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To Spain with children: fantastic reality. Part III

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Put 11. Andorra

There now, we moved to long travel, to Andorra. Knowing that we will remain to spend the night there, took “picnic“ instead of a tomorrow`s breakfast, transferred a dinner to a lunch of the last day and ordered a cold dinner for tomorrow not to hurry. According to the card it seemed that to Andorra - it is not so far, 230 km, but through an hour and a half normal roads began mountains, and we only managed to notice plates of “1900 m“ (above sea level), “2300“, “2500“ - stuffs up ears, as on the plane.

Beauty around of course indescribable, but somewhere in an hour of driving on the coolest mountain serpentine something all poplokhet, 20 km/h speeded and dangled in the car as sausages. Around the signs “stones fall“, mountains are wound by a grid, but the fear for it has less. Left, breathed mountain air, found in the wood looney tasty wild black raspberry, cautiously somehow, but nevertheless gorged on, went again.

generally, such mountain serpentine of all was 3 hours old, we 2 more times stopped, it is good that children nevertheless fell asleep, and that I began to damn this Andorra. But for 60 km to Andorra mountains suddenly began to come to an end, the normal road began, and the mood improved.

Entry into Andorra reminds

an ordinary post of traffic police, it is even much less, than at entrance from Chuvashia to Tatarstan so to Andorra we drove at a speed of 30 km/h, even without stopping. Andorra is most beautiful, fantastic mountains, minutes through 15 we already drove to the capital Andorra of la Vell, only any indexes were not noticed (I will not be surprised if they were not at all), and learned that we in the capital, from passersby.

In general feeling from the capital of Andorra - a terrible tesnotishcha, houses are to each other stuck where people go - unclear, cars closely stand roads on each side, the movement is settled by the “GAI officers“ standing through each 50 m. Shopping was decided to be carried out in the Pyrenees supermarket, on the Internet learned that there is a game room where it is possible to leave children. And made. The car left on 3 - m the floor of garage “Pireney“, found a nursery and found out that in 1 hour it is necessary to pay 2 euros for one child. We persuaded the aunt - the nurse to take two children at the price of one for two hours, she agreed as Stepan it is oath promised to watch Lida. Having paid 4 euros, we went for a walk on a supermarket.

of Anything special, I will tell you, usual goods, the European prices. A kidswear, footwear excellent, but it is possible to buy from us approximately same at the same prices. Only the winter clothes of cool quality are cheaper, the down-padded coat on the child with mittens and a hood cost 2 - 3 years 24 euros, a fur coat - 50 euros. I do not understand spirits, I almost do not use them therefore, I can tell nothing about the prices. But as soon as we came into food department, became me badly. Children, the liter bottle of my darling “Martini byanko“ cost 4,30 euros!!! Spanish wine - 0,5 euros/litre!!! Other alcohol too extremely cheap. Still we bought olive oil for 2,50 euros/litre. And also I gathered any suvenirchik - cosmetics bags - backpacks of nurseries with chocolates.

generally, we did shopping for 24 euros, and two hours of the parking in garage to us were free (about it we read in the elevator - upon purchase for 18 euros 2 hours of the parking free of charge). But while we left - took away children, passed 15 min. more, but let out us from the parking without surcharge, having told “o`ky“. Departure from garage turned out on 6 - m the floor and as soon as we left... before us there was a narrow polished descent of degrees under 70... “And how to go?“ - we heard from Sergey.“ It is necessary to go forward, back all the same it is impossible“ - I gave “efficient“ advice. Moved down on brakes. Adrenaline - full trousers. Yes, by slightly faulty car by what at us every second goes, in Andorra to go - to catch death.

the thermoentertainment Center of Kaldea about which I read on the Internet, and decided to visit him by all means was farther than

our purpose. We found it without effort, indexes are and its glass space peak roof is visible from far away. To our disappointment, we learned that children till 5 years in a zone of pools are not allowed. Safety at them whether you see. But then I understood why: pools are deep, thermal sources, a heap of saunas - baths with difference of temperatures, really, to the small child there not the place beat everywhere. And this complex is intended for a relaxation and what relaxation to mother with such kid.

