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The love, patience and self-confidence of

that we will have an addition we with the husband learned right after a wedding, I hardly was 18 years old. Generally, the kid turned out unplanned, but very desired.

All pregnancy till last day I ran for work, I had no time to attend courses for future mothers and what is the child as well as what to feed him with how to swaddle, I represented vaguely. But when my daughter, my floret, my Sonechka was born, everything was changed.

Finally I realized myself mother not when heard the first shout of the baby, and having even not for the first time put it to a breast in the solar August morning. This improbable feeling came to me when in maternity hospital after the done vaccination, my daughter heart-rendingly began to cry. I took it on hands, pressed to myself, and she right there calmed down and, having a little sucked a breast fell asleep, and at me tears flew for a long time... At this moment I felt strong, the confidence came, that, we will surely make everything correctly, and we will exist the happiest.

to Nurse

? Surely!

On a question to nurse or not to feed, for me there was one answer: surely. There is nothing better for the baby, than a mother`s milk, always lukewarm, tasty and useful. The most great happiness for the woman to nurse the child. Many thanks to personnel of our maternity hospital that showed how it is correct to put and feed the kid, for care and attention. In a week in maternity hospital we very much made friends with my daughter, well sucked on demand and with pleasure slept.

Small difficulties

But here on return home arose small problems in the person of close relatives. Councils how to nurse, poured in abundance. It seemed to me that everyone who learned that we are fed considered a duty by all means to give a valuable advice. More than all my mother-in-law was zealous. In her opinion it turned out that I feed absolutely incorrectly: too long I hold at a breast, too often I put, milk low-quality, the poor child hungry and unfortunate. Doubts began to torment me, can do it so and be nursed at us not to turn out? The baby liked to hang for a while on a sisa, and sometimes it strongly tired me, and here still infinite advice to the mother-in-law. My patience burst when in children`s policlinic on the pediatrician`s question: Whether “You nurse?“, the mother-in-law authoritatively declared: “Yes we feed, but it seems to me that something not so!“ and I even did not manage to open a mouth...


in the forces

However so simply to be given I did not gather. I spent many hours on the Internet, read a large number of articles on breastfeeding and learned that in the first weeks after the birth very many kids long are at a breast, often it is demanded, and behave so as if do not gorge on. I believed in the forces, had patience. I tried to eat properly, anything special, just vegetables, cottage cheese, fish, meat, fruit more liquid. I still fed the baby on an occasional office - to a vaniye, so much, how many she wanted and when wanted. Big business made a joint dream with the daughter and support of the husband. And it was necessary to talk to the mother-in-law seriously. I told it that I am very grateful for the help which it gives us, but in feeding by a breast I participate only two: mother and the kid, also asked not to interfere with this process any more. She, of course, took offense, but over time, being a wise woman, reconciled.

at us the baby all was adjusted by

I: she began to carry out much less time at a breast, to sleep all night long and even moved to the bed. whether

the success Formula

Exists a universal formula of successful breastfeeding? I consider that I am not present. Only mother can decide that it is really necessary for her child. Though, undoubtedly, it is necessary to stock up with a certain knowledge base, consultants for breastfeeding, or articles can help with the Internet on the specialized websites here, the benefit such is a lot of now. For successful natural feeding the psychological atmosphere in a family has huge value, each her member has to support you in your desire to nurse, but not to pour councils which only confuse. Have patience and trust in the forces. You love the kid above all? Then you are the best mother in the world!

How are you?

Somewhere by 2 months we finally adjusted feeding. Were fed on demand, at one time even slept in a bed all night long without having a snack. We did not accept a pacifier from the very beginning, but liked to suck a finger. Did not try to disaccustom to it even, despite admonitions of relatives, but to months to the 6th this habit passed somehow by itself. In 7 months grew the first tooth without any difficulties and tears, were never ill anything, probably, mostly thanks to GV. As regards weight we do not set up records - we add usually slightly more norm.

Now my Sonyushke 11 months, and we are going to meet the first birthday. We still “are on friendly terms with sisy“, but very much we like to try everyones new a yum-yum. Of course, from porridge we sometimes turn off a nose, but, for example, we eat cottage cheese always with pleasure. I in general consider that all should not try to feed the kid with the most useful, even at such early age he has the right not to love something from food. My baby quite does without sisa in the afternoon, sucks generally in the morning and at night (absolutely slightly - slightly). I very much hope that we will leave a breast also easily, as well as made friends when time of course comes...

still I want to make by

I the amendment: I do not consider at all what to nurse is a feat, just to me and my baby it is so convenient and we are happy! I hope that my history to someone will be useful. All of good luck!

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