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Wick - and

it is silly to live in Anapa in 80 km from the sea and not to use it. And even if there is no opportunity to luxuriate under the southern sun week, it is necessary to escape on the coast at least for 3 days.

the husband told

On one fine July Thursday to me:“ Choose a route and pack things - on Friday after work we go to have a rest“. With a route the issue was resolved quickly - for a long time we were going to go to Anapa: in - the first because we traveled all over all other coast of Krasnodar Krai up and down; in - the second, Anapa is considered one of the best vacation spots with children. The hero town had to be to the taste to our daughter Masha who was 1 year old and 8 months recently.

Originally I had an idea to go to Anapa without armor and already on the place to choose the room with conveniences in one of numerous private hotels. But the husband did not like my adventurous mood and insistently asked to decide on the place of our rest before departure. Having armed with phone, I sat down in the Internet to investigate the numerous websites with the offer of housing. But everything appeared not so simply: when I reported that we with the small child and for only two days, at owners the desire to communicate and existence of vacant rooms vanished. At last, there were people ready to accept us for the weekend, and I managed to reserve the room in the small guest house in the Small bay for 1200 rubles a day. Photos of hotel were pleasant to me, I determined by the card that the sea from it is from two parties: on the one hand in one quarter, with another - in four.

we packed Things quickly and in 16. 00 on Friday went to the sea. Good luck accompanied us this time, probably, it was compensation for our unsuccessful June sortie in Tuapse. To 18. 20 we already were on the place.

the Hotel did not disappoint with

- all photos were true. Very cozy court yard with flower beds, beds, the Alpine hills. In the yard several tables, the equipped kitchen, a brick brazier for persons interested to indulge itself with a shish kebab. The hotel building in four levels, in the second level there live owners, other three are equipped under hotel rooms. We lived on the last floor on which there were 5 deluxe rooms. In everyone - an individual bathroom, the TV, the refrigerator, the conditioner, new furniture. In the hall - kitchen furniture with ware, household appliances; soft corner and dining table. For us existence of kitchen was very important circumstance because the child still not too well perceives a public catering, it is better to spend a little time and most to cook to the baby food. In all hotel good repair is made. Owners very friendly hospitable people.

So, we took place and went to investigate vicinities. In hundred meters from our haven we found cafe in which it was possible to take a complex lunch for 89 rubles: first course, the second, salad, bread and compote. Not the Italian restaurant, of course, but everything is quite edible and is nourishing. The sea really appeared in one quarter from hotel, but there was … a cemetery this quarter. Having bypassed it, we saw the wild beach on which did not risk to go down. It was necessary to go in four quarters to the city stony beach “High Coast“. When we reached on it, there were already 8 o`clock in the evening, to bathe was cool. We sat ashore, breathed sea air, walked along the embankment and went to have a rest.

Next day we went in Big Utrish. We had heard a lot about purity of the sea in this reserved place and knew that in it there is a dolphinarium (I was in it about 15 years ago - a tremendous show!) . On entry into Utrish - check point on which raise a payment in 250 rubles from each car. The sea is valid the purest and tender there! Transparent warm water, is a little any seaweed and jellyfishes, people. We did not decide to go to a dolphinarium - Mashka at her restless age would not sustain hour representation on which entrance cost 250 rubles. Besides time of a day dream came, and we went to our hotel.

in the Evening we decided to go on the sandy beach. The driver suggested to bring us to the place under the name “Island“. We did not object. When we got there, estimated all charm of Utrish … Frames from the movie “Were remembered be my husband“ with Andrey Mironov. I did not see such number of people on the beach for a long time! The sea is dirty, small, “blossoms“ at the coast, it is a lot of seaweed. Sand not “fluffy“, but some trampled down. But everything was pleasant to the daughter. In a few minutes it turned from a blue butterfly into the dirty imp.

having Hardly washed Maria, we went to an amusement park. In Anapa it is tremendous! It is so much good attractions, a terrarium, an aquarium, various entertainments! At first we regretted that the child is still small and cannot appreciate all delights of roundabouts. And then were glad that Mashka did not begin to enjoy - differently the cost of a visit of park would be equated to the general budget of a trip:-).

Most of all we interested in

pass - a zoo in which various exotic birds and animals are brought together: several tens species of parrots, ostrich, peacock, foxes, rabbits, rats, proteins, monkeys and so forth. I was struck most of all by the tiny monkey - the tamarin of the size of a palm. Periodically to the hall take out fruit and sunflower seeds - animals can be fed. Parrots funny clear sunflower seeds of a peel the bent beak. Everything was pleasant to Mashulke, she ran with cheers between cages with animals, and we, respectively, ran behind her.

When to us all - was succeeded to bring the excited child out of a zoo, we heard that nearby in summer theater the humorist Svyatoslav Eshchenko acts. Decided to sit down in the next cafe, to eat and listen to the actor. We, however, did not manage the last: only we sat down and made the order, in cafe very loudly turned on the music. While we ate, Maria entertained other visitors incendiary oriental dances.

in the Evening, going home, we approached a taxi stop. Agreed with the driver. Maria was put on back sitting, and put a carriage. It was not so simply - the luggage carrier is overflowed - and took us minutes two. We look in the car, and Mashka are absent. The first seconds I endured shock! And here the driver opens a door, and Maria sits in his place and drives.“ I do not know how to the wife, and here to the daughter precisely it is necessary to buy the car“ - our father joked.

the Next day we devoted

to the sea again. This year the inflatable pool and different ships, watering cans, buckets very much was useful to us. In my modest opinion, is not present washed away to carry everything with itself, especially from far away. In Anapa the huge choice of inflatable and beach toys, the prices accepted.

Near the High Coast beach the small shady park in which in the middle of the day there are practically no people is. There Masha gathered cones, was run, and, tired, fell asleep in a carriage. After a while we went home to Krasnodar. And only on the road back remembered that just today, on July 31, we have the sixth wedding anniversary! Here so, without agreeing, we gave ourselves a smart gift - unforgettable days off on the bank of the Black Sea!

I Wish all excellent summer holiday more joyful Wick - and!