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To Spain with children: fantastic reality. Part I

When Lidochka was 4 months old, me, terribly tired of sitting of the house, there was a wish where - nibud to go, at least for the weekend to the closest country house of rest. Also I decided to ask the Internet where people with such small children go. Two days while Sergey (husband) with Stepan (son) dug a kitchen garden, I dug over open spaces of a world network, and understood that I want not in the next rest house at all, and to fantastic, divine Spain! Upon return my men attributed my confused story to postnatal kinks, and Sergey secretly hoped that my Spanish illness will pass, but it did not pass - and infected also it too.

Why Spain? In Spain it is possible to combine successfully excursions with family rest, and we just from those who cannot lie on the beach and in the afternoon so Turkey and the similar countries with the packed rest were swept aside at once. Spain is rather widely visited by the Russian tourists, it is a lot of information on the Internet which very much helped us when scheduling a trip.


So, we Costa chose Brava (the coast to the north of Barcelona), the city of Blanes. The hotel Esplendid 3 *** was not chosen - it was the only offer in Blanes in shop of last-minute travel offers to which we had to address since to the husband too late signed holiday. The trip took place from September 11 to September 25, 2004. September was also chosen consciously to avoid a heat, but it it was not possible as weather stood excellent +26 - 30 degrees in the afternoon and +18 - 20 night.

Work of girls in “MGP“ me very much was pleasant to

, very competent, quick, sensible, exact. As a result the permit cost to us: number a double 545+545, + 195 for the son of 7 years (the third child), + 50 for the daughter (year and eight, a boarding pass + a medical insurance) + the 36th insurance from not departure, + the 100th visas (on 50 from the passport), only 1471 euros. We learned that we were given the visa on the eve of a departure in Moscow, having called our tour operator “Time - round“ (to Moscow we left per day earlier to meet relatives).

In the Domodedovo airport by a taxi reached a bullet, it turned out in 4 hours prior to a departure. Made the decision to go to the room of mother and child. It is the song! I also did not expect that such cool conditions can be there: the big game room with tutors, the huge TV with animated cartoons, a restroom with sofas (where mummies doze, so far from them tutors take care of children), kitchen with little tables of all calibers and boiled water, a bathroom with pelenalny little tables, a children`s toilet. Everywhere there is a crystal purity. Generally, while our father received documents and stood in a queue on registration, we had a rest. Then I pulled out children with shouts from there.

Flew JSC Siberia, the Boeing plane, on the dot, in salon the monitor in which all information on flight and the card with the red line representing the done way of our plane is reflected. Fed perfectly, red fish, salad, the second at choice chicken - fish - beef, different wine, drinks.

Back flew JSC Transcontinental Airlines - TU - 154, detained for 30 min., but also that because on the previous flight two registered passengers were not on landing and delayed that flight. This plane was much worse, stewardesses halyavnichat, but feeding was normal. Generally, with flight we were lucky. I worried a little how children will transfer flight, flew the first time, but they, seemingly, in general did not feel any discomfort. Lida was torn to run about on salon, but we took with ourselves a coloring and toys that though somehow to hold it on the place.

Having gone out of the plane - wow, to breathe it was difficult, +29 and humidity as in a sweating room, but got used quickly. The only unpleasant moment on arrival - was necessary to stand long in a queue on border control and to fill some foolish leaflets - children rushed like mad and asked for a toilet which is not there. The meeting party Terramar, her representative lovely us met and put in the bus. On the road of nothing interesting about Spain, Costa Bravais and to Blanesa she told us, inertly said what would hardly keep within 1% of what I “dug“ on the Internet. She told us that the meeting with the guide will take place in 20 - 40 in hotel, but how we had to come to this meeting if arrived to hotel in 20 - 30, and a dinner only to 21 - 00?

generally, we thought that the guide hardly something will be useful to us (so it and it appeared), abandoned things in number (the kind Russian-speaking girl handed keys on a reception to us very quickly - number was already assigned to us) and went to have supper.

Hotel Esplendid on the Internet is abused, but it very much was pleasant to us, behind an exception unless numbers. Very primitive furniture (but a bed big and convenient) and is even worse than the plumber, there are no shampoos and the other service habitual for 3 * in number. But number was quite spacious, a balcony too, a view from a balcony on very quiet small street and the cozy territory of the next almost empty hotel. We in number appeared only after a dinner, and left right after a breakfast, and inconveniences of number to us did not spoil any rest.


hotel big, but very quiet, the contingent solid, feed perfectly, the territory very beautiful, three pools, children`s razvlekalovka - everything is excellent. To the sea of meters 200, by little shops - it is very convenient. Fed always very tasty and variously, problems to feed Lida was not, I just ate too much fish (it every day prepared just caught for a dinner), Sergey - olives, all together ate too much at supper very tasty ice cream.

