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Training in reading. The review of some computer programs (part 2) of

Part 1 can be read here

Is possible, I would never undertake continuation of article if I not to a nashladva absolutely new, much more interesting programs. They to pozvolyayutrealizovat two popular ideas at once: syllabic reading and reading cherezpismo.

First, as well as one of what I described earlier “the Cheerful Alphabet“ is called. It is localized by Russobit firm quite recently - 04. 11. 2000. It is the present almost completely interactive animated film: The father Zayats to a podarilzaychishka his first book - “The Cheerful Alphabet“. But a breeze - the mischievous person began to whirl, started turning the book and scattered letters on all wood. A difficult task a predstoitzaychonka - to return all letters back to the alphabet.

Drawings, in my opinion, could be more nice than

, an environment produmanny, tasks are more various, but for the rest the program strongly wins peredpredydushchy:

  1. Are called not names of letters, but sounds it corresponding
  2. Much attention is paid to phonetics. For each sound the demonstriruyetsyabolshy number of words at which there is this sound.
  3. Directly from the first sounds there is a transition to syllables and words at once.
  4. The possibility of fast access to any of an urovenprogramma is realized at once.

the Essential lack of the program is that it occupies on diske300 Mb and demands P200, 32 Mb RAM. Fortunately, and on our old P166, 64Mb RAM, it works too.

the Level of the program is defined by quantity of the studied letters. The entrance nanuzhny level is carried out at once through the Alphabet menu. Letters are entered by the following of a gruppami: - at - m / r - p - sh / in - l / about - y / with - d/t - x - to - e / - - z - and/g - y - e - yo / U - yu/c - f - - Kommersant/N / h / I.

Each group of Zaychishk together with the teacher - the Eagle owl is found in a novommesta. Wood, bog, house of the forester, river, lake. On the road travelers the vstrechayutbolshy number of characters. On each new screen, having clicked a mouse vrazny places, it is possible to find many surprises: from a fungus a vylezayetchervyachok, the crow croaks, the bear growls, toads croak, the monkey breaks isjedat banana. Sometimes the rough imagination of authors even surpasses nekotoryerazumny limits: the forest glade is crossed by the tank, on the river the podvodnayalodka floats, and in a grass the bunker with rockets opens.

Not always kartinkiprivyazana to logic of a plot, but in general they, certainly, recover action. Sometimes Filin, in my opinion, is too boring. Here, for example, what lecture onchitat to a zaychishka at one of the first levels:
“Now, my young friend, I will a little tell you about sounds and letters. Mygovorim by means of sounds. We hear sounds and we say. Each sound I imeetsvoit a letter or even several letters. We write letters and we see. Sounds happen public and concordant. Vowels can be sung, pulled. A sound And - public. Here listen: And - and - and - and - and. The sound “And“ has the letter - And (is highlighted). Such words as begin with a letter and a sound And: and - and - a water-melon (the water-melon smiles), and - and - a stork (flies by by), and - and - orange (is rolled out), and - and - the bus (leaves)“

the Program is recommended since five years, but even my three-year-old daughter vyderzhivayetpodobny monologues quite with firmness though so far Filin speaks, the mouse “does not work“ and it is necessary only to listen.

Therein Filin tells

also about capital and small letters, glasnye concordant, deaf and ringing. About words, the speech, offers. For a kazhdoynovy letter he not only calls a sound, but he explains concordant iliglasny, ringing or deaf, gives examples:
“A sound of M can be firm or soft. In the word , it is firm. Votposlushay: m - m - poppy, m - m - poppy. And in the word “honey“, soft: m - m - honey, m - m - honey“.

It is possible, so detailed digression to grammar and is difficult for mine 3 - a letnegorebenka, and is even excessive, at so early grade level to reading, but to the intereena is lost, this main thing.

Periodically different characters give

to the child of a task:

However, unfortunately, such tasks begins a little.

By the way, I worried that at so interesting giving, washing, not razbalovannayanoveyshy technologies the daughter, will not want to get out from - for the computer. However, kschastyyu, it is enough a maximum for 10 - 15 minutes a day. These 15 minutes it is a siditza the program with huge interest, there pass about 2 - 3 levels, and potomsovershenno quietly itself leaves from - for the computer and next time asks “to play with the hare“ only next day.

