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That heat did not flow away!

Once upon a time there was a strange person. No, in appearance it did not seem strange at all - went as everything, for work, in shop, on days off met friends. But if it happened to it to spoil some thing, in it as if the demon was installed. Will spill, happened, tea on the favourite book - and throws out it in a recycle bin. Will scratch incidentally a bedside table - and r - its time on a garbage can. Once at home to it it became chilly because from windows appeared. And what was made, in your opinion, by this odd fellow? It took out a chubby pack of notes from a pocket and, without thinking twice, ordered new windows!

Of course, we do not urge all to refuse replacement of old windows by new double-glazed windows. In many cases this option really is the most optimum. For example, if you decided to become the participant of shared-equity construction and want that the apartment looked on all hundred at once or if windows of your dwelling were not under repair 40 - 50 years. It makes sense to leave the windows which saw types and when you started European-quality repair, - double-glazed windows will be necessary for you, so to speak, “for prestige“. In all other cases of a window it is quite possible to modernize, and window “restoration“ rather cheap manages, and it is capable to solve problems of leakage of heat and drafts seriously and for a long time.



As the famous Polish satirist and the philosopher Ezhi Lets noticed, “the window to the world can be closed the newspaper“. Having a little distorted sense of a witty aphorism, we will add from ourselves that besides the newspaper for these purposes it is possible to use the cotton wool moistened in milk paper, foam rubber on a sticky basis, putty or an adhesive tape. National handymen claim that fine means for warming of windows are also kapron stockings which almost do not pass air and at the same time are capable to stretch on perimeter of all window. Some experts advise to pressurize windows by means of paste of chalk, flour glue for wall-paper and water. In their opinion, it is necessary to fill with paste deepenings between shutters. Skilled hostesses advise to apply paraffin to warming. Substance at first needs to be warmed, and then to gather it in the syringe (without needle) and to pour in a crack. Having applied one of such national methods, you, of course, will relieve yourself of a problem of drafts. Here only on spring all these “arts“ should be washed and torn off.

If national councils do not inspire you, try to warm windows by means of special self-adhesive tapes from the made foam polyethylene (“Izolon“, “Linoterm“, etc.) . Similar products can be got in many hardware stores of the city. They cost, as a rule, not much (see the table).

of “the Fir-tree “yes“ of a shelf“

the technology which is the Most advanced today warming of windows by means of tubular profiles and silicone laying with “shelf“ is considered (rubber “shelf“ is intended for fastening of a sealant to a window design by means of the stapler).

Today in the St. Petersburg market a number of firms specializes in repair and additional sealing of the wooden windows made by old state standard specifications (can put in order even the semi-decayed frames). Among them companies “Abris“, “Bars-profil“, “Teplo doma“, “Doktor okon“ and others. Each firm has methods of warming of windows, but in general process of “restoration“ can be described as follows. At first correctly to pick up diameter of a profile, the expert measures gaps by means of plasticine balls - indicators. The window shutter is closed - and indicators “highlight“ a picture of gaps, individual for each design. Then in shutters cut out a thin groove 3 mm wide and 5 mm in depth and insert into it on all length a shaft - “fir-tree“ of a tubular elastic sealant (diameter is selected depending on the sizes of cracks). Now it is necessary to adjust locks, to raise the sunk shutters at the expense of special inserts in loops, and also to pressurize glasses liquid acryle (in the list of the works performed by firm, this service can “be put outside brackets“ so we advise previously to take an interest about its existence). Now you will be able to open and close the updated windows to the top of the bent and at the same time not to be afraid of cold - the sealant will reliably block all cracks between frames and shutters.

If needs to warm a plastic design (windows from PVC too sometimes demand sealing), masters usually apply a special type of a sealant with “shelf“. It is established by means of sealant and is fixed by brackets by means of the special joiner`s stapler. This type of a sealant is applied sometimes also to sealing of wooden windows as it is cheaper in comparison with tubular isolation. But consider that quality of similar warming is slightly worse (warranty periods also testify to it: at installation of a tubular sealant - about 3 years; with “shelf“ - only year).

of Firm, the rendering services in repair and warming of windows, use a sealant of various brands. Some companies work with cheaper, but a domestic sealant, not irreproachable on the technical characteristics (for example, EPDM). Others prefer better Swedish (Trelleborg, Varnamo from the company Eurostrip, AB Gummiteknik) or, say, Finnish (Ot - Kumi).

we Thank for the help in preparation of material of the company “Abris“, “Resource“, “Bars-profil“ .

Opinion of the expert

Alexander Kuznetsov, deputy CEO of CJSC Abris: to
Insert of elastic sealants in old wooden windows (this technology traditionally call Swedish), adjustment of shutters and locks with sealing of glasses gives effect same as replacement of windows by new modern double-glazed windows, but costs about 6 times cheaper. Usually repair of windows lasts only one day. As a result thermal losses are reduced by 40 - 60%, raises noise - and a pyleizolyation of windows. The fact that works can be performed at all seasons of the year is important. In the winter in operating time of armholes of each window it is blocked by dense heat-shielding fabric.

Oksana Ovechkina, deputy head of sales of PKP “Resource“:
in window designs can apply the material “Izolon“ on the gluing basis To consolidation of joints (material is made on Izhevsk plant of plastics, and the sticky layer is put in specialized firms, including St. Petersburg). Unlike the foam rubber which is often used for warming of windows, “Izolon“ does not pass moisture as it is made of polyethylene - material with the closed porous structure - and is at the same time a quite good shumoizolyator. Besides installation of “Izolon“ is extremely simple.

the Cost of warming of windows and service life of window designs after restoration
(the comparative characteristic)

of the Characteristic Seal of cracks by “national“ methods Self-adhesive tapes from the made foam polyethylene the Silicone heater with “shelf“ the Tubular heater inserted into a groove
the Cost, rub. / running meter (taking into account installation) 3 - 8 10 - 20 50 - 60 100 - 130
Service life 1 year 2 - 3 years till 10 years of 20 - 25 years