of pregnancy the woman visits the doctor once and month, from the second trimester - each two weeks. At inspections the husband can be nearby, to see a pas the screen of the image of the child, to listen to his heartbeat - it is considered quite natural phenomenon. The choice of the doctor - business of the patient, all doctors private, in any drugstore is the prospectus with addresses of doctors. It is possible to go to any doctor, for example to the one who is closer: the insurance and any case covers these expenses.

Courses for preparation for childbirth are rather popular

in Germany. The basis of occupations is made by gymnastics for pregnant women which begins with 4 - go month, and the family course on preparation for childbirth - it begins in 8 weeks prior to childbirth. The midwife shows different types of massages, positions, breathing exercises, tells about hospitals, maternity hospitals and childbirth of the house. The approximate cost of courses - from 40 euros and above. But the insurance, for example AOK, does not cover these expenses.

Conducting childbirth

is delivered in special offices of clinics. At the first visit to the gynecologist so-called “Mutterpass“ - the passport of mother where all information, results of analyses, measurements and so forth is brought is got. It has to be always at itself(himself), with it go also to childbirth.


After chose clinic for childbirth (that is done by the woman in labor), this institution invites future mother to fact-finding excursion. Pregnancy is conducted not necessarily by the doctor from clinic - on the contrary, as a rule, it is private medical practitioners. By the way, it is possible to address to clinic at any time (at night and during week-end private doctors do not work), and there doctors on duty of clinic will accept the woman on any questions - not only connected with pregnancy. The clinic registers the patient, acquaint with the midwife, the anesthesiologist, the doctor delivering. Each of them tells about the part of work, the pas all questions in detail answers. The personnel work in shifts, the crew is on duty 8 hours. Show to the woman patrimonial chambers, the operating room, etc. In parallel fill in the form with data of the woman in labor, and she signs a consent to necessary medical interventions. Besides, give some necessary information, for example, warn that if waters depart before arrival to clinic, then it is necessary to call “ambulance“ and to come only on it.


lists the list of things which should be taken with themselves in maternity hospital:“ Mutterpass“, the chip - the card of hospital cash desk, a dressing gown, a bast, a towel, slippers, a bra for feeding, cartridges with favourite music (it, certainly, at will), things for the child on an extract. Anyway the woman is provided to all necessary: newborns are dressed at once in romper suit, T-shirts and socks - all this is in any quantities, just as disposable diapers, napkins, etc. The woman in labor laying, disposable linen, dressing gowns, etc.

is provided to

the Relation to process of childbirth in Germany very sensible: childbirth is not an illness, but a normal physiological state of the woman (of course, it does not concern pathology cases).

Alternative techniques are not forbidden

, water childbirth practices also in hospitals, at the request of mother. It is possible at desire to give birth on a bed, on a floor or on a special swing.


In general, immersion in a bathtub or the maternity pool offer at the time of delivery in quality “alternative benzocaine“.

So, time of fights to relieve pain, it is offered to carry out in a big bathtub with water - it is considered that warm water weakens, doing fights by less painful, the breast is watered with warm water (37 ° C) - for stimulation of patrimonial activity, if necessary put cold compresses on a forehead. The woman in labor holds the special hand-rail attached to a lateral wall of a bathtub, planting the feet against its board. For simplification of pain and relaxation bright light is replaced with the twilight, the gentle music plays, add different salts and oils for a relaxation to water.

Childbirth with the husband - it is normal. Besides, presence of husbands facilitates to midwifes control of the woman in labor. The crew consists at least of 3 people: the doctor, the midwife and the assistant - the nurse or the probationer. Husbands accept part of their duties - mass, support during fights, help to take a shower or a bath. To the father trust to cut an umbilical cord. Prepare for fathers tea and give sandwiches, unlike mothers to whom can only allow to suck a piece of orange or to offer tea.

Anesthesia is done at the request of the woman in labor or according to indications.

After the birth of the child of parents will not be let out from a rodzal until they tell the name of the newborn which is at once fixed in different documents therefore the kid should choose a name in advance.

In the rodzal there takes place the first inspection of the newborn: measure its growth and weight, estimate on a scale Apgar.

After the delivery

After the delivery the woman spends by

under supervision of doctors in the delivery room 4 hours together with the child, right there can be members of her family. Then offer the woman in childbirth a shower and carry her on a wheelchair to chamber then it is possible to remain in the state hospital for 3 - 4 days. With the consent of parents to the child dig in in drop eyes against vaginal infections (inoculations become with 2 - go month already children`s doctor). In the first days doctors especially watch closely mother and ask it to call the sister (in chamber there is a call button) on any question.

