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Trust the heart!

Before telling about childbirth, there was a wish to tell about history of my pregnancy a little. Everything began several months prior to date of X (that is conceptions). We with the husband and friends went from Kiev home, and suddenly unexpectedly under wheels to us the STORK rushed! The husband hardly evaded. We laughed and forgot, but for the time being.

Then the most unpleasant for all pregnancy occurred. I got sick with pneumonia. I lay at home 4 days with a temperature of 40. I am a doctor therefore to the doctor went not at once. And when went to our entrusted doctor, she told me that, apparently, I have a viral infection, and in a card wrote that a state my satisfactory, it at a temperature that 40 within 3 days (!) (I cannot still forgive).

By the evening I understood that I can not endure night, temperature did not decrease any preparations. As rescue drowning work drowning, I decided that, probably, first of all it is necessary to make a X-ray of lungs, and immediately, i.e. at 11 in the evening. I appeared the rights, I had a pneumonia. (It would be ridiculous to die to the doctor of pneumonia in the 21st century!) In 12 nights I already dripped antibiotics. It was the first quiet night for the last week.


treated me in the office. My colleagues for me felt sorry for nothing including antibiotics. As a result I from them even had a rash. In 10 days of treatment I had first assumptions of pregnancy. I asked god that I was mistaken. Present my horror when I saw 2 strips on the test. I sobbed hour 2, at the same time explained to the husband why it is necessary to do abortion.

Next day I went to the doctor to make sure for certain and at the same time to consult. Pregnancy was confirmed, besides, the doctor calmed me that the medicine taken by me for a fruit is not terrible. It calmed me a little. However I decided to go to the geneticist to be reinsured. It was the woman of years 50, professor. She told that the risk of uglinesses is big, and she on my place would make abortion. When I told about it to the husband, he cried.

to go to the doctor who told that nothing terrible will be for abortion I could not (conscience did not allow). Therefore we addressed professor, very famous at us, to the obstetrician - the gynecologist. We went not to consult, we went to agree about abortion. When he heard my history and learned that pregnancy the first, he told that this professorsha divided abortion to itself, and it will not do to me. Nothing remained to me how to carry the child.

For myself I decided that if there is a threat of an abortion or something similar, I will not keep pregnancy. Besides, I made all possible tests, did regularly ultrasonography on the latest equipment at the best experts. That is, everything that is possible and is necessary, without thinking of money. At the same time no deviations were revealed.

All pregnancy I departed, as in the fairy tale. I had no toxicosis, I did not faint, I had no hypostases, anemia. Generally, normal pregnancy, as in the textbook. Once we with the husband by car stopped by in dirt. As we were together, in the beginning I even pushed the car until reached us that we do.

When I had a term 32 - 33 weeks, we went to Kiev, the husband had a session. It was in the winter, there was a lot of snow, and we drove the car. I already in Kiev remembered that I did not even take with myself the prenatal record. But the trip ended safely.

With the term of childbirth too. I to myself counted on April 12, doctors - on April 1. When on April 1 I came to the doctor to the next survey, he offered me:“ Well, lay down, we will give birth“. And I was invited on April 2 to birthday what I also told it about. After I saw his face, I needed to do nothing how to tell that I joked. But, nevertheless, I was allowed to go home. And I went to birthday, also danced to the heart`s content.

the Next survey was on April 6. And 5 - go my husband got poisoned with something. I told it that better I would run in a toilet as it is one of harbingers of childbirth. In the middle of the night I regretted about the words. I had a terrible vomiting and a diarrhea.

6 - go I am sensitive

By the morning departed, and we went to hospital. I was watched by the head akushersko - the gynecologic center. Having looked at me, she told that the neck ripened and in general patrimonial ways are ready therefore it is not necessary to delay childbirth. To me suggested to choose day of childbirth, gave a tablet which starts patrimonial activity. Having thought, I told that today I was very tired of vigils over a toilet bowl, on April 7 - a big holiday (Annunciation) therefore I do not want to give birth with a tablet.

So were defined by

for April 8. Told the 8th early in the morning to take a medicine and by 8 o`clock to come to give birth. But my daughter thought in a different way. The same 6th, hour in 3 days at me began to pull a stomach. The husband told that it is necessary to go to hospital. I told that I will not go anywhere, regular contractions will not begin yet. Also settled upon that. Besides, I still had a nausea. For the last days I ate nothing, and could not drink because, drinking a little water, I ran to a toilet bowl.

in the Evening of fight stopped. I speak to the husband:“ It is good though did not go to hospital, and that from there would not be released any more“. I went to the office to dig through glucose with an askorbinka. And I will fill the lost liquid also any desintoxication a little. After that went with the husband to walk. Here fights returned, became more feasible, but all the same irregular.

Called the doctor, warned that it can be necessary at night. And he also speaks:“ You will arrive home, take a warm shower, everything has to calm down“. Yes not here - that was, fights began more intensive, we with the husband even began to consider time of fights, but the regularity was not. All this time the husband persuaded me to go to hospital.

of Hours at 11 in the evening I gave up. We took away the doctor from the house and went to hospital. After survey he told that there is no disclosure. To me pricked promedol and sibazon and told that if it is false contractions, then everything will calm down, and if the presents, then preparations will promote disclosure of a neck. And my husband carried the doctor home (naive!).

half an hour Later there arrived the husband, fights did not get to anywhere, but to tell, what they became more painful, I cannot, even on the contrary. We called the doctor on duty. Also went to a chair. The doctor told that disclosure of 8 cm (!) it in 1 hour. Generally, I do not know whether my doctor of the house managed to undress as my husband again behind it went. And I was lowered meanwhile in rodzat.

When there arrived my doctor, to me punctured a bubble (absolutely painless procedure). And here then the real fights began. Only then I estimated the victim of the husband to go with me for childbirth. It very much helped me, not so much physically how many morally. I do not know through what time attempts began. It seemed to me that there passed not enough time.

When attempts began

, pain disappeared. In the beginning I gave birth on cards, and already right at the end accepted more habitual pose on a back. It was not sick, only a little rather heavy at all. When pulled out the child, I even not absolutely understood what occurred. I did not understand what occurs and when my dochechka was put to me on a stomach, and she began to look for a nipple.

gave rise to

Ya remarkably what she is very grateful to the doctor and the midwife for. They so helped me. When my manyunechka was weighed and measured, I drank tea with cookies. Yes, directly in the rodzal, on the same bed.

the Daughter was born

on April 7, 2005 at 3:55 weighing 3120 g, 52 cm. I thanked god that is with it everything is all right. For long 40 weeks I often thought whether correctly I made, having kept pregnancy. Still I forgot to tell that professor - the geneticist told that the most important - to believe the heart, the intuition and if the woman heart feels that with her child everything is all right, it is not necessary to trust any probability theory. I risked, believed myself and received the highest award what the woman in this life can only receive. I knew that there will be a daughter since that moment when I saw 2 strips on the test. We named her Mashenka.

When us was lifted in office, the first that I made - went to a shower. Wrote out us for the 5th days. The heaviest for me was to nurse the child. I had terrible cracks on nipples. Only my husband knows how I was given each feeding. I sobbed every time, I bit all hands. Then there was a stagnation of milk with a temperature, and it is a lot more what. But all this already passed. And I know that there is a lot of everything still ahead. But now we are nearly 4 months old. We very much love our Mashenka. And on a question whether I still want children, I speak - surely!

to All I wish

good luck, easy childbirth, healthy children! You love the children in a tummy, they feel it and will reward you the first shout, the first vzlyad which it is impossible to resist. Also trust the heart!