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In a solar circle of

to Listen to our grandmothers, so it turns out that there is on light nothing more useful to kids, than the hot summer sun, especially southern. And though pediatricians in general do not challenge today this idea, too do not support a subject of unconditional advantage. They consider that without observance of safety rules solar bathtubs will become the reason of serious troubles rather, than will help kids to get stronger.

Away from the open sun

Skin of kids is very sensitive

, including to action of sunshine that is explained by its structure: the top layers which have to protect it from influence of external environment and detain evaporation of liquid from a surface, are still developed poorly. Besides the mechanism of production of melanin - a pigment which gives to skin a chocolate shade and by that preserves it against excessive radiation and burns, in an organism of kids is not debugged yet. That is why skin of babies and kids is more senior it is necessary to protect from action of sunshine by means of special means - children`s creams. But even in this case it is impossible to leave kids to play on the open sun.

to Drink

and to drink once again

of Fabric and bodies of kids contain much more water, than at adults. As the child grows, it becomes less: from 75,5% newborns, have 70% at children of 5 years to 60 - 65% at us. Besides, the water exchange at children proceeds far more intensively, than at adults, that is the saved-up reserve of liquid is spent quicker. For example, each molecule of water “keeps“ in an organism of the baby of 3 - 5 days, and the adult has 15 days. But there is more to come: prompt loss of liquid during a heat breaks operation of already imperfect mechanisms of thermal control, that is ability of an organism to preserve and in time to get rid of excess heat. All these conditions lead to the fact that at children dehydration - a serious problem which often demands treatment in hospital quickly begins. It arises when water losses to an organism are not offset. Therefore take yourself for the rule to suggest the kid to drink as often as possible, do not wait until he asks you about it is at children thirst is shown not so strongly, as at adults.


a step without undershirt and a hat

Clothes - the most reliable protection against adverse action of sunshine. Ideally the kid has to come to the beach in a T-shirt, shorts, the Panamanian and not to take off them at least the first days. This rule should following also during trips to the country, to mountains. Do not forget that the child spends on the street three times more time, than the adult.

Skin of the kid needs to be greased from time to time with cream with a high factor of protection and the double screen

Specialists of World Health Organization warn us that the ozone layer of Earth became thinner and does not cope with a role of the filter detaining part of ultraviolet rays any more. Getting through the atmosphere, they attack skin of the person, memory of solar aggression collects that can lead to development of a melanoma (a skin cancer) over time. To relieve skin of the kid of unpleasant impressions, it is necessary to protect it from action of the sun by means of special creams with a factor (SPF - Sun Protective Factor) not lower than 30. It is desirable that the chosen means had the double screen: from beams of UVB and UVA - a range.

needs to Apply to

protective cream each two hours

Porridge oil you will not spoil: the protective factor of cream begins to work if density of its layer makes not less than 2 mg on quarter see. Considering that some part of cream is absorbed in skin and some washes off, every two hours it needs to be put anew. This rule concerns also waterproof means - as soon as the kid comes from water out of the water, it is worth updating his protective “cover“. And that you did not pass any site of skin, buy color cream with the drawing indicator: as soon as you grease a body of the kid, means will become transparent.

time when it is one sun better not to leave

Is When it costs in a zenith, try to keep in the background. Between 12 and 16 o`clock in the afternoon the kid risks to receive a double dose of an ultraviolet: at this time days beams, passing through the atmosphere, reach Earth quicker.

Even under an umbrella or in a shadow the kid needs protection against the sun

do not forget that sunshine have property to be reflected from a sea and sandy surface therefore neither the umbrella, nor any other not deaf shelter protects kids from such ricochet. Be attentive also in cloudy days, sunshine easily get through clouds.

Pay attention to structure of means with which you grease skin of the kid in the afternoon

Some essential oils (bergamot, lemon, santalaceous, cedar) which often are a part of cosmetics, and some drugs (antibiotics, sulfanylamides) do skin of kids more sensitive to a sunlight. As a result the child can have an allergy and even a small burn therefore attentively read instructions to preparations and do not allow girls to use spirits in the afternoon.


to the Kid quality sunglasses

will not interfere

the Nature took care of protecting eyes of the person from dangerous radiation: looking at the sun, we instinctively blink the eyes, our pupils are narrowed, weakening bright light. Besides, the crystalline lens of an eye has the natural filter which does not pass ultraviolet rays to a retina.

If to you is quieter than

that the kid wore glasses on the sun, choosing them, pay attention to quality of lenses. It`s not just that the cheap darkened plastic does not detain ultraviolet rays. Reducing a light stream, such lenses create conditions in which our pupils extend and pass more ultraviolet to a crystalline lens and a cornea that is fraught with quite painful burn of its surface. And repeating keratit (experts quite so call this burn) can lead to emergence of a cataract (turbidity of a kristallik), especially over time if the kid already has problems with sight. That is why, choosing points for small, pay attention to the special children`s models having the certificate of quality and supplied with the filter with an indicator of CE 3 and 4.

do not leave to

the kid on the sun too long even if you use protective equipment

the Reasonable limit - 10 - 15 minutes. Keep in mind that specialized creams do not give a 100% guarantee of protection against action of sunshine, they only help to soften it. Remember that the full-fledged screen does not exist - any means pronitsayemo. Therefore you should not think that if you greased skin of the kid with protective structure, it can remain on the sun as much as long.


Attention, attention!

Solar or the heatstroke can appear even the field of short walk under the open sun or in windy cloudy day, and also from - for dehydration in hot weather. Anyway at the kid temperature sharply increases (to 39 ° With above), he begins to be capricious, and sometimes even faints. Besides, the sunstroke causes a headache and vomiting.

If you noticed that with the child to be created something wrong, lay it in a cool shadow quicker, turn the head on one side and throw back it a little back so that it was easier for kid to breathe and in too time it did not choke if at it vomiting suddenly begins. Then undress the child and wipe his forehead, hands and legs with cold water. If there is such opportunity, will sing it water from a small bottle, on slightly - slightly, but is frequent, and bath in water which temperature 36 - 37 ° C. After bathing give to the kid medicine: syrup or a candle with paracetamol (Pandol, GlaxoSmithKline; Efferalgan, UPSA).