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The beginning of one life

pregnancy quietly Began: without vomitings in the mornings, did not pull on salty … When in August the doctor showed me on the ultrasonography monitor - the device a small being who was 6 weeks old, our pleasure and surprise were indescribable. Since then I began to feel what means to be a pregnant woman. Nausea in the mornings, just terrible intolerance of smells, by the way, during this period sense of smell very strongly became aggravated. Awfully character deteriorated (and so - that not sugar!) . Poor Petya, oh, has also been through a lot he. Absolutely any flavoring perversions (like strawberry jam with sausage). Few times there were spasms in legs at night. Generally, all this is quite easily transferred.

In August we still did a bit of traveling across Germany; visited Frankonskaya Switzerland and Cologne, then went to Paris. Our kid very much where visited the then still small life.

At the gynecologist I was throughout all pregnancy of 14 times, 11 times were made ultrasonography (Petya too there was present and spied during these researches upon malyupasky).

the Doctor determined by

the term of childbirth - on April 6. Slowly time went, and on the sixth month we went to courses for pregnant women. As my husband studies and works, we chose courses at the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday we were trained in gymnastics for pregnant women, acquainted with the theory and practice of childbirth: told about process of childbirth and showed the movie, trained in the partner massage facilitating fights and to the correct breath. Told about breastfeeding and conducted tour on patrimonial office of hospital. Every day began with a breakfast. To me this pleasure was paid by a hospital insurance, it was necessary to pay for the husband.

A on March 1 we moved. On March 17 on the next inspection I learned from the doctor that the neck of a uterus was truncated. “What does it mean?“ - with astonishment I ask. “Means, - says, - that you can quicker give rise“. I am surprised even more and I exclaim something type: “Oh, is not present!“ The doctor is surprised now, sincerely laughs and speaks: “Sometime the child has to be born!“

He does not know that I mean, and I mean that started repair in the new apartment. At first the husband painted doors, and then we understood that we will not live in this apartment. Until paint does not dry and will not cease to stink. And we left for 3 weeks to parents.

Meanwhile the stomach grew at

. Petya did me a pedicure for a long time and laced up boots;-).


In our apartment already repaired a bedroom, part of kitchen and part of a corridor. We still lived at parents as paint smelled still very strongly. Sometimes we were chosen to take a walk. In the wood, to the city. The winter was long and snow. Snowdrifts were beautiful, real, as in Siberia.

Time went. The third of April there was an exclusive day in every sense. In - the first, weather was excellent (the beginning of spring was very cold). Brightly the sun shone, birds sang … We right there decided to seize the opportunity to get warm on the sun and to breathe fresh air. Having taken a walk some time and having recharged by solar energy, we came back home.

B 18. The 00th sun already practically hid for roofs of houses, and from our balcony the beautiful decline was visible. Having decided that such opportunity cannot be missed, we took the camera and began to be photographed. (And through 8. 45 ours was born synulik so photos turned out “freshest“.) Then Petya helped me to wash up the head, made a pedicure, and I decided to go to bed a bit earlier as the head ached a bit (for want of habit on the sun overheated, probably). Petya, without wasting time began to glue wall-paper in a corridor.

Ya, having approached a bed, and having been going to lay down already, suddenly felt that on legs something flows. It the mucous stopper departed. On courses said to us that after a stopper otkhozhdeniye childbirth begins approximately in 2 days. We conferred and decided that you should not worry, and I laid down. 10 - 15 minutes later the bubble burst and waters departed. The stomach began to decrease quickly in sizes, and the mattress - to become all mokry. I called Petya who continued to glue wall-paper; together we decided that it is impossible to hesitate and it is necessary to call the ambulance. On courses explained to us that in case of an otkhozhdeniye of waters of the house, it is necessary to call urgently an ambulance and to remain to lie. Not to try to reach at all by the car as transportation has to take place lying, otherwise the umbilical cord could drop out and strangle the child.

