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Education and primary education in the USA of

History knows many examples of mass emigration to America of both the whole groups of believers, and separate families in search of freedoms, first of all, religious and political. Living conditions in the Wild West also forced to assert the right for self-determination.

Likely therefore all Americans most of all appreciate the personal freedom acquired in hard fight. It gets a response and in educational process. Parents respect desires and the choice of the child, treat the kid as to the adult.

If the child in 10 years decided to become a vegetarian, then mother will violently not push into it meat because she considers that it will be so better for the child. No, she will carefully study all available literature and will try to make the menu so that the child did not lack necessary nutrients.

At a playground nobody will begin to do by

suggestion to young mother that it too muffles up the child or on the contrary, it is dressed too easily. Corporal punishments are not applied. Parents, “raising a hand against the child“, can bring to court and even to deprive of the parental rights.

When parents go to restaurant, they take with themselves children. Even if to the child only half a year was executed, he visits cafe and restaurants together with parents. Here what is told about it by one American:“ I consider that it is very good because children study as it is necessary to behave correctly at restaurant and in the future they will have no problems and feeling of uncertainty at visit of similar institutions. It seems to me that it is good experience“.

Religious education plays a large role in America. Children together with parents visit churches, help neighbors, study the Bible from early age.

When the small child, is engaged in his training mother. With it it is helped by the developing toys and books. From six-months age of mother drive children on half-hour occupations in library two times a month. There kids get acquainted with children`s songs and verses. When the child becomes more senior, besides visit of kindergarten or preschool by him, parents give the child to be engaged in sports sections, such as the European soccer, basketball, golf, tennis and swimming, or in circles, for example on drawing, a molding or dances.

about 10 Years ago, in the period of emancipation of mother tried to return as soon as possible for work. Therefore children were fed with mix and left them at home with the nurse. Now everything changed. Much attention is paid to breastfeeding and house education, mothers try to spend much time with the children. As one grandmother when to her grandson month was executed tells, parents invited the music teacher. Of course, it were occupations not on learning of piano etudes. The teacher trained the kid in concepts of loudness and height of a sound, a rhythm. The kid and all family were happy. The boy`s father, in perfection who is knowing German quite often communicated with the son in German. Now, in three years, the kid perfectly understands the German phrases.

there comes Sooner or later the moment when mother comes to work, and the child is sent to kindergarten. Many parents incline in the choice to home kindergarten. Let`s glance in one of them. The kindergarten is in the house where there lives the teacher with the family. It turns out that children just come on a visit to “the good aunt“ which looks after them during the day, feeds them with something tasty, carries by car on the lake where there live geese and reads them books. It is possible to bring the child at any time from 8 to 9 o`clock in the morning. The number of days and hours of visit of a garden can be chosen.

In a garden as well as in other child care facilities, respect a freedom of choice of the child. You want to go for a walk - go, in the fenced yard there are swing, a hill, children`s bicycles and other interesting things. You do not want to walk - remain indoors and play toys. The same treats food and a day dream. If the kid was tired and wants to take a nap, he will be always put to have a sleep in a bed and if the child did not get used to sleep in the afternoon, then nobody will begin to force it to do it.

Unlike preschool, in home kindergarten does not have system of training. The teacher reads to kids of the book, but does not teach them to reading or the letter, does not train children in a molding or drawing. Nevertheless, many parents with pleasure take away children in home kindergarten because it helps them to adapt and not to have problems at the beginning of occupations in preschool.

the Most widespread type of punishment as houses, and in kindergarten, is “the rest chair“. If the kid behaves badly and does not react to remarks, then he is put on a chair that the child a little bit “cooled down“. As a rule, for understanding of the fault there are enough five minutes.

the Education system strongly differs in

from the Russian. In America there are municipal and home kindergartens, and also preschool and kindergarten. It is preschool system of training. The child visits Preschool 2 or 3 times a week, at the request of parents. Occupations last two and a half hours. Children go to kindergarten already five times a week, the number of hours of occupations varies from a half before full day, in dependence of the district. Training at school, as well as in Russia, begins with six-year age. For receipt in school, the child is obliged to visit preschool since four years and kindergarten since five years.

before academic year in preschool, teachers come home to the child to get acquainted with it in a situation habitual to it and also to discuss with parents interests and bents of the kid, to learn that parents expect from occupations in preschool.

children choose

On occupations that they will do during the day. It is possible to draw, be engaged in a molding, to posobirat puzzles or to construct the monster of the huge designer. Watch the teacher activity of kids. The motto preschool - training in a game form. For example, if the child needs to wait two minutes, he is given hourglasses. The teacher explains that it is so easier for small children to understand a current of time.

to teach the letter, it is necessary not only to explain how it is correct to hold the handle, but also to strengthen certain groups of muscles of a hand. The whole series of games is for this purpose thought up: cutting pictures scissors, threading of a lace through narrow openings of a dense outline, a dostavaniye of small, multi-colored toys tweezers for lump sugar and many other things.


For drawing uses the pastel which is specially broken on small pieces. In - the first, such piece the kid will not be able to clamp in a cam and will be forced to hold it with fingers, and in - the second, unlike a felt-tip pen to draw the line on a piece of chalk it is necessary to press and it will promote training of muscles of a hand.

In good weather of occupation come to an end with

at the playground located in the territory of preschool. Teachers offer children of game the developing skill and sense of coordination.


In two months after the beginning of occupations holds PTA meeting at which there are teachers and parents of one child, i.e. the meeting has individual character. Such principle of communication of teachers with parents remains both in kindergarten, and at school. At this meeting issue to parents the sheet of progress where progress of the child, his priorities is reflected in the choice of games and occupations, and also gaps over which it is necessary to work further. An interesting find is the small album which each page is divided into three parts. On the first page there are photos of the child, on the second his drawings, on the third how he writes the name. Time in three months the kid fills in the corresponding columns of this album, and parents can observe how their child develops and what he makes progress.

For any, even the smallest achievement of the kid is praised. In preschool, for example, there is a system of encouragement in the form of stickers with machines or animals. There is a lot of tasks and each kid will surely receive a praise. As a result all children leave occupations, showing to parents beautiful stickers. Such system of training gives to children feeling of confidence in the forces. On the following occupations they will try even stronger, they are sure that everything at them will turn out.

of Kindergarten is already almost school. Classes are given in the building of elementary school and last from eight in the morning to three o`clock in the afternoon (time of occupations can be a miscellaneous and depends on the district). Lessons pass in the same class, except for physical culture and music. On occupations children learn to read, write and consider, are trained in computer literacy.

children play

On a big change (about 45 minutes) on the platform which is as well as in preschool, in the territory of kindergarten. On occupations children go in the school bus.

If you appeared

in America with the kid on hands or only plan the departure, then you should not panic, thinking of how your child will be able to find a common language with the peers. Children of any age easily adapt to new living conditions. Kids are helped with studying of language by educational programs on TV and kindergarten. For children is more senior in kindergarten there are special classes in English.

the biggest problem is a name of the child. For example, Vasya it is difficult for Americans to say a name therefore options are possible: Yours, Vasiya or Vasil. Anna turns into Ana or Ena. As a result the child is upset that nobody can correctly utter his name. But all this is reparable. The more children communicate together, the easier for them to say a strange name of the new friend.