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Contraception or as we planned ours seven

of the firstborn we planned. We planned it to conceive in a year so after a wedding to be prepared morally, financially and physically. Morally is to realize that we a family, to be adjusted on a roditelstvo. And the family which is just created needed leading there is nobody the base. Financially - it is to work, podkopit, to besides bring the base. Physically - to eat vitamins, not to be ill, not to accept whenever possible any medicines and to go where - nibud to holiday: to sunbathe, be bought, increase immunity.

It is natural to execute conceived we decided to be protected. As ways of contraception used condoms, the interrupted sexual intercourse and Agino`s method. My newly made husband presented me the brochure in which this method also was described. Generally it is the method well-known now based on definition of time of an ovulation of an ovum. I then did not want to use hormonal tablets as were problems with a liver and a figure was afraid to spoil. The spiral, as we know, not giving birth is not recommended to be put. So we stopped on three above-mentioned ways, widely varying them among themselves.

1992 Went. The USSR almost collapsed, the enterprises were closed, the salary was not paid. But the husband worked with a shift method and not bad earned. I settled on the good place allowing to make quite good career with big, on ours then to concepts, a salary too. Hired on condition that I will not become pregnant yet. And therefore we were diligently protected, endeavoring to embody conceived in reality.

But the person assumes, and god has. And in two months after a wedding I understood that I am pregnant. The husband was on watch, and I roared bitter tears. Called mother: “What to do?“. “What to do?! Of course, to give birth!“ . I felt like in everything the guilty traitress. The husband called from work and nearly died of abundance of the tears which fell upon it, because, that as could not understand in any way that all - befell, because, that it at a great distance from me also cannot be near to rescue me from all my troubles and misfortunes.

However, then which - as having calmed me and having extorted the reason of my tears, he long laughed and shouted in a tube:“ Same cool! We will have a son! And we will present the book with Agino`s method to our enemies when we have them“. Here I absolutely calmed down, became thoughtful and understood that not so all and is bad, and in general very much even it is good. Also began to be going to become mother. In 11 months after a wedding we had a son Aleshka.

we planned

of the Second child too. Planned its birth for that time when Lesh 7 years are executed, and he will go in 1 - y a class that mother, i.e. I, was at home. But during this period it developed so that the father - the husband - had problems with work and mother (me) could not leave in the decree in any way. So time of the birth of the second child was postponed. All this period we were diligently protected by both condoms, and oral and vaginal tablets, and vaginal Farmateks cream. Meanwhile the son was 8 years old, and to me passed for 30. The husband reconciled to thought that we have one child in a family and did not lead conversations on increase in it though in the material plan everything was normalized by then, and I could be let out quietly in the decree.

Unlike the husband, secret thought to bring the second child my head did not leave, and even pressed and tormented. And I began to prepare. Went with the son to sanatorium in the summer, accepted a heap of useful procedures for the amendment of health there. Having arrived home, visited the stomatologist, having treated both gums and teeth, visited the gynecologist. Tried not to accept any antibiotics. But it was still protected. And here one fine day I understood that I am pregnant. Probably, my organism and reason were so ready for a motherhood wave that no “Farmateks“ could constrain this desire. The husband was not that surprised, he was struck. Swore to present also “Farmateks“ to enemies, but, having a little bit thought and having calmed down, understood that he in principle is glad and even he agrees to the girl.

at us was born

A again in nine months... boy.

Now, after a while, at a headboard of my bed is costed by a bedside table, and in it the brochure with the description of a method of protection from undesirable pregnancy of Agino and the semi-squeezed-out tube of vaginal contraceptive Farmateks cream lies. On the house two boys run: Alyosha - 12 years and Nikita - 3 years.