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Picture in an interior: the new view of

with Pictures was decorated by houses long ago therefore they quite often are associated with classical style. At such approach of people, engaged in a decor of own apartment, loses an opportunity to use this important detail in an interior. Let`s try to look at a picture with a new view and we will prove that it can fit into any house and into any style. Options at the same time there can be a set, and the most part from them can be created independently, even without taking paints and a brush in hand.

of the Picture which we choose

the Picture - a collage

Here pertinently to use various reproductions, color photos: your favourite cards united by one subject of a pla, on the contrary, some through image will be useful. Picked up for subject, color, the size, they are pasted on the tablet, emphasizing a ratio of part and whole.

the collage issued under glass in a thin or wooden frame Beautifully looks. Such picture on the subject “flowers“, “wood“, “sea“, “travel“ 100õ100 cm in size can decorate a drawing room interior.

the Picture - an exposition

It unites small decorative elements, different in the size and a form, objects of a collecting, a hand-made article etc. It can be the national souvenirs brought from trips; usually their destiny - to become dusty where - nibud on the shelf, and having created a collage, you will force them to play new paints.


In this case will suit the color tablet trimmed with fabric or monophonic wall-paper, and also bagetny, rather big, a frame in which it is POSSIBLE to place the corresponding objects. The way of fastening depends on weight of objects - from a thread and a scaffold to glue.

the Picture from fabric

Is the simplest and available reception of dressing of an interior It is possible to make one big picture of a pla several small one the size. It is easy to place them on one wall taking into account the general composition. For this purpose the stretcher from wooden laths (2,5 x 2,5 mm) and a piece of fabric which fit a frame is required.

combinations from different in color and scale of drawing of the pieces of fabric sewed and uniform ornamental composition are Very effective

; it can be the patchwork equipment - both graphic, and asymmetric, creating illusion of incidentally combined pieces of fabric.

the Picture - application

Such picture - a widespread type of decoration of the modern dwelling. The principle of its production is quite simple: a background, a pas which is imposed composition from dry flowers, leaves, color rags, skin etc.

the Photo

In an apartment interior it can carry out various functions - a decorative detail or the main element of registration. It is possible to hang up several photoplots on a wall. It is important to adhere at the same time necessary the requirement: to issue photosheets on tablets or under glass; to pick up them for subject, a tonality taking into account a wall as background; to find interesting composite solutions. Answering to the general plan of an interior.

It is more difficult

, but it is not less interesting to issue a wall fragment, a door, a niche, the built-in case by means of photosheets. Here it is not obligatory to use large-format pictures. The effect can be reached, having prints of a usual format. Here several options of this idea:

Traditional pictures

They are carried out by various paints: water color (on paper or a cardboard), oil (on a canvas, on a cardboard, Derain), a pastel (special colored pencils on pla paper to a cardboard), etc. Here too there are laws of a genre in a frame.

of the Water color can be placed in a passe-partout from white or color (but light) papers. Width of fields of a passe-partout should be selected so that they were not too narrow, and the water color did not seem too small for such passe-partout. The passe-partout as follows is made; in a sheet of paper (cardboard) cut by the drawing size becomes; such paper (cardboard) frame is imposed over drawing, as if framing it. Edges of cut in a passe-partout (width of 4 - 7 mm, and for big water colors and drawings to 10 mm and more) can be unbent slightly at an angle to the image. In the same way the Pictures painted by oil paints make out of a pastel, an engraving, lithograph , etc.

, will usually prevent in frames which color, drawing, width and depth it is necessary to select according to the sizes, the general tone and character of pictures. Dark pictures it is not necessary to prevent in very light frames (at the same time pictures will seem even more dark) and, on the contrary, very light pictures lose in dark frames. The more by the size the picture, the more widely, massivny has to be a frame. But in certain cases and small pictures are won in deep and wide frames.

It is natural that at such variety of the choice the picture ratio - both composite, and color - with other registration becomes the main principle. It is worth remembering such important law: the prevailing color in a picture is brighter, the quicker it will bother and can even turn into the irritating factor.

As it is correct to p to hang up a picture