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At you everything will turn out! I Want to tell

how we had IT. Running forward, I want to tell that I do not complain of anything, on the contrary, I hope that my story will inspire those, who have similar problems. At you everything will turn out. The main thing - is strong to want.

my pregnancy was the first in 26 years, very long-awaited and very desired. I, probably, was the most obedient pregnant woman, in time visited the doctor, kept to a diet and drank vitamins, walked, did gymnastics for pregnant women, went to school of future parents, listened to classical music, read about pregnancy, development and education of children much.

during pregnancy I had problems, but their doctors solved in time and successfully (threat of an abortion on the 12th week and placentary insufficiency on 20). But in 33 weeks the doctor on ultrasonography makes the diagnosis - lag in development of a fruit for 2 weeks. I was captured by horror. My attending physician directed me to consultation in the regional center. There I stayed 8 hours in turn on a usual wooden chair (and a stomach - that already rather big!) without food and drink. There made ultrasonography and did not confirm the diagnosis (also marveled on the basis of what our local doctors delivered me such sentence).


at me lifted Same evening pressure to 190 and I was taken away on the ambulance. I spent four days to reanimations of maternity hospital, under continuous droppers, without getting up. But to doctors nothing was succeeded to make - pressure did not decrease, kidneys and a liver began to refuse. I was urgently prokesarit...

my sonny was born

for 34 - 35 weeks, 46 cm in height, weighing 2130 kg. When I left an anesthesia, it was already carried away in children`s reanimation (I did not even see it). Told that, but decisive three will be live following - four days. From - for weights of a state 4 more days kept me in reanimation, then transferred to the general office of maternity hospital. The child all this time was fed with mix. The first day - through a probe, and then he began to suck a small bottle well. The children`s nurse came: “You want, I will bring the baby to you?“ “Of course!!! And it is possible?...“ - I was afraid to do much harm to it.

Me brought to

mine the baby. It was much less other children, krasnenkiya, with an unripe thin skin, but me it seemed to the finest on light. At me tears began to flow (I still cannot quietly remember this moment). Me little girls - neigbours in chamber asked then: “How it is not terrible to you to take it?“ and it seemed to me that all the most terrible behind, the main thing - we are living!!

should - put the main thing it to a breast Now. But its mouth was less, than my nipple, he did not want to take it in any way. The nurse a finger enclosed to it my nipple in a mouth. On it forces at the kid ran low, and he fell asleep sound sleep. I was told to be decanted.

Frankly speaking, I thought before, despite all read literature that in it there is nothing difficult. As if not so! In - the first, I at first had only several drops of colostrum (5 g). I was given a beaker where I also decanted them. But I very much did not want that mine the baby was fed with mix, I already knew that intestines of the child are sterile, and only mother`s milk will help to occupy him the necessary bacteria. And the premature child very much needs mother`s milk. Besides, my kid did not want to put on weight on mixes in any way, though ate norm, he strongly grew thin (till 1700).

I then I decided to fight for milk by all means. But from - for weights of childbirth, the next 4 days I and had about 5 - 10 g of milk on each feeding from two breasts. Brought me the medical textbook where all similar problems and methods of their decision were described. And I began to be decanted through a hot towel. At first decanted milk usually how many was, then took a towel, wetted it in very hot water, wrapped in it a breast and it continued to be decanted. The effect was tremendous. I began to decant norm on one feeding, at first from both breasts soon, and sweats only from one. Moreover, milk became more and more! The mechanism was started!

Now other problem rose. I still very badly felt. Strongly the seam hurt. And I had a breast also before pregnancy 4 - go the size, and with milk became 6 - go. It was difficult to filter hands to me it, it still should be able - to be pressed the right place in a breast, to get to a beaker milk. Besides at the beginning it was very painful to me - hard channels. And on the advice of the girlfriend I asked to appoint to me ultrasound to chest glands. After that milk was much easier to be decanted.

of the Child to me was carried on feedings, but he continued to fall asleep persistently very strong as soon as I managed to it to implant a breast into a mouth. And I asked to leave me it in chamber for ever. Doctors doubted whether I will be able to look after him, but a maternal instinct - great force!

to accustom “to get“ the child to itself livelihood from a breast, I did so. Weighed the child in a pure diaper before feeding, wrote down its weight. Then put it on a pelenalny table, and itself got up over it and put a finger to it a nipple in a mouth. Milk itself began to flow as the breast hung down. So I was above it 15 - 20 minutes. He slowly swallowed, and then began to stick soon. Then I weighed it again in the same diapers (even if it soiled them by then), calculated a difference in weight - it was weight eaten from a breast, and from a small bottle finished feeding already to norm on one feeding. And, not to stretch a meal, finished feeding the milk decanted 2 hours ago during last feeding.

every day all of us ate

longer from a breast, but as also the norm increased, from a bottle all of us ate as much again. And mine the baby began to put on weight on 80 - 100 g a day. At the time of an extract we weighed 2200, and wrote out us at once home, passing children`s hospital. It was our first victory!

of the House I elicited scales in children`s policlinic and continued to feed also: weighed, put a finger to the child of pacifiers in a mouth, then (already sitting in a chair) nursed minutes 20, again weighed and to already almost sleeping, finished feeding norm from a small bottle. Then decanted milk for the following feeding. In maternity hospital one young gynecologist, looking as I suffer with decantation, presented me the old milk pump Chicco with a pear with the valve (huge it thanks for it). The model is simple, but, having been accustomed, I decanted to 500 g of milk in 10 minutes! Now I think that if not this milk pump, I, probably, would stop feeding. And so I froze the remains on which then cooked mashed potatoes and squashes.

of the District doctor - the pediatrician was taken by horror, seeing as we are fed. She said that so we slowly but surely will pass to a small bottle, and then and to artificial feeding. That if to finish feeding the child, then from a spoon or from a pipette. But try - pour to it to the baby in something from a spoon - only to torment him, to spend its precious forces. And my heart prompted to me that I do everything correctly.

three month we were made even by

K on weight to the full-term children and began to eat only from a breast, eating at the same time norm. The need for a small bottle disappeared by itself. And I ceased to be decanted - now milk became exactly so much how many it is necessary!

What this miracle, free feeding. Especially at night. If the child began to cry, put him to yourself under a side, give a breast in a mouth, and all family peacefully farther sleeps. Besides this such feeling of happiness and a pacification when your lump snuffles near you. In the morning I often could not remember how many I time fed and whether fed in general.

Then 5 - ti to months we really ceased to eat

at night and slept till 6 - 7 in the morning, then ate and slept already to 10. Probably, during this period I got enough sleep most of all. Then teeth began, but it is already other history.

Periodically I had lactocrises, but I was rescued by the same massage, a hot shower and a warm shawl. In several days everything returned to normal.

Now to my kid year and month. A month ago he flatly refused a breast. And here I could make nothing. But I consider that the program - a minimum we executed. In the first year very important breastfeeding. Besides, I consider that exactly thanks to it (though was still, of course and massage with gymnastics) we in half a year caught up with the peers and in physical and intellectual development (usually premature children “are brought up“ only by a year or later). Now I have a quick and healthy little boy. It is a pity only that the breast does not suck any more. I very much liked this process.

So, dear mummies, do not recede, hope and at you everything surely will turn out. The main thing - to want.


I a good milk pump!