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As I composed a lullaby of

Characters: I (young mother), Vadim (the young father is a programmer), Sasha (our daughter, she is three months old).

Evening. I sit in the hall and I watch TV. Show an animated cartoon about Umka. I very much love it, and with pleasure I listen to “A she-bear lullaby“. Vadim sleeps, having got tired at two works.


From a bedroom distributes Sashkin myav. I go there. Sashka looks gloomy. I check a diaper. Well of course, wet. Told Vadim - put on pampers before going to bed. It is interesting how he understood this phrase, put on him himself?

I Take out

the daughter from a bed, I put on a desk which temporarily executes functions of pelenalny, I put on to the child pampers and a romper suit. At this moment of Sashk begins to cry. Not strongly, and as if for harm. I sing a song “a spoon snow disturbing...“ . Sashka calms down. Obradovanno I put the child back in a bed, and the protester a cry is right there distributed. I stack Sasha more conveniently on hands. The daughter looks at me appraisingly. I remember words of “A she-bear lullaby“ as Sasha is obviously ready for music.

I here in me is played by pride. I am a rhymer with an experience! Yes with editorial education! Long ago was going to compose a lullaby for Sashki. So why not to make it on the run?


preduprezhdayushche sulks. Quickly I remember motive “I bat - bayushka - to Bai, do not lay down on the edge“. I sing:

“You Sashulenk washing

, washing Krasotulenk`s
You are my malyshenka,
the Small myshenka...“

the Quantity umenshitelno - caressing suffixes sets me thinking - somehow false leaves. Sashka watches contemptuously, a pier “and all this what you are capable of?.“ I try again:

“To Bai - Bai, to Bai - Bai, with
the Daughter Sashka, fill up.
Properly you will have a rest,
you will go for a walk Tomorrow“.

Sashka complains and looks scaredly. Correctly. For the next day promised twenty five degrees of a frost, listened to the forecast together: “Be not afraid, on a balcony we will go for a walk, there is warmer“, - I calm her in a whisper.

Feverishly I remember the next lullaby. The old children`s fairy tale “The House with Magic Windows“ occurs. There was a lullaby of this kind:“ Bear sleep, do not snuffle, Mishkino`s ear fall asleep, the ear will listen to dreams, will dream Mishka a shor - Schur - cones“. It`s cool! I take this text as a basis, I sing:

“Sasha, sleep, do not snuffle:
Sashino`s Ear, fall asleep,
the Ear will listen to dreams,
Will dream Sashka
Summer camomiles“.

Sasha watches

wearily - approvingly. I continue:

“Sasha, sleep, do not snuffle:
Sashin`s Handle, fall asleep,
the Handle will touch dreams,
Will dream Sashka
White lambs...
Sasha, sleep, do not snuffle:
the Eye Sashenkin, fall asleep,
the Eye will have dreams,
Will dream Sashka
Bright small insects“.

Sashka slowly but surely fills up. But Vadim wakes up, goes to smoke, comes back. With interest listens to my lullabies of a perversion. I sang a couplet about a heel to Sashkin meanwhile, and I understand that possible parts of a body ended. Wild eyes I look back at Vadim supposedly prompt. Vadim for a second reflects, then his face lights up, and he whispers “buttocks“. I react automatically:

“Sasha, sleep, do not snuffle:
Sashin`s Buttocks, fall asleep,
Buttocks will be...“ - here I fade, understanding that it is inevitable, and I continue:

to Break wind in dreams,
Will dream Sashka
In shit pampers“.

Vadim bites a pillow not to burst out laughing in a voice. Sashka sleeps.

Ya I go on kitchen, I give myself some tea in a beer mug and I scribble on the sprained piece of paper the sprained pencil the text of the Normal Sashkiny Lullaby.

Turned out, though it is banal, but without excrement.

to Bai - Bai, to Bai - Bai,
Sleep, Sashulya, fall asleep.
to fall asleep to help you,
Behind a window wanders night,
Pours asterisks peas...
What the baby will dream about?
Perhaps a grass and flowers,
Perhaps white bows,
Can a cake tasty most,
Or the father near mother...
Will be interesting dreams.
Sleep, Sashulenka, fall asleep...