In private maternity hospitals the insurance does not pay postnatal stay in hospital, and per every day it is necessary to pay extra about 400 euros.

of Chamber individual, comfortable, 1 - 2 - local, in them the TV, individual phone (payment by a card), radio and so forth is available. There is also pelenalny little table, disposable diapers, napkins, diapers and clothes for kids. The child can be together with mother (the father can stop, as in hotel, right there, but at additional expense). If parents want to have a rest, the child is brought to the special box, it can constantly be there, and it is brought to mother only for feeding, and if necessary can in the same place and be fed.

Chamber is cleaned 1 - 2 time a day. It is possible to have dinner and supper in chamber, to have breakfast - at will. In clinic there is also the general cafe hall, mothers and visitors gather there, some come with the children lying in special wheelchairs. There it is possible to buy different drinks, telephone cards, earphones. In a corridor usually there is a little table with various teas and drinks for women in labor.

the special room for feeding, swaddling Is, bathings - there air temperature are higher, than in chamber, there are convenient special chairs, scales for control feeding.


For mother give in hospital special classes - postnatal gymnastics and elements of care of the child. Every morning medical examination is performed.

anyone can Visit mother with the newborn, not only someone`s permissions, but even special footwear and clothes for this purpose are not required. A day before an extract mother is visited by the worker of Standesamt (analog of our REGISTRY OFFICE). It fills in documents and in several days comes to Standesamt behind the birth certificate, receiving at the same time a card from the burgomaster with congratulations and wishes.

Also mother will be visited by the photographer, and in day of an extract parents will receive “The baby - a pass“ with the child`s photo, growth and weight, date and hour of the birth, the description of weather at birthday and signatures of all team of physicians. Still usually give a sleeping bag for the child and a symbolical first toy.

with the consent of parents of a photo of the child, the name, its growth, weight and names of parents place on the special page of the website of clinic.

can Leave hospital with the child, having only put it in a car seat - without this detail of the child from maternity hospital will not let out.

In clinic mother is asked whether she chose the nurse who will come home to the kid. If is not present, then give the list according to which it needs to be chosen. Already the very next day after an extract the nurse comes - watches the child, helps, controls health of mother, brings scales, and as required - any ointments and creams. All this activity is paid with AOK.

If it is necessary for

, the doctor writes out to mother according to the recipe an electric milk pump. It is not cheap, but according to the recipe from the gynecologist this device in any drugstore is given almost free of charge on the security of 10 euros - for rent.

Childbirth in Germany free because all population is registered in medical insurance companies. Visits to the doctor, childbirth and hospital - everything are paid by insurance company. If there are difficulties in care of the child of the house, then for 2 - 3 weeks or even for bigger term it is possible to employ the assistant. Its services are paid by also insurance company.

Childbirth in Germany for citizens of Russia

to Russians often suggests to go to give birth Recently in clinics of Germany. What stands behind this invitation and How much is it?

the Basic program of childbirth in Germany for our compatriots looks as follows. A month before estimated date of childbirth the woman arrives or comes by train - as it will be more convenient - in the clinic chosen in advance. Placement in hotel near clinic or in the apartment rented especially for it is offered to it. By the majority of contracts it is stipulated that the woman comes on 36 - y to week of pregnancy. The corresponding medical certificate from a maternity welfare unit with the conclusion of the doctor about a state of health is provided for the solution of problems with airlines which rules it is forbidden to accept aboard pregnant women since a certain term.

Before childbirth supposes visit of clinic, and also single prenatal clinical, laboratory, ultrasonic inspection. Further future mother is weekly visited by the personal midwife whose task - carrying out ST - control; it is a special method of supervision over activity of a fruit and sokratitelny function of a uterus (kardiotokografiya).

When there will come the term of childbirth, in clinic normal physiological childbirth with implementation of anesthesia and according to medical indications, with full medicamentous and hygienic providing the newborn and mother will be carried out. Stationary stay - till 4 days, in one - or double chamber with all conveniences, phone.

It is important that “normal childbirth“ is understood as the birth of the child which weight is more than 2499. Smaller weight is considered pathology and will demand additional nursing of the child, and according to additional expenses.


After an extract will carry out postnatal clinical supervision of mother (visits of the midwife - to 5 times). Will examine the child neonatolog then the kid will be under regular medical supervision during 3 loops. By the way, in Germany do not do an inoculation newborn so this task will rise before parents after return to Russia.

It is components of the usual program which can be corrected taking into account a state of health of mother, for example in case Cesarean section or the birth of twins is planned in advance.

Making the decision on childbirth and Germany, it is necessary to consider that the child who was born in this country has no reasons for obtaining the German nationality neither now, nor in the future. In its birth certificate, and then in the passport there will be only a name of the German city in which op was born, but no more than that. Registration of the newborn is carried out in Consulate of Russia in Germany.

the Cost of medical part of this program - from 8000 euros. As for additional expenses, they will depend completely from individual a wish on accommodation, flight and so forth