us visited

But a bigger disappointment when we learned that in a nursery Lida without adult will not be taken, even with Stepan. Generally, we decided to buy one adult ticket (26 euros) and to swim for a while under it with Sergey in turn, and the ticket to Stepan (19,60 euros). The ticket assumes use of a complex during 3 - x hours, more just it is impossible. So, a complex: a big lagoon with a heap of hydromassages, a jacuzzi, masks from the sprayed water. Once an hour - musical representation on water with the fountainlets illuminated in the different flowers (something like the singing fountains in Barcelona, but here you lie in the fountain, fountains small and the music weakening - super! You lie and go bananas). There is an external lagoon - under the open sky. We were in a complex in the evening, so such high - to lie in a jacuzzi under the open night sky and to admire stars.

besides any saunas - baths are, very much it were pleasant to me indiysko - the Roman swimming baths: you come at first into the pool with thermal water of 36 degrees, and then - into the pool of 14 degrees, and then when again into the warm pool you come, so pleasantly pricks legs... Still the Turkish bath with a damp aromapar (big such inhaler) was pleasant, in 5 minutes after lying in this bath at me the head floated from aromas, it was necessary to leave and recover by means of ice which falls small splinters on a big bowl from a ceiling, it is possible to run about on ice, it is possible to rub off itself, it is possible to fall face down in it. Generally, I will tell you, here for the sake of what it is necessary to go to Andorra, but not for the sake of purchase of alcohol is 5 euros cheaper.

I very much wanted to arrive as - nibud to Andorra for a week and to buy the subscription for 5 days in this center (103 euros). Besides, it is possible to become the clubman Kaldea and to make the individual or modular program on 3 - m to the directions “anti-stress“, “beauty“, “east relaxation“. Besides, in the center a heap of any cafes, restaurant, little shops and own hotel. I did not understand to which hour the center works, we left in 23 - 00, and it still worked.

we decided to go towards the town Paz de la Kasa that on border with France as next day planned to go to France. Stopped about hotels which along the road there is a lot of, but as we went at midnight, in many hotels there were no places any more. The further we drove off from the capital of Andorra, the less there were prices in hotels. The very first hotel offered us number for 67 euros, and as a result we had very decent room “tripl“ in Austria hotel 3 *** for 29 euros where we met wonderful Andorra dawn (there was no wish to sleep for some reason).

Put 12. France

Having risen early in the morning, we went to Paz de la Kasa to whom there were 7 km, there bought a France map, and - forward. As appeared in France, did not understand at all that is where there was a border, we guessed already then, having remembered that passed some “gaishny“ box.

we Went towards Toulouse, but then decided not to go to Toulouse as, having compared distances and time, we understood that then we will arrive to Carcassonne late, namely fortress Carcassonne from all South of France is of significant interest.

the First French city to which we got - Fua. Saw on the mountain the beautiful lock - fortress, decided to leave to be photographed, and here... I already read on the Internet that in the south of France all sidewalks in dog. me, but could not imagine it. Besides, there is so much stubs on the sidewalk as if their half a year did not clean. Below some rivulet flew, and its coast were a natural garbage can. Here my such first impression about France...

Again with signs and indexes trouble, the one and only index of turn to Carcassonne we slipped

and took off on the toll highway, learned about it, only when boxes of payment were ahead designated. Stopped and were stunned: 16 euros (instead of habitual Spanish 1 - 2)! We insolently reversed (the benefit, for us was nobody), were developed and went back. Now before each index braked and attentively studied.

the city of Carcassonne - small, from time to time in the city very tall fragments of stone walls - probably, the former fortresses and monasteries meet. We came across one such monastery, but it was closed. Fortress Carcassonne if to come around from Toulouse, is not visible at all, it, appears, is on departure from the city, i.e. from the city of Narbon, we were prompted by passersby (was useful russko - French pass - the phrasebook found in the Internet).

Carcassonne is not just fortress, it is the whole fortified city, the perimeter of an external wall is slightly more than 3 km, in it great variety of towers, in fortress - the Carcassonne lock, the most beautiful basilica Seong - Nazer. And, actually, city where earlier (till the 13th century) there lived people, then, in the 13th century, fortress became the royal residence, and now shops, benches, cafe, restaurants are located there. Besides, we saw the real platoon of the French legionaries who under the song marched on the cobbled road to fortresses. They really there serve, perhaps?

