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How to force the man to wash clothes?

Appear, men like to erase too. But for this purpose they should create conditions (as, however, and in any another matter). The main thing that is required, - the modern washing machine.

By old tradition the washing machine is put in a bathroom. But square meters of this room in the majority of apartments limit our desires. And here it is necessary to make the decision: to stop the choice on the small-sized washing machine which is located under a sink in a bathroom or to install the car where - nibud in other place, for example, in kitchen. Choosing the first option, in the estimate of estimated expenses consider that a sink you should buy new - intended especially for the washing machine.

the Kitchen option is absolutely not so bad

. Dimensions of the goods presented at the market allow to enter the modern washing machine in an interior of any kitchen successfully. And the flexible way of connection to water communications does not limit its installation surely near a sink.


, the most important at the choice of the car is a way of loading: lateral or top. It is more convenient to put linen and to take out it from the car with the top loading. From an open lateral door the washed things often fall on a floor, and from constant inclinations the waist can ache. But the top surface of such car can be used as a table. By the way, in the market there is a model with the top loading and at the same time with a little table.

For cars with lateral loading can use only “automatic machine“ laundry detergent. From powder of other type the condensing rubber around a door will quickly spoil. Having estimated the prices of powders, many choose the car with the top loading.


in the car with the top loading, you at any time can stop it and something to report. The door of the car with lateral loading will not be opened until washing ends and water will not merge.

thanks to the design features reckon as

of the Car with the top loading as more reliable. Respectively, and the prices of them are higher.

Capacity. If for washing of bed linen you do not use services of a laundry, to you, of course, need the car with a big capacity. Estimate: the minimum loading - 3 kg of dry linen is about 2 blanket covers, 3 sheets and 3 pillowcases. At many models there is mode of half loading. It is not enough linen - you include this mode and the car does not work very hard.

It is supposed p that the maximum speed influences quality of washing. But if you do not clean flues, 400 about. / will be min. quite enough. And the price is nearly twice lower, than at cars with a speed of 800 and more revolutions per minute.

to Fans of the starched shirts and sheets should take an interest in

at the seller whether there is in the car stop mode before an extraction. And or lazy we advise the busiest to choose the car with the mode of delicate washing for clothes from “ephemeral“ fabric. And if in your apartment there is no place to hang out linen, buy the washing machine with drying. But consider that it will cost much to you.

Independently to install by

the washing machine not to everyone in power: it is necessary to connect to a water supply system, to the sewerage, to install the special crane blocking water supply to the car when it is not used. The ordinary electric socket will not approach too. It is better to address the master.

At last... Set the mode, filled up powder, pressed the button...“ I erase“, - is proud the husband speaks, looking the TV. At least 1,5 - 2 hours it is possible not to approach the car.

Unfortunately, the man`s love to washing usually comes to an end while all buttons are studied, the modes are tried, and the wife thanks to their (man`s) manuals is trained in work with this difficult mechanism. And then you become the only and sovereign owner of the washing machine, and it already “promotion“ in comparison with Tazy and antediluvian washing machines of the first samples.