Each group of letters comes to an end with exercises. Syllables and words from izuchennymibukva are highlighted and read by the announcer. The child repeats. My upryamayadevitsa - repeats. For the first time. How many I fought with tables and the kubikamizaytseva - listened, but was silent. Did by the same principle of the presentation vpower Point - was silent. And now, began to repeat. At last that!

of Exercise without delicacy. Remind the school abc-book. Example of exercises of poslevtory group of letters:

am are ma ra
mind Ur mu ru
ra - ma Mu - ra
ma - ma Ma - ra

ma ra sha
mu ru shu Shue`s
- ra Ma - sha Mu`s
- ra Ma - ra

Is and several tasks for dexterity not always concerning the alphabet. It is necessary to jump on hummocks on other side of the lake. All gribykotory a crow, a squirrel stop catching. To catch bubbles in which tolkonazvanny letters.

For those who as I, will get stuck on a bog clicking a mouse in all corners iperebiry all keys I report

that that began though some dvizheniye the hare made a jump, it is necessary to press a gap.

Here, actually, and everything that I would like to tell about “the Cheerful Alphabet“. If our programmers move further such successful steps, toskoro we will receive perfect completely interactive program for an obucheniyuchteniye.

the Second program, apparently, has not a direct bearing on reading. But ethane absolutely so. All the matter is that a number of teachers - methodologists advise to go to a kchteniye through the letter, and even, so far the child cannot learn pisatruky, through typewriting development yet. In the course of discussion concerning moyeypredydushchy article, we prishlik to a conclusion that it would be quite good to make a toy - the simulator for training of a rebenkamashinopisa.

Ya remembered then only one suitable exercise machine (TREN) in which bukvypadat from above as bombs, and it is necessary to manage to bring down them corresponding klavishamido how they will fall. It favourably differed from all others in that, chtosdelan in especially game form. The tiresome typing characteristic of drugikhtrenazher, will hardly interest the child. Unfortunately, this exercise machine bylrazrabotan under DOS. And works at modern cars too quickly. Letters so flash that they cannot be made out. Besides, exercise machine etotvzrosly. Any beautiful cover, all rather small.

I what. It is other program, but it realizes analogichnyyigrovy approach. And it is intended directly for children!

Learn to Print

in Russian with Disney`s (Adventure in Typing) heroes. It is localized by the Fargus firm 20 - Sep - 2000

the Description of a disk from authors: “The Fargus firm continues by
release of a series of the remarkable nurseries training Disney`s igrstudiya. Tell honestly whether many of you, owners of computers, print on it differently, than two fingers? Most likely, the few. And spomoshchyyu this game your child (and not only the child) can easily nauchitsyapechatat as the true professional. And with it it will be helped by heroes of lyubimykhmultfilm of Disney. Game is recommended to children of 5 years“.

It is very beautiful program. Remarkable animation. Five urovneyslozhnost, every time - new game. After passing of level to the first razmozhno to return on it at any time. I will describe only the first: It is necessary to cope a pomochgera with bugs. Bugs lean out of minks. At everyone on a spinebukv. It is a pity that letter all - is a little melkovata, but in general everything is good. Minks are located the same as keys on the keyboard. Bugs too vysovyvayutsyav right place. To bring down a bug it is necessary to press the key corresponding a bukvena to his back. Blindly at the beginning to mozhnoopredelit location of the necessary key, being guided on where there was a bug, and over time - taktilno, working with a certain finger. Everything begins with four keys inichy does not differ from usual shooter games. It is only necessary to watch for postanovkoyruk.


connect all new keys over time - bugs. As a result - a blind, ten-manual method and decent speed of typewriting. If the child igrayetv Blocks and Lines games, then why don`t he posbivat bugs, not to run about from hyenas or not to help heroes to gather water in a pumping station. Now only bombochek is not enough for me for happiness - in this program pyatyigr, but such is not present. And idea very successful.