“Ambulance“ arrived in 40 minutes and carried us to hospital which ourselves to ourselves chose even before childbirth. I was carried on a wheelchair to delivery room, Petya went nearby and bore a bag with things. The office examined me: disclosure was 1 cm. The midwife told that for childbirth of it still it is not enough, but they will not allow to go home us as waters departed. We were sent to prenatal office, having warned that if childbirth drags on till 3 o`clock the next day, then they will deliver me a dropper and will do stimulation.

during fights Petya massed to me a waist, and between fights I fell asleep. When it became difficult to suffer from pain, and on the monitor of figure reached to 160, I asked anesthetic for the nurse. That offered me a homeopathic candle which began to work in 10 minutes after introduction. However I on myself did not feel its action at all. In 30 minutes I called the nurse again and asked to give something else what she answered that the second candle is given in an hour after the first. Then looked at disclosure which was 3 cm by then, and suggested to take the weakening bath. We were taken away in patrimonial office and “transferred“ to the midwife. She offered me an enema, and I agreed. She to me made a bathtub with the calming oil, but it was not pleasant to me as between fights I could not sleep more. Besides very strongly there was a wish to make an effort, and I asked anesthetic again. The midwife told that she at first has to examine me, and helped me to leave a bathtub.

Hours showed to

about 2 - x. Having examined me, the midwife right there began to groan and told that anesthetic is not necessary to me any more, and ran for the doctor. Then the doctor with the midwife sat down near us and watched how we give birth. We … Petya massed to me a waist, held by a hand, reminding in passing as it is necessary to breathe. For me process of childbirth was short - between fights I slept. I think, Petya was tired more:-). The midwife told me:“ As you were tired! Well, nothing, the kid will be born, the dream as a hand will remove“. Honestly, when in 2. 45 malyupask was born, the dream was not as sober as a judge.

Me suggested to take

a synulka to themselves on a breast. It was such brilliant, warm, small, is still connected with me an umbilical cord. It was so healthy! Then I suggested it to eat, he refused. Then Petya cut to him an umbilical cord, and the midwife incurred him to measure and to dress. The weight 3160, growth 51, 10/10 across Apgar. Having weighed, having measured and having dressed a synulik, it gave him to the newly made father (all this occurred in the same room, and I could observe everything). The father with pride went with the son on hands and told something to him. I was examined so far by the doctor.

me was shifted Then to other bed, nearby put a malyshik and carried somewhere. The father followed us. I do not know mission of that room where we were brought; it was quite cozy, there was a sofa, a case, a table, a lamp. It was rather similar to the room in hotel, than in hospital. We were left three together. At the whole o`clock. As then explained to us to track my state whether will be what changes or still what. During this time I once again suggested the child to eat. He did not begin to refuse and with pleasure zachavkat. After that I photographed them with the father on a sofa, and we were taken away in chamber.

Chamber on 2 - x the person. But I appeared one. However, on Wednesday brought one more girl. Too Russian. And on Thursday I have to be written out. I will describe chamber: 2 beds, 2 lockers for clothes, 2 toilets with sinks, at each bed a bedside table with phone. Petya bought me a telephone card that I could call if something is required.

3 times Fed with

. The breakfast was arranged in “corridor“: in specially fenced off place on tables cheese, jam, oil (all in one-time packings), any rolls in a basket, fruit, different grades of tea in bags was exposed. On other table there was a pure ware and trays. 2 - 3 tables so it was possible to sit down stood nearby and to quietly have breakfast or put everything on a plate and on a tray to carry away to the room. In each room for this case there was a table and chairs.

the Lunch and a dinner brought

to the room. Yes, and at first asked that I can eat. I told that everything, but taking into account breastfeeding. (Means, it is impossible cabbage, onions, garlic, apples - from it swells out, so and will swell out the child, and it will be hurt by a tummy.) Asked what tea I drink, I told - fennel. It promotes formation of milk.

Malyshik lived in such a komba - a wheelchair. Something like a transparent box without the top cover which one party opens inserts, a diaper creep, it is already possible to change clothes of the child. On a wheelchair the special shelf where there are diapers, pampers is hung up. By the way, all this is given by hospital. The clothes for children during stay in maternity hospital are given by maternity hospital. Small it is possible to keep at itself in the room, it is possible to give to the special room of the child. There nurses look for kids, change clothes and feed them. If you nurse, then will bring to you in chamber that you applied to a breast. Conditions are very good.

On the Seventh of April, on Thursday, at 12 o`clock synulyu was examined by the pediatrician, and me - the gynecologist, and we were allowed to go home. Impressions of hospital remained the most positive, with personnel I was very lucky too. On the Internet read the story of one Russian woman who gave birth in Germany too, so it describes some horrors. It was not lucky it with clinic. When we, having given birth to our kid, thanked the midwife with the doctor, they in a voice declared that we and did without them, so we “worked well-coordinated“, and invited to come still:-).

If you are interested in more detailed information on clinic, write me the letter.