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To Spain with children: fantastic reality. Part II

Part 1 can be considered it here.

Put 5. Votervold

As well as to Marinelend, Votervold goes the bus from all cities to an aquapark Costa - Are gallant, in Blanes it departs from the area of Catalonia in 10 - 00. Votervold is in the city of Lloret - - Mar, from Blanes to go minutes 15. Entrance ticket: adult ˆ18,50, children`s ˆ12,50 that it seemed to me expensively (in comparison with Marinelend, and there both feed animals, and representations show).

Votervold represents a complex from 5 - 6 pools, 6 - 7 hills and two attractions with boats. That at once it was not pleasant to me - the small child could not be stuck, for a malyshna only one pool in a shadow (and water cold), one pool with an unclear pipe - a labyrinth on which you creep half an hour, and you are rolled out on one tiny hill in a second at the end. It is clear, that any child will crawl so far, already the second time will not want.

one paddling pool - a complex, but there such thingummy above lodges - hills Is: the ladle in which water is gathered when filling overturns, and the huge mass of water with a roar falls on poor children. As far as we have Stepan the fan of water attractions, but it was even very unpleasant to him. It is no wonder that for all day we did not see children about that pool.

For youth and adults, of course, there it is healthy

, I most of all liked a hill of “kamikaze“, it when rush with a huge speed, and in a face to you water splashes with not smaller speed - it is impossible to breathe, is shorter if reached until the end of a hill live, then you were lucky. The main thing - nobody warns on start that air needs to be gathered.

One attraction with boats (on four) we got to the core of

not at once: Sergey went at first one, and did not understand in what a counter: speed is weak, you go and go to yourself on a dark pipe, anything special. Then we suddenly saw with what speed the boat with four adults took off from a pipe: it appears, under big weight by inertia the boat so accelerates that rushes on bends and runs into walls - here in it and a high. Generally, when we went in the boat three together, feelings were much more interesting, we even had a thought for weight to call the fat man, but we were overmodest.

Were bought, rode long enough, before the closing (18 - 00) and went to hotel. Before a dinner in the sea swam. Generally, conclusion such: it is necessary to go to Votervold either without children, or with big children. It is very difficult to entertain small children there.

Put 6. Gnomopark

When we went from Votervold back to Blanes, on the road noticed Gnomopark located in a shadow of pines, besides, on a reception in hotel we found an advertizing leaflet with information on this park and decided to visit him next day to have a rest from mad water procedures and the sun.

Reached by

by the regular bus Blanes - Lloret in 15 min. and 1,5 euros from the person. An entrance to park - 5 euros from the child, the adult are free. The park is located in the pine wood, wandering on which, will come across sculptures of gnomes. It is a real paradise for children till 10 - 12 years, just for ours.

In park the open area with lodges - lazilka, trampolines, a water corner with hoses - buckets, the sports ground with very interesting exercise machines and rope ladders - lazilka, the gnome - a farm with rabbits, goats and still someone is, pass - the amusement park, pass - golf, the slot machine hall (where my men played enough in billiards much for 1 euro whereas in hotel the party costs 3 euros), the closed room with a two-storeyed inflatable game complex, the same complex for kids, the room with little tables and Lego, boards and crayons, and, of course, restaurant. We carried out in this park of 5 hours and were very satisfied, children even did not want to leave from there, but we till a dinner still planned to swim in the sea, as made upon return to Blanes.

Put 7. Port - Aventura

Having visited all nearby sights and places of entertainments, we leased the car for distant trips. Nissan - the micro diesel cost us for 7 days 230 euros with all insurance. Ordered since evening on a reception, drove the car to hotel the next morning, registration borrowed minutes 15, paid off with the dollar Visa card - the classic. The car very much was pleasant to us, despite small appearance it very spacious inside, the newcomer, 2004, pulled in mountains perfectly, on autobahns easily speeded at 140 km/h. The children`s chair was not taken, I do not represent at all, as if Lida in it went, on the way she always or climbed on back sitting, played with Stepan, or in the same place slept. Stepan was fastened very seldom too. For all week of driving to us GAI officers met ten times, but nobody even looked in our party. Once even I had Lida on hands on a front seat - it was necessary “to wrap“ before a nose of the GAI officer her in the card.

of Missile defense the Spanish roads and rules wants to be told separately. Driving reminds the game “guess where to go“ or “as you think where you go“. It is not enough indexes, they can stand on the middle of a fork when it is already necessary to turn and where - you manage to notice only after curtailed not there. And to be developed as at us in Russia, it is impossible, it is necessary or rules to break rigidly, or km 15 forward to the next fork to go.

it is A lot of signs like “-directly“ and when you reach to a fork, you see what any “directly“ is not present, and there is a fork a letter Y. Stupor. Then we guessed that it is necessary to watch at all lines of the index, for example, if to us directly, and still something on the left, then on a fork of Y it is necessary to go to the right.