Put 1. Blanes, the botanical garden Mari Murtra, Sant Joan fortress

In the first day we after a breakfast moved on the embankment. The embankment in Blanes very beautiful, a set of small restaurants, cozy corners with fountains, playgrounds, astounding palm trees and … the sea!!! At once bathed (though at 10 in the morning still nobody bathed). Do not believe that in Spain the sea dirty - the purest, beautiful, you swim together with small small fishes.

At once, running forward, I will tell that having passed then all coast Costa Brava and Costa del Maresme, we found out that Blanes - the most beautiful, cozy, pure, modern town in this district. When the sun began to burn very much, we put on and went for a walk on the embankment. Reached the area of Catalonia which is considered Blanes`s center, and further to port.

In port came across a booth with the letter “i“ - “informasio“ where the girl spoke in English, she gave us the whole a lot of booklets about those places which are visited by tourists, the book about Blanes, and explained Blanes`s card how to reach a botanical garden on foot (we so wanted though from the area of Catalonia the bus and an engine plies there).

walked absolutely not for long, minutes 20, the uphill road, but from this mountain opens a view of the embankment (just that mountain that behind the beach in the photo) - very much impresses. An entrance to a botanical garden of 3 euros, to children it is free. In a botanical garden I was personally struck by the huge cactuses, palm trees, climbers forming arbors and green hedges. And in a garden there are a lot of observation decks from where the matchless view of the sea opens.

Having taken a walk in a botanical garden of hour four, we decided to reach nevertheless Sant Joan fortress (that that at mountain top). I will tell you, the decision was obvious is made under impression because to rise to such mountain on foot, with a carriage during a thirty-degree heat only fanatics could. I thought, we will never reach. But when reached, to our look magnificent pictures opened: the sea, very attractive bend of Blanes Embankment (I will not believe that it reminds nothing to you), all Blanes and even the neighboring towns. Scale impresses. Takes the breath away. Down it is impossible to look, especially if to consider that there are no small fences around fortress. At once abyss.

On the way back again swam in the sea. A lead it is even close to the sea was afraid to approach, she was frightened by white lambs, and also noise of waves therefore we decided to bath before a dinner it in a paddling pool in hotel. For now we bathed, Stepan worked in a gym of hotel.

After a dinner, as well as all next days, we walked on the embankment. Beauty, the sea quietly laps, music in coastal hotels - restaurants plays, tourists walk, Russian there is a lot of, it is a lot of Germans and other Europeans, all very festively, but unlike the Russian resorts very purely, quietly and peaceful. A lead played with Stepa - rode playgrounds then Lida always strong fell asleep in a carriage. And we just enjoyed all Spanish.

Put 2. Walk on the boat. Tossa

Walking boats go along the coast, from Kalella to Tossa de Mar, stopping in all towns. The ticket from Blanes to Tossa and back 11 euros, to children it is free. In Tossa medieval fortress, and even the same ancient guns sent to the sea perfectly remained. Fortress quite big and beautiful. On the mountain where fortress is located, pines so the air there shaking, the combination of sea and pine aroma is unique grow.

In general, Tossa is in very picturesque place. Small town, very cozy, even some toy, and very stylish: cobbled small streets, small restaurants with wooden carved little tables. Having taken a walk in fortress, we sunbathed on the beach in a small bay, were bought and went back, to Blanes. In Blanes bathed too, and in comparison, Blanes`s beach was pleasant to us more.

Put 3. Barcelona. An aquarium

Having risen in the morning, we found out that there is a small rain, and decided to go to Barcelona. Went to bus station that is absolutely near hotel, bought the ticket for the bus to railway station (estasio) + on an electric train to Barcelona “there and back“. Two adults and children`s cost ˆ23,60. While waited for the bus (they go with an interval of 10 min.), the rain came to an end. As soon as arrived to station, found a puncher, tickets (thanks to those who wrote on the Internet that it is necessary to make it), an electric train already punched us waited (goes with an interval 30 min.) .

No classical music existed (besides as promised stories on the Internet), but a view from the window curious: on the one hand the sea, with another - all resort towns. In an electric train there is an electronic board where the following stop, time and air temperature is highlighted. And so, while we went (1 hour 15 min.), temperature from +19 rose to +25. So with weather we were lucky again. There comes the electric train to Barcelona in the subway, it is only possible to go outside having pushed the ticket in a turnstile (death to free riders).

we to the areas of Catalonia Came. Here it, beauty!!! At once found Bus Turistic stop while Sergey stood in a queue (minutes 10), Stepan fed pigeons on the square and polazit on sculptures:-). Two adults (for ˆ16) plus children`s (ˆ10) - and we go across Barcelona, examining its fantastic sights from the second open floor of the bus. Impresses what to tell. There are no words, only exclamations.

