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Rest in Slovenia

Why in Slovenia? About it I was asked by very many. In Turkey everything is much cheaper! The problem is that I badly transfer a heat for me it is more than 28 °C - already guard, and holiday turned out at the end of July. I think, in Turkey I just would die. Melted.

the Purpose was one - to show to the son (to it 10 years) the sea. Before all my trips at the sea, the habitual Black Sea, were some unsuccessful - I managed to catch a cold during a terrible heat - on the street 38 °, and at me too. However, all this was long ago, even before divorce. So now I decided to risk.

At Slovenia very small piece of the coast - only 48 km as they speak (according to other version - 25, but it something is not enough). On the one hand - Croatia, with another - Italy, in the north - the Alps. But the country is located from sunny side of the Alps - big advantage! To the people there only 2 million. And though in the summer the majority of them go to have a rest to own coast, all the same it is not really felt. Language is very similar to ours though there are also differences. Well, for example “shame“ - attention, “diarrhea“ - pride, “a ponosna a midge“ - the proud man, and “zavarovalnitsa“ - insurance company. And so everything is clear! Especially, if speak slowly. The main thing, figures probably sound so it is convenient to shop.

we Lived in Portorozhe. By the way, “ugly face“ is a flower, and not necessarily a rose. The city was extended along the embankment. Further mountains on which hotels and country houses are located begin. But the main life, naturally, boils along the embankment. In principle, it is possible to come since morning to the sea and not to leave till the evening. Some and did. Has to admit that it was the first so cultural beach in my life - with a shower, a pure toilet, any umbrellas - plank beds etc. Perhaps earlier I was simply not lucky. The sea - very pure, since morning when there are no waves, a bottom is visible even at anchor buoys. Besides workers of the beach, all as on selection the brawny handsome, catch every morning seaweed.

Of course, we did not begin to lie on the beach for days on end! We took two organized excursions which the accepting company arranges (by the way, they are engaged, in my opinion, only in Russians, and there it is not enough Russians!) . One excursion - on the lake Bled, madly beautiful and pure. To the island we floated on a gondola which was operated by the young beautiful blonde with beefy shoulders. On the lake there is a church, in it there is a bell. If to pull a string, to make a wish and the bell will ring out, it will by all means be executed. When you swim up to the island, the bell calls continuously. However, when you pull this rope itself, it is difficult to understand, he calls or not: sometimes he as though begins to call later.

Still we went on falls. And in the lock on the mountain where there was opportunity independently to pour wine in a bottle and to seal it and to independently print the text on the ancient type-setting machine. My son opened hunting for local animals: cats and lizards. However, then released all who managed to be caught.

Other lock to which we went was in a cave. It seems that people began to lodge still there since the time of cave inhabitants. And in general one history is connected with the lock, and it is not a so romantic legend! Somewhere in Renaissance the lock belonged to the knight Erasmus who at first served the Austrian emperor, and then quarreled with it and took refuge in the unapproachable lock. Troops of the emperor besieged it the whole year, and Erasmus passed through a secret manhole in a cave at this time on other side of the mountain where bought venison, sweet cherry and other delicacies at a bargain. Sometimes as a jeer it sent especially refined foods to the enemies. Eventually, enemies managed to bribe the servant delivering them delicacies, and he reported where in the lock there is a toilet and in what time he is visited by the knight (and it, on the grief, was very punctual in this question!) . Enemies waited for the necessary moment and fired on to “institution“ from a catapult, and to Erasmus the end came.

we Went down also in a cave. Well, a cave as a cave - organized, for tourists. There even the train rides on rails: 2 km. Terribly cold, 8 degrees (and outside - that everything 28!) . I, probably, would freeze if our charming guide did not give me the jacket. By the way, with guides we in general were lucky - all of them perfectly spoke in Russian, more than once went to Russia, willingly answered questions and in general, appear, were glad to communicate. For example, I learned that an average zaraplata in Slovenia - 750 Euros, pension - 300 Euros, and the price for square meter of a living space in Ljubljana - even 2000 Euros! Nda, life everywhere heavy...