Separate conversation about paid roads. To come out to the toll highway there is no work - indexes very clear and frequent, to move down on the free road not so - that simply, on the toll highway generally indexes on settlements, and the fact that on the same turn it is possible to get on the free road can be understood, only having the good card with numbers of roads.

generally, we naadrenalinitsya so on trips that for a long time will last. When flew back, heard the story about driving on a car of “the brother by misfortune“ - it appears, not we one and not so abruptly “walked smack“. Got out of the situations, violating rules, stopping impudently under indexes, including an emergency signal and asking passersby.

Barcelona - in general separate “song“. But in general, everywhere were where wanted, only sometimes wasted a little excess time or money (if unintentionally “took off“ on the toll highway). On paid autobahns it is pleasant to go and it is even necessary only near Barcelona (there is nothing remarkable in vicinities), and here further 30 - the km of the vicinity is better to go on free roads: speed is not much lower, and landscapes it is much more interesting.

And so, were got by us into the car and went to the Port - Aventura: 65 km to Barcelona and 110 later on the South. The card was given together with car quite clear, we without effort reached on free Road N - 11 to Barcelona, and here in Barcelona strayed - could not find indexes to Tarragona. Without reaching Tarragona a little, “took off“ incidentally on the toll highway, but on this route about Salou indexes “Port of Aventura“ at once appeared - we without effort there reached.

of All 4 hours with one stop went. But there was Saturday, the Port - Aventura worked till 24 o`clock so we ahead had 10 hours of entertainments! We used the discount book the Bass Turistik: two tickets at the price of one: 35 euros for two adults and 17 - children`s.

Port - Aventura - the huge amusement park, is divided into 5 parts:“ Wild West“, “China“, “Mexico“, “Polynesia“, “Mediterranean“. The park struck me not so much with attractions (in general, they standarny as in any park, are simply adapted - are issued in style of any country), how many registration of attractions, cafes, buildings, the nature in national styles plus music.


to me most of all liked “Polynesia“ - smart, almost wild nature, falls, lakes, exotic music - some half-naked natives any minute will run out. Original attractions, Stepan very much liked “A sea Odyssey“ - the submarine (virtual reality) in which on an ocean floor you rush, someone is rescued, running away from some monsters and so forth. On the Internet it is written that this most progressive invention in the world of computer attractions.


A to me liked more an attraction where the boat filled by people is lifted on mad height, and then this boat falls (falls) from the huge height to the river, and splashes fill in people completely! Already two times, and when after the first time you understand that you do not want any more, suddenly you see that the second height is much more!!! At the time of dropping down people in the boat are photographed (photos sell at the exit for 5 euros) - we definitely never saw such expressions of own persons earlier. There are two more similar boat attractions in “the Wild West“, but there is not so high, but it is a lot of zavorot.

Huge plus of this park - is a lot of entertainments both for the smallest, and for adults, it is a lot of cafes and just small benches in quiet corners for rest. Generally, with children, even “kolyasochny“, very cool. In this park I for the first time estimated advantage of a difference of our children aged. On many attractions Lida drove thanks to Stepa together with him, its one would not be let, and too it is impossible for adults. Yes, all attractions are divided on growth: to 130 cm and later. Since our Stepa just 130, he was let everywhere:.

- (the most coolest roller coaster with 8 - yu loops - in China) my men do not send

On Dragon to Khan. To Stepan still early, and Sergey did not inspire, I do not love similar “a tryakhodroma at all - double-dealing fellows“. Approximately in 22 - 00 darkened, and the park became unusually beautiful and mysterious in gloss of fires. The biggest impression - laser show with fireworks under powerful music over the Mediterranean lake at 24 o`clock. Over the lake the sky is decked by improbable patterns, laser animals run, from the lake fire splashes. The show taking the breath away, delight full. You forget to breathe, you forget where you and what is with you … Just incredibly.

dropped down

of One day for us to bypass all park and to drive on time on all attractions. But consider, we were not during a season and turns were very small, and even was not (hardly I represent how during a season people stand for 0,5 - 1,5 hours in a queue on each attraction). But all - children with pleasure would drive, and I with pleasure would take a walk in park one more day. Next time we and will make. And this time we decided not to grease impressions of night show next day and in our plans there was a lot more interesting.

