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Psychological trainings: what it is eaten with?

B one of the teleinterviews very famous variety producer with impressive condescension boasted all over the country that thanks to the talents and communications in show - business he for several months can create a megastar from any person, the hearing which even does not have, voices and feelings of a rhythm … Something similar is promised also on numerous psychological trainings which in Moscow today a huge number. If to trust advertizing, then, having registered in such program, in one or two weeks it is possible to reincarnate in the genius of sales, and at the same time to solve all the personal and family problems. Sounds invitingly, isn`t that so?

For a start we will understand with concept

the Term “training“ comes from the English word train, training - training, training, training. In applied psychology understand uniform system of exercises on reprogramming of internal installations and consequently, and behavioural skills of the person as this concept. At the same time the atmosphere of occupations, the so-called concentrated environment in which people as much as possible reveal is important and begin to perceive in a new way themselves and people around. Training - absolutely special form of education which differs from traditional in the fact that in the course of business games - tasks all personal experience and potential of participants is involved. They very quickly find abilities which at natural vital development come with experience of the lived years and the made mistakes.

the Knowing trainer, when necessary, provokes the critical moments causing sometimes in some participants a shock and shock. On occupations use also such strong receptions as a confession or frank discussion by all members of group that specifically imposes them and it is not pleasant in this or that person. By the way, in many television realities - shows actively use separate elements of psychotraining techniques. Only creators of transfers pursue high ratings, and psychologists are trainers in usual “groups of personal growth“ pursue the aims exclusively noble. For example, in the course of such impartial revelations of partners in training the participant - the businessman can realize that he prevents it to create every time the confidential relations with potential business partners at negotiations.

On high quality trainings much attention is paid to selection of participants. Usually do not include people with constantly “put on“ impenetrable psychological chain armor in group - protection (to them better for a start to work with the psychotherapist individually), walking mental anomaly, pronounced sceptics - all those who can interfere with immersion in the atmosphere of serious game. It as on classes in section in studying of oriental martial art: agree, it will hardly be pleasant to you if the sparring - the partner at you is the dangerous psychopath or the thoughtless talker preventing to concentrate on instructions senseya.

Effective training is similar

to vinaigrette in which “cut“ all the most effective that is at the moment invented by various psychological schools and the directions. In similar programs use both elements of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and the psychodrama, and various author`s techniques. All this allows to achieve the objectives of which the person even dared to dream earlier for short term: for example, to become much more more courageous in communication with strangers or pretty girls - than not the worthy purpose for the timid bank clerk?

Types of trainings

the huge number of various programs Exists. They can be divided into three main subgroups.

Socially - the psychological trainings training to art of communication, harmony with themselves, close people, world around. Here the so-called trainings of personal growth giving a powerful impulse to the maximum development of the abilities and talents dozing in the person enter.

Communicative trainings are directed to

to finding of skills of effective communication in various situations both in collective (team), and out of it, work with clients, buyers, partners, competitors, etc. These skills acquire in the same way as, for example, bases of the foreign speech or elements of driving. If for the cadet of driving school, for the third time in the life taken the wheel, all a problem: both work with pedals, and gear shifting and especially independent maneuvering in the conditions of the intersection, for the driver with a two-year experience is daily routine. As well for the person who is trained in bases of competent communication: at the beginning he will redden and stammer, but with accumulation of practical experience in his words and gestures the confidence and quiet friendliness more and more distinctly will begin to be shown. In the course of occupations all knowledge gained by participants surely coordinates to practice in such natural form that it is easy to apply them in real life. Moreover, the person who passed good training masters algorithm of self-development by means of which he will be able to improve necessary skills.

Trainings of professional abilities cover the widest range of professions. For example, now in connection with the rough Renaissance of market economy the programs focused on sales managers are very demanded. Business - some kind of jumps where the victory does not shine the tarried jockey any more. To be a successful seller, the person has to work constantly with own motivation, power, mood, that is to own surely methods of psychological self-control. Quite often happens that, having realized the deep personal problems, complexes, engaged through few days begins to understand, from - for what actually it has no sales and consequently, the profit escapes. And without visit of occupations it could spend for an unproductive heart-searching years.