When organized excursions to us bothered

, we decided to show independence: at first mastered a catamaran, and then took bicycles in hire and passed on all coast: Piran, Strunyan, Izola, Poppet. Along the sea it is easy and pleasant to go, blows in a cool breeze, it is possible to bathe, and here on mountain roads - a nda... Happiness that drivers there exclusively polite: nobody will begin to try to bring down you and if are not able to go round because of narrowness of the road in any way, obediently will trudge behind.

Well and, at last, main achievement: my son learned to swim on windsurfing! It was even given the diploma. And the instructor (young, nice, with big brown eyes) treated him very kindly: allowed to ride how many you want, and from us did not take money at all! Though I, naturally, suggested to pay.

then holiday ended with

A. Everything was healthy, here only to private life I had a full fiasco: my ten-year-old synulya scared away almost all men who dared to approach me less, than on two meters. There were only the most resistant.

Now several words on business, that is about money. Money there the, is called “tolars“ or in abbreviated form SIT. Their course is rigidly attached to Euro, 1 Euro = 230 - 240 SIT (in banks the course is better, and worst of all - by mail, take percent there). We had a three-stars hotel with a half board, and a dinner - in nearby five-stars hotel (a buffet, classical music and so on). However, it was necessary to pay for drinks separately, they were carried by waiters, and wine and mineral water cost equally. We had dinner usually at small restaurant on the embankment. Portions are huge, plates - of the size of an automobile wheel and the food on them lies a hill so it is better to take one for two. Seafood, naturally, fresh. Usually we kept within 12 - 15 Euros, however, the real Slovenian salad lunch, the first, second and third, with wine, costs more expensively. Kitchen at them, as a rule, meat - even mushroom soup is cooked on meat broth. For Slovenes a meatless lunch - not a lunch.

One excursion costs about 100 Euros for two (however, it taking into account 50% of a discount for the child) and includes a lunch. It would be possible to go to Italy (Venice, Trieste) and Croatia, but for this purpose it is necessary to think of the visa in advance. The bicycle rental cost 32 Euros in 12 hours (for two), hire of a catamaran - about 10 Euros for an hour. Still the sports center was near: big tennis, a ping - a pong, pass - golf. Golf cost our about 200 rubles for indefinite time (play how many you want!) a ping - a pong - 100 rubles. Fruit quite expensive, and other food costs as in Moscow if, of course, to buy in shop, but not on the beach. Opposite to our hotel there was the round-the-clock little shop “Night and day“ (“Noch ying Dan“). For fans of shopping: the clothes are on sale, generally from Italy, there are things absolutely cheap, and is also expensive - more than 100 Euros for a belonging. Shops usually open at 9 in the morning, from 13 to 16 o`clock all life fades, and then everything opens again - and till 9 in the evening. By the way, on - Slovenian - “mowed“ a lunch - probably, a good occasion to zakosit from work for about 4 hours!


From souvenirs to me liked cockleshells and corals, all the rest is, as a rule, made in China - generally as everywhere.

Car rental: I did not take, for this purpose it is necessary to have the rights not less than 2 - x years. The passport and a credit card is still necessary. Cars honor everything with manual switching of speeds. Roads, in general, good, equal; bridges, tunnels - everything is made on conscience. However in the city there are a lot of steep slopes where it is possible to start only from a bench hammer, and not less abrupt descents. It is not recommended to violate rules: penalties are enormous, video cameras everywhere, in bushes police officers hide. Pedestrians should be passed at once as soon as they stepped into “zebra“. However, our guide told us that he constantly breaks: just because knows where do not watch it. Though itself admitted that it has already a heap of penalties... There are paid roads where special people accept money and issue checks, but I did not understand this system.

In the evenings life is in full swing: restaurants, discos, casino. The people walk on the embankment, ladies - in smart dresses, men - in the same shorts, as in the afternoon. However, the son did not let me anywhere so this part of the life remained for me closed.

Here, actually, and all. Two weeks past quickly. I can only add that the child demands to go the next year to Slovenia for 3 weeks! And it is even better - for a month. Or on two.