At one o`clock in the morning we got into the car and went to Blanes, children on the road slept, and we enjoyed romanticism. At half past three mornings we were in hotel (the way back was already familiar), cool the security guard watched at us when I with Lidochka sleeping on hands, and Stepan, holding me, blindly crept in hotel. But what we were happy!!!

Put 8. Islands Medos. Tour on the boat with a transparent bottom

Having slept properly after night feeble efforts, we decided to move on the North - to the port city Lestartit (L`Estartit) from where boats with a transparent bottom to islands - to the reserve Medos go. We decided to go on the coast to enjoy beauty of the sea and mountains. Beauty is indescribable. The narrow mountain serpentine along the sea, observation decks, a look from there smart - the sea transparent sometimes come across, even from big height the bottom is visible.

Went very long, at first with a speed of 20 km/h, then sometimes and 40 - an attraction still that. As soon as there was an opportunity to come out to the normal road, with pleasure it was made. Passed the city of the Dress of D`Aro, very smart resort, quite big, respectable city, big shops, there are the amusement park and a zoo. To Lestartit reached in 3 hours, was already 17 - 00, and there is almost no hope left for excursion, but we were lucky! The last excursion began in 17 - 30, we just run bought tickets (probably therefore I badly remember their cost, but on all somewhere within 35 euros), plunged on a yellow submarine “Nautilus“ - and forward!

To my astonishment, islands Medos were rocks!!! Just rocks stick out of the sea. When we reached to them, invited us in the lower compartment with glass walls in the form of a letter V so all is visible on each side and below, but is terrible!!! The sea was lit with powerful searchlights - visibility excellent, the bottom is visible. The first feeling - you in the Barcelonian Aquarium, the second is not an aquarium, such weight on you presses and if glass is squeezed out? Generally, all veins shiver, and about you fish and a small fish packs, packs, a rocky bottom with any seaweed, peshcherka - a class. Stepan asked: “And where sharks?“ . Well, there were only not enough sharks there unless.

One more surprise was for us when islands came to an end, the boat gained speed, it was necessary to rise upward, but we made it not at once. To watch from - for glass walls the raging bubbling water, being in it, at the same time at a speed crashing into waves - feeling inexpressible. Extreme and only. But soon we were “turned out“ upward, and we with surprise found out that we float still to the north, towards to other rocks, generally, on the boat we made also hour walk.

of the Rock the most beautiful, “wild“, with caves, and the captain, probably such professional, rushed at a full speed and dumped it at the last minute - all the time it seemed to me, now we will crash. Sometimes approached rocks extremely close, well, “Titanic“ has a rest. Upon return to Lestartit offered us a plate with our photo against “Nautilus“ again, and also the book about islands for 6 euros.

Lestartit - really big port, is a lot of boats, yachts. We saw several boats which were coming back from diving with well very happy scuba divers, I represent what they derive pleasure. Enviably. On the way back the first and last time got to a stopper, probably, the day off factor affected. Arrived to hotel in 22 - 00, but the “cold“ dinner was ordered from us, it was covered at empty restaurant, and we estimated this advantage at once: brought with themselves wine, and Lida quietly slept nearby in a carriage in which we put the rolls and fruit which remained after a dinner. Then we always ordered a cold dinner, and did not hurry to come back from excursions.

Put 9. Barcelona, de la Sioutadelia`s park, a zoo

the Barcelonian zoo is in the territory of fine, beautiful park of Syyutadelya, in the same place the zoological and geological museums which we will surely visit next time. For now we just took a walk in park, wandered on shady avenues among mysterious sculptures, threw a coin into the cascade of fountains there to return. Opposite to park the most beautiful triumphal arch, on it the coats of arms of Barcelona and the Spanish provinces, any scenes of the Spanish life are represented.

Having photographed

much against such beauty, we went to a zoo. In discount books we had a 20% discount for an entrance to a zoo so tickets for three cost us slightly more than 20 euros. A zoo very big, on an entrance give the card. The first that strikes - lack of cages. Animals walk in the territories separated from walking paths by ditches with water or a grass and a conditional handrail. It is a lot of greens, flowers. Any living creatures like peacocks, ducks, turtles, some little small animals walk together with visitors on sidewalks. Only predators behind high fences, coyotes - behind glass partitions, generally, there are no habitual Russian zooparkovsky cages, and the zoo really is park.