Results of each training of this category are absolutely unpredictable

. Happens that by results of occupations the psychologist of group makes recommendations to the management of firm on promotion of the unexperienced, but having serious potential employees on senior positions. In general, trainings are useful both to the beginning professionals, and to experts. To beginners they allow to work the main official skills for several occupations and show the direction of further development. To skilled workers will be not superfluous to look at himself and habitual work as a new view, to enrich the arsenal with new receptions, to analyse own strong and weaknesses. Especially it is useful for those who it is imperceptible for itself passed to sample use of the outdate work methods long ago, lost taste to creativity.


about professional trainings, it is necessary to mention the programs focused on training of administrative personnel. On the one hand, can seem that all recipes of success have to be already perfectly known to this category. But practice shows that the bossy status not always confirms the highest competence of the owner. Therefore for heads the categories VIP on which highly skilled psychologists “put“ business - elite strong skills of management, of negotiating, behavior in conflict situations etc. provide special trainings

are very popular also Now various corporate trainings as they solve several strategic problems at once: promote unity of team, help to achieve essential increase of results of work. Here where the released imagination of the practicing psychotechnologists behaves violently (only the limit of the budget which is released on the program can bridle its flight, perhaps): someone to teach - the customer to work firm personnel at new, more successful level, will organize cruise on the river liner; someone removes with the same purpose a dispensary or even training camp of militia special troops.

I will give the program which did not so long ago appear in the capital under the name “Tim - a Bilding“ As an example of one of such modern corporate trainings. Usually for carrying out occupations adults whose solid vital status even democratic sports suits are not capable to disguise rent sanatorium or rest house, and there, play special games in the fresh air during which they master hard science to win against circumstances and competitors hard fight under the name “business“.

“Hello, you is welcomed by the known Canadian company...“

Probably, many heard similar major words from the charming good fellow with the Hollywood smile and sincere pleasure in eyes. Usually such meeting happened where - nibud at the subway or on the station square. The seller joyfully declared to the passerby that to that the rare fortune had to participate in the Canadian known advertizing action (American, Australian) the companies. Usually under the pressure of his solar charm the attacked citizen seldom showed intention to critically estimate the things offered it.

Even to the nonspecialist it is clear to

: in order that similar types could “push“ successfully doubtful quality small lamps and irons from the hockey bags to Muscovites and (mainly) guests of the capital, they have to be perfectly trained by someone in the beginning. Try to be late and observe how dexterously similar pedlars play on human weaknesses, offering in loading to “the exclusive vacuum cleaner“ at half price a gift in the form of the “first-class“ masseur for buttocks. Busily putting the potential buyer bright boxes in hands, street sellers truly count that at many of us the “hvatatelny“ reflex is developed much stronger, than “otdavatelny“. At the same time young people do not worry at all that the device sold by them most likely will break already tomorrow. The main thing - to sweet-talk the next client and to make the day profit. Who trains similar “direct-sales representatives“? The same business - trainers. Usually in the firms taking people for similar work the rolled system of continuous replication of new shots is adopted long ago. The harmonious structure is created: direct to special trainings only the most talented who in turn as “sergeants“ (or “foremen“) will train the beginners - “soldiers“ training at them.

However, it is not necessary to think that the fashion on business, free from moral restrictions, prospers only in the spontaneous world of street trade. And quite solid companies often bring up predatory instincts at managers. Today too many domestic businessmen who passed school of the first years of “wild capitalism“ are convinced that competitive fight needs to be conducted under laws of full-scale fight in which prisoners are not taken, and finish wounded. Unfortunately, demand dictates the offer. It is enough to read advertisements of various trainings on the Internet (“The attacking sale“, “Psikhokarat“, “Influence psychology: the version of the counterspy“) to be convinced: demand for instructors on strategy and tactics of conducting combat operations against competitors and clients is extremely high. Remains only hopes that with the statement in a business community of such fundamental concept as business ethics, more civilized rules of the game will become fashionable. whether


needs it to you?

Of course, the answer to the matter it is necessary to accept proceeding from concrete vital, including financial, circumstances. But both the housewife, and the low-paid state employee, and the solid head of firm should have for emergency such option definitely. Some successful businessmen on it can indulgently grin, but they should remember that how many mistakes were made and how many profit it is half-received, serious experience did not come yet. Than trainings are good? They help to rise over a deadlock life situation, to look at themselves and at circumstances a new view, to feel that it is in power real to you to change the existence. The main plus of any good training, in my opinion, in its applied character. Having disaccustomed one or two weeks, you at once can and have to start the embodiment of new vision of own life.