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How to save on cosmetics and not to remain for nothing

the Statistics shows that women in Russia spend more than 10% of the income for cosmetics. Except necessary means of hygiene colors and medical products for hair, and also decorative cosmetics first of all belong to purchases. Many still prefer to save on creams and the clearing means. Whether it is correct and how still it is possible to keep within reasonable upon purchase of cosmetics?

  1. do not buy anything superfluous

Is considered to be that on appearance it is possible to make impression about the income of the person. But appearance, as we know, is deceptive, and it is absolutely optional to spend huge money for cosmetics and saloon procedures to look smart. Just you treat responsibly purchase of cosmetics - carefully plan and choose before buying. And having made a choice, you remember that not only the cosmetics cares for our beauty, but also we should take care of a condition of the cosmetics. It will allow to keep health, a favourite product and contents of a purse.

to Save

- it does not mean to treat with neglect and to refuse completely personal care. Just the opposite, the fact that you pay attention to the appearance surely will be reflected in it even if the used means did not cost much.

the First rule of economy, as we know, it not to buy anything superfluous. Make the list of what needs to be had in a stock - the clearing means the moisturizing or feeding face cream, gel and body lotion, shampoo, the conditioner and laying means, and also decorative cosmetics. And approximately calculate how many you can spend for each means.

Ordinary-looking packings do not tell

about bad quality of contents at all. Take packing of more expensive similar product and compare structure. The probability is high that active ingredients will be identical. But pay attention: the above the name of this or that substance, the higher it concentration in a product is in the list of components.

Many producers claim that it is necessary to use all cosmetic line entirely and not to mix it with cosmetics of other firms. But, as practice shows, you can choose suitable products at different producers, in different price category. So what do you do not judge prejudicedly.

you Approach
  1. a question creatively

there is nothing worse, than to bring home cosmetic purchases and to find out that they do not suit your skin. Regardless of that, expensive you buy cosmetics or cheap, do not afford casual decisions. Inquire at girlfriends and conduct own research. Do not miss an opportunity to try means everywhere where it is possible. The choice of cosmetics - business individual and only by practical consideration can be established what cream suits you.

Perceive need to save as a reason for creativity. Mix own shades of lipstick and shadows from those few means which you have. Invent own recipes of natural cosmetics. Involve children in production of “edible“ masks and creams - you not only you will perfectly spend time together, but also accustom them to look after yourself.

Determine by

the color palette, and you should not buy excess means. Shadows of neutral brown shades suit practically all - they can be used both in the afternoon, and in the evening. Light-lilac and white opaque shadows in any situation will help to hide fatigue traces. Learn the practical relation to already available cosmetics. The lipsticks forgotten in pockets, which are filled up on the bottom of a shadow bag, spirits forgotten for many years in cases - all this can be avoided if to treat the cosmetics with attention and care.

  1. Use everything that you have

Regularly touch all the jars, tubes and flakonchik - check expiration dates and be not afraid throw out old products. Let you will have your “good“ on the account. So you will not give in to temptation of purchase of superfluous. Make the list missing and only after it go to shop. The cosmetics cannot be stored eternally. Do not protect favourite expensive means “for a special case“, use them right now! Ink and an eyeliner are not stored more than 3 months after you began to use them. Lipstick and foundation are stored till 1 year. And shadows, pencils, blush and powder - till three years (but only provided that you regularly wash brushes and applicators). Often we cannot remember how long we bought this or that product, and date of production is erased. Ideally even upon purchase of means it is necessary to mark where - nibud in a calendar terms when it is necessary to look for replacement. It not only will relieve you of threat of use of an expired product, but also will allow to plan the budget better.

the First signs that the cosmetics began to spoil, it is the changed smell and the stratified texture. It is a signal that it is time to utilize cosmetics. Use of old cosmetics can cause irritation.

  1. the Practical advice

Councils of experts

you do not want to spend money for new ink? Then make so that old served longer. Once a week remove a napkin surplus of ink from a brush. It not only will preserve your ink, but also will help to avoid such troubles as pasting of eyelashes and formation of lumps. And if ink dried up, drip on a brush a little carbonated mineral water.

Remember that the hair-dye is necessary in a large number only once - when you change color of long hair, and also at a blondirovaniye. I give a small secret - semi-resistant paints can be resistant too if you use the same shade long time. And as for shampoo, two times, are better to apply it small portions. You are convinced that foams it will be much bigger and shampoo will be economically spent.

Henna is remarkable means, available at the price. Colourless henna can be used as a medical mask. Brown-haired women and brunettes can recommend the Iranian henna. And if you want to paint over a gray hair and to make paint steadier, dissolve henna not with water, but the Ceylon black tea. Make 3 teaspoons of tea a glass of water and let`s be drawn within 10 minutes. Then part a half-bag of henna and you apply on hair. You hold on hair about an hour.

you Store cosmetics at the usual room temperature and normal humidity, not in the refrigerator at all: means are created for interaction with a temperature of our body and environment. If to keep them in cold, and to apply, respectively, on warm skin, for them it is a stress; their structure can not sustain it. Creams - all - emulsion connections, and they are unstable by definition.

Available replacement

Oil - spray with an aloe of Johnson`s baby can be used also for massage of babies, and for removal of a make-up and moistening of skin. The body scrub Silver dew will become replacement to saloon procedures. The intensive moisturizing Skin cream - So - Soft Avon can apply on a body, hands and the cracked feet. Classical Nivea Creme cream - an excellent basis for nutritious masks and universal cream. The cooling Body Energy Cool Pharma Cosmetics gel - means from dryness and an itch, is suitable also for legs.