Every year, on July 14, on a national French holiday, in fortress grandiose fireworks are arranged. We saw it in record, on a videotape in bookstore on an entrance (the cartridge costs 11 euros) where we bought the excellent book in Russian “Carcassonne and locks of katar“ for 8 euros. Entrance to fortress and basilica free that, in general, unclear. Probably, fortress contains on taxes which pay the numerous shops and restaurants which are in its territory.

Having wandered on the fortress of hour three, we went further, on Narbon. On the road we were fascinated by harmonous plantations of vineyards with huge brushes of grapes - even from the car rushing with a speed of 120 km/h, these huge clusters were well noticeable. Few times met wind power plants, for me it in general from area of a fantasy.

in Carcassonne I wanted to come into some shop to buy children, especially to Lida dairy to eat something, but we did not find any shop. And in Narbona where historically there is nothing to look, again any shop we did not see that very much surprised me. To huge pleasure, on departure from Narbon we found a supermarket in which it was full to the people. I drew a conclusion that, probably, in the small French cities of grocery stores per se is not present, and there is only couple of supermarkets where people buy products for a week (they had such full carts).

We found

natural yogurt (0,48 euros 125 gr.) - very tasty, children just ate greedily it, fruit yogurt (from 0,8 euros 125 gr.), milk (from 1 euro/litre), anything similar to our kefir, a biolakt or drinking yogurt, and also any cottage cheese. What there children are fed with?


astounding cheese rolls and couple of cakes (1,2 euros / pieces) . I do not know, read on the Internet about very tasty Spanish and French cakes, so it did not seem to me. Tasty, but just in them there are more vanillin and fragrances, and so - our Russian is not worse (three times cheaper) at all. French wine is a lot of, from 1 euro/litre (as milk).

So, we went to Perpignan, the last French city which was planned to be visited. Were not surprised when on the square of Perpignan saw a Catalan flag - read that Perpignan is included into the Catalan province. At once noted a difference with the previous French cities: much more purely, the culture, structures is closer to Spanish. Was already late when we drove up to the surprising, mysterious fortress of Perpignan, whether it was closed (as it is written on the plate, it worked to 17 - 00), whether in general in it there was a repair - we did not understand. The center of tourism was closed (worked too only to 17 - 00). It was necessary to walk “on intuition“.

It was already dark, and all fortifications, church were beautifully highlighted. Not just “smelled“ of old times, and everything was through impregnated with ancient spirit. If not modern small restaurants and a statue of the naked girl, we would decide that we got to the mushketersky past. Small streets of Perpignan so narrow that it is possible, having extended in sides of a hand, to touch walls of opposite houses. Having been photographed a little on the square and at fortress, having taken a walk at the fountain, we set “home“, to Spain. The border with Spain was passed again imperceptibly as if there was no border. In hotel ours waited for a “cold“ dinner which we ate with the Spanish wine bought in Andorra at the fantastic price.

Put 13. Barcelona. The amusement park on Tibidabo`s the mountain. The singing fountains

Here also there came our last day (apart from day of departure) in Spain. We decided to spend time till a lunch at the sea to say goodbye to it. Though was on September 24, weather stood excellent, in the afternoon +29, the sea warm, bathed to many people. There was no wish to leave. Lidochka molded a Kulichiki on the beach, Stepan like mad bathed both with a circle, and on a mattress, and without a thing, and ran behind waves, 3 hours in a row - hardly pulled out. I shook on waves on a mattress, having closed eyes, and it was such pleasure!

But wanted to say goodbye also to Barcelona too, and to the amusement park there was a wish so we, having had dinner, went on already painfully familiar and native road to Barcelona. But in Barcelona again we were waited by terrible adventures with lack of indexes. We chose according to the card a route on Tibidabo`s mountain in advance, but not here - that was. On the necessary turn there was a repair, and so far we went round it, hundred times got lost, then decided to go on main road to a ring, but instead of a ring there was a two-level fork, well, we it flew by and flew in the long paid tunnel, well, hardly in general left Barcelona.