At first we went on a blue ring, passed according to Pasech de Grasia with the amazing house of Kass Batlyo, incomprehensible La Pedrera, curtailed on Diagonal, saw Kass de la Pountchas`s house, then the area of Spain, the Olympic stadium, a monument to Columbus, left on a sea rambla, about Maremagnum. Sat a little on a small bench directly on the edge of the wooden embankment by the sea (again without any small fences, I all was afraid, something a carriage, or children in the sea will appear), admired yachts, a type of fortress Montzhuik and went to the Aquarium.

In the Bass Turistik discount books gave us

, in them there was a discount in the Aquarium (the adult instead of ˆ13,50 - ˆ12,15, children`s (4 - 12 years) instead of ˆ9,25 - ˆ8,25). The aquarium was pleasant, in - the first, those that there is a lot of the place - can walk quietly with a carriage, it is a lot of quiet corners where adults can sit until children see enough of small fishes. Small fishes beautiful, aquariums huge, sharks float in an oval aquarium directly over the head.


to Stepan very much liked the information computers located in several places. And Lidochka went with the extended finger “about - about - about!“ showing on small fishes. At the exit from halls with aquariums there is a children`s town where the children who were tired a little of walking begin to frolic at full scale: there and lodges - lazilka, both caves, and everyones pass - attractions on a sea subject, and even the submarine in which a heap of buttons and mysterious sounds are distributed. Generally, children were lost in admiration.

After the Aquarium we sat down on the Bass Turistik again, reached to the area of Catalonia and changed there to the red line. Sagrada Familia of immortal Gaudi was our purpose. Of course, opinions can be different, but I was personally impressed only by the sizes. The Cathedral of the Holy Family did not give either special beauty, or any greatness or a charm, maybe, cranes disturb? We took a walk a little around and decided not to go inside (though according to the discount book and there is a discount - 6 euros instead of 8).

Got on our favourite bus and went further on a red ring. So there passed our first fact-finding day in Barcelona. We so did not want to leave that we were even late for a dinner in hotel. But we took with ourselves muesli, powdered milk and a boiler, it very much helped out us since to our surprise all shops of Blanes were closed to 22 - 00. That evening we, however, managed to buy a small bottle of the Spanish sangria (1,5 l - 2 euros) which was drunk behind a little table on a balcony in number, fascinated by the Spanish beauty.

Put 4. Marinelend

in principle, there is excursion which should be bought from the guide in hotel, but as we resolved not to contact neither guides, nor excursions, we went there independently. In a booth “informasio“ we were given bukletik where it was written that from Blanes from the area of Catalonia in Marinelend the free bus in 10 - 00 departs, here on it we also reached there. (Such buses bring people to Marinelend from all cities Costa - Brava).

Marinelend is between the cities of Malgrat - - Mar and Blanes (we went minutes 10), it is park “two in one“: pass - a zoo and an aquapark. I do not know, how much is the ticket, we in the Barcelonian Aquarium were given a talonchik at a discount in Marinelend, as a result two adults and children`s cost 34 euros.

Right after opening and in the evening before closing there take place three representations: show of parrots, seals and dolphins. Show of parrots simply magnificent: parrots play tennis, ride the scooter, carry out problems on addition and multiplication.

the Dolphinarium strikes

with the proximity to the audience, from the first row to a conditional small fence - half-meter, any grid between the audience and dolphins (remember the Russian dolphinariums). When dolphins jump in water - water is splashed out ranks on five - seven that causes rough delight in the audience since it is an excellent opportunity to be cooled during a heat. it is a pleasure to p to Photograph

- dolphins are over water much and is very close. After representation of dolphins transfer to the special shelter, and it is possible from the bridge to watch them. Also in the special shelter cubs of seals whom easily it is possible to reach a hand float.

After representations we swept around the lake on an animal engine and took a walk on pass - to a zoo in which generally bird`s representatives: storks, flamingo, ducks, parrots and so forth. There is also covered aquarium.

it is a lot of

of Nakhodivshis on a zoo, we went to an aquapark. The aquapark is remarkable. Very thought over, different paddling pools and hills are especially cool equipped, there is a lot of them. Excellent combination of mountains, pine landscapes to pools. There very much it will be pleasant to children of any age.

Lidochka rode long enough two smallest hills then she strong fell asleep in a carriage under an olive tree. We somehow were not afraid to leave it among ten other carriages, and safely went to bathe and ride, periodically in turn checking our child. The child slept tight three hours, than very much pleased us. For adults there is couple of pools and three too - four big hills where we with pleasure pokuvyrkatsya.

Rest day, before closing of park (18 - 00) when Lidochka woke up, we carried out at a playground where our children nalazitsya much on any lodges - hills - lazilka - ropes, rode long enough on a swing. Generally, the park left at all of us excellent impression, in my opinion, this very good vacation spot with children, an excellent complex where different types of rest are combined, there it is interesting to both children, and adults. At the exit we bought several suvenirchik and plateaus with our photos for 6 euros, here we understood why we were photographed at an entrance.