One more difference - lack of a smell. At once it is noticeable that all animals full and happy. I for the first time so close saw elephants. During some instant to me displayit atsya that one of them will reach the camera a trunk - so close to us it stood. The parrot was remembered, at us the undressing walnut. From - for glasses we observed how feed and change pampers to newborn monkeys. Thought over the one who can possess the huge thirty-meter skeleton suspended on metal arches. Visited a terrarium with absolutely huge snakes and crocodiles. Admired the small fishes who already became the family and dolphins. It is a pity that the only white gorilla in the world the Snowflake which lived in this zoo died, its place and remained empty. But her lives, as well as in general, the small pavilion - the museum where it is possible to watch the movie and photos is devoted to gorillas.

this day to us such incident happened. On the way to Barcelona, between Blanes and Malgrat, we ran the right forward wheel into suddenly beginning border before the bridge, and after arrival to Barcelona found out that on a wheel there is no disk. Came back already late, but the next morning decided to look nevertheless for a disk in roadside reed.

Put 10. Barcelona, mountain Montzhuik, the Sea museum

What! Terribly happy, we went to Barcelona again, now the mountain Montzhuik was our purpose. Of course, itself - that the mountain big, but is considered its “center“ fortress Montzhuik from which just mad view of all Barcelona, the sea and port opens.

could be Reached to fortress by car, but we decided to rise by it on a teleferika (ropeway), and correctly made because the review from huge height magnificent, and feelings inexpressible. Besides, the ticket on teleferik was bought at a discount according to the discount book - the adult 3,60 instead of 5 euros, children`s 3,60 instead of 3,90, Lida with a carriage free of charge.


Fortress Montzhuik the biggest of all that we already saw, in it conducted military operations and during World War II, guns remained. In the territory of fortress the military museum, but we did not go there since and so we know about war too much, and gave preference to the sea museum. From fortress Montzhuik is perfectly looked through the huge port of Barcelona, I never before saw it, even at cinema. Height is really huge, and a monument to Columbus which height of 87 meters, seeming such high from the earth, seems absolutely small from here.

We followed the advice read on the Internet and did not begin to rise on the elevator by top of a column of Columbus and correctly made as with Montzhuik all is visible much better. Having enjoyed views from fortress, nakhodivshis on the fortress, (and Stepan and on any guns nalazitsya) we with regret went down on the same ropeway and went to the center of Barcelona - to famous Rambla.

Parked incorrectly (on a yellow zigzag - the place for a taxi), but to look for the parking there was a laziness, thought - suddenly will carry by, no, did not carry by. Having returned, saw for the janitor yellow kvitochek as found out later - a penalty for the wrong parking in 45 euros.“ Do not take in head to pay, nobody pays such penalty (it appeared, it is some municipal penalty)“ - told us in firm in which we rented a car, but we as correct, decided to pay, but not here - that was. It appeared, this penalty could be paid only in that area where we violated rules and only on Monday, and we on Saturday left, and representatives of firm flatly refused to go for this purpose to Barcelona. So we also left, without having paid a penalty. But the story not about it.

Having left to

the car, we moved across Rambla towards the sea to the Sea museum. Probably, all know that Rambla is a Barcelonian Arbat, but, besides, Rambla - absolutely mad street, there and a monument to the gentleman sitting on a toilet bowl, both the cool clowns, and the odd fellows who are pretending to be by bronze statues or representing something ridiculous. Generally, funny.

we were going to go To the Sea museum first all together, but, having learned that children from scratch should buy the ticket (that very much surprised me), we with Lida decided not to go. So, according to the discount book at a discount the ticket for the adult cost 4,20 euros instead of 5,40, and children`s 2,70. Having agreed to meet through 2. The 5th hour, we with Lida went for a walk across Maremagnum (shopping center to the Port of Vell). Anything special, but everything is refined. I very much liked jewelry, departments of jewelry from ceramics and beads, haberdashery from skin, cool bags, original ceramics, the flavored candles and sacks from aromatrava.

the Discount book also contains three coupons from 10% a discount for purchase of goods in Maremagnum, but I did not buy anything, simply even did not know that to buy - that is there was a wish to buy everything. It seemed to me that everything can be bought from us at approximately same prices, ceramics there undoubtedly original cheaper, but it is heavy to carry it.

of the Man did not hurry to leave the sea museum obviously. Two and a half hours appeared it a little, left happy, impressed, hurrying to tell all what was seen. It appears, the museum is located in real docks where built galleys earlier, one of them there and costs - huge, natural. Except numerous models of the ships in any cuts there still there is a virtual reality as though you among oarsmen. It is a lot of models of the modern ships and submarines. Generally, undoubtedly, to look is that, and is very interesting. Stepan was lost in admiration (already again).