Which time, having stopped on a roadside, were damned by Barcelonian stupid roads and nonexistent indexes, and spoke: there now to you and the amusement park, just was the most interesting. Having calmed down, decided to go back, at all without knowing where we are. What our surprise when we saw the index of “Tibidabo“ was!!! But, the most ridiculous, after this index there was a sign “journey is forbidden“. Well is not present. Our patience already came to naught so we impudently passed pieces of 5 such signs and arrived directly to the amusement park! Logically, truth? :)

In the discount book we had a discount of 5 euros for the entrance ticket in park, but to our surprise, Stepan was not the child any more (i.e. for it it was necessary to buy the adult ticket - it was defined... its growth), but the advertizing leaflet of this park which I took in hotel on a reception was useful here, in this leaflet there was a coupon for 18% of a discount - it is that and used upon purchase of the ticket for Stepa. Three tickets cost 52 euros. Lidochka on growth was the free visitor.

So, here it, park. In general, attractions are very similar to attractions of the Port of Aventura, but only a little kuchny, and the park the sizes is less. The park is located on the mountain, at five levels, between levels it is possible to move on the glass elevator from which such view of Barcelona!!! On the most top floor of an avia - an attraction: you get into the plane, it rises and flies around an axis: on the one hand the mountain, with another - it is not present, under you Barcelona! My God, as fine. Other attractions are arranged so too that advantage of the mountain is used: you rush on hills, apparently, now from the mountain you will fly.

We were in park in the evening, darkened soon, Barcelona was lit by fires, and before us opened indescribable beauty: a flood of light, and behind it the real sea. Before closing of park on the square at an entrance representation took place: fairy tale characters - monsters with Bengal lights under mystical music skated on roller-skaters and scared us stiff, generally, some incredible dancings with fire, and is very close from us, feeling that ourselves participate in it. In conclusion small enchanting show. Of course, very much it was pleasant to us, before it we did not see.

Directly at an entrance to park located very beautiful, very tall basilica of Sacred Heart which in illumination looks very majestically. Having photographed about it, very happy with visit of park, we went to the singing fountains, to the area of Spain. Easily found directly in front of fountains an underground parking with the B:SM badge (in our discount books there was a discount of 50% for these parkings) as soon as left a parking, at once heard music - fountains already sang.

Representation begins

in 22 - 00 and consists from 2 - x parts (for 30 - 40 min.), tourists are brought only on the first part therefore you should not go to the singing fountains with excursion. We enjoyed the first representation near the main fountain (as far as it was possible not to get wet), then rose upward along the cascade of fountains and looked at the second part from the top platform. In the first part classical music, in the second - modern including a melody from “Titanic“ sounded. There are no words, one emotions: both life, and tears, and love. Strongly.

on September 24 - day of the Saint patroness of Barcelona, and we hoped to see fireworks, but did not wait for it, there was no it, perhaps? Left Barcelona at midnight, Barcelona played fires and seemed even more beautiful, magnificent, solemn and strong. And there was no wish to say goodbye to it at all. Stepan before going to bed managed to whisper “Mothers, and let`s remain here“. The hotel of the sleeping children left in number, and went to restaurant to have supper. It was our last dinner in Spain which we will remember which will dream us and of which we will dream again...


  1. the Trip was fantastic! We passed 2500 km across Spain, Andorra and France, took about 1800 pictures. Two weeks - are not enough, one instant, but for this instant we lived the whole life.
  2. at all, and to them very interestingly is not difficult to go with small children to such trips and it is useful. Acclimatization any was not, the package of drugs was never useful to us.
  3. we spent 2500 euros For all trip - permits, lease of the car, fuel, parkings, roads, excursions, aquaparks, other entertainments, products, cafe, souvenirs that, generally, for such versatile European rest very cheap. And, though for us it is big money - it would be possible to buy much everything, but... offer me twice more, I would choose two trips to Spain!!!
  4. We will surely return there still when Lida grows up. We were not in Zhirona, Figeyros, on the mountain Monserrat, in Gothic quarter of Barcelona, in the palace of Catalan music yet, and it is a lot of still where.
  5. the Internet - great force!