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The little man whom love

Sasha Golotik in kindergarten “Alesya“ call the talented child. So it is, actually, and is as far as it is possible to judge it at its age which is not giving still to confidence in conclusions about the Person, but giving Nadezhda.

Sasha learned the alphabet in two years. Now quite well reads. As well as many of those her age-mates of whom adults are proud likes to draw, mold, paint... Very well understands flowers and shades, at the girl taste and imagination is developed.

Still Aleksandra is an actress. In kindergarten any action does not do without its participation. Sings songs, variety and national, chastushkas. Recites verses. And this year the pupil of the senior group of a kindergarten began to attend music school. On the class “piano“ (as mother). Sasha`s parents are musicians, teachers of music school. Most of all Sasha likes to play instrument with the father or mother. But not bad does it also. It was pleasant when recently mother helped to pick up chords of a song which “very famous“ - Valeria`s “Watch“.

As for music, Sasha is ready to listen to the pleasant works for hours and hours. Having come with mother to a concert, does not allow to leave until the last actor leaves a scene...

But all this: no, not some beautiful picture, and - la “was born and started talking“. It is just very hard work on creation of the personality. Work of her parents, Sasha`s work - to understand themselves.

Parents, Vladimir Ivanovich and Tatyana Nikolaevna, speak about the daughter so: “The most ordinary child“. But... It is worth looking at communication with this child in a family - and you begin to understand: in such situation gray mediocrity cannot just be formed.

Somehow one famous Russian actress told

such phrase:“ The successful woman is created by delighted eyes of the father“. Truth. Here and in this family already now quite seriously think of what Sasha will grow up the wife, mother as will build the relations with people during study and work. And even the teacher marks out Sashin: it has such remarkable father who - at once it is visible - very much loves the daughter.

But here in respect of future choice nobody on the girl “presses“

, adults try that her hobbies became her conscious choice, but not “because mother so solved“. Though, of course, do not belittle value of a constant reminder on the duties: the child is not able to understand now yet why he has to do that or it for what occupation to find more time. And the main thing here - to be able to interest.“ At us on explanations more time, than on games leaves“, - Sashin the father says.

should be explained to

A. And it is necessary to play. Let you were tired, let on the TV favourite transfer, let a heap of not made work - first of all it is necessary to play because now - game, and in a couple of years it will be shown in serious affairs.

Sasha is the many-sided person, the difficult personality. With age-mates - frictionless, but not suffering urgings on and attempts to operate it. The eccentric person - in thinking. The extremist - in everything. Perhaps it and to the best. This aspiration to make everything exactly as she solved, is appreciated in society adult. And now there are a lot of difficulties. Can be late with the father in a garden only because in a hairdress one small detail does not arrange - it is necessary to remake everything, or “Really you do not see - I cannot pick up what to me to put on?“ .

not to dozvatsya by its

when finishes interesting business, but completely the result corresponds to “ideal“ still insufficiently. It is difficult to convince her of what she does not understand. But when will understand and it will be convinced - will do everything possible that it was “correct“. Parents are afraid only of one - suddenly will not understand Sasha: this her insistence to people, this intolerance to “ordinary“. Then school days can become test.

Because knowledge - it is important. But here everything depends on adults. They do not feel sorry for time and means that the daughter developed, learned a lot of new and wanted it. At Sasha there are a lot of books, new colourful magazines, the developing games. It is written down in city library where itself chooses books. Is such which takes on many times - darlings. Very much loves when it is read by mother.

But style of communication is not less important

. Concerns the father and mother, for example, that so far except a garden, Sasha almost has no place to communicate with the same kids, but they understand that the girl by all means has to study cares for someone. Also some isolation with strangers concerns - probably, with age it will pass for now it is necessary to spend a lot of time for conversations: why it is not necessary to be afraid to address the audience and how it is natural to behave. Though houses, for, Sasha - a full spontaneity. During a concert on video, she changes clothes, takes in hand the hair dryer instead of the microphone - and arranges “concerts“, amusing and remarkable.

I one more important thing was told by Vladimir Ivanovich. The matter is that the child actually trusts not everyone. Also will not begin to respect, trust and listen to you only for the fact that you are a parent, and it is necessary to respect and listen to parents. He just will not understand still it it “is necessary“. For mutual understanding the child needs to become a friend. That if something happens he did not seek consolation at unchecked friends, and could find the hint and understanding of the house. It is very difficult to achieve it. But Sashenka with the father - friends, which always together. And it is visible at once.

A still - an example. It will do as parents do. And unless it is possible not to love parents who love each other?

“We try to recognize the child“. And on most - that business most of parents now simply do not know the children. Do not seek to learn. It is terrible. Sasha`s parents - to teachers - well know it. Because talented there is a lot of children: them would be much if parents were not covered with fatigue or lack of money if played with the children and reflected though sometimes that the child is created in order that he was loved.

P. S. When I on work got acquainted with this remarkable family, was shocked by that surprising atmosphere which happened to be met there. If so everywhere! About it also wrote.