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Great drought: what it is better to drink during a heat of

If usually the human body evaporates 2 - 2,5 liters of moisture a day, then in hot weather “leak“ reaches 4 liters. Approximately on two thirds drinks can fill a lack of moisture. We estimated their ability to satisfy thirst on a five-point scale.

If usually the human body evaporates 2 - 2,5 l of moisture a day, then in hot weather and at fair physical activities “leak“ reaches 4 l. It is a lot of or a little? Scientists counted that at losses of 1 l of liquid thirst begins to torment us, 2 l - decrease cerebration, 3 l - begin dizziness, 4 l - are possible faints and heart attacks. Approximately on a third bread, soups, vegetables, fruit, and on the whole two thirds - drinks can fill a lack of moisture. We estimated their ability to satisfy thirst on 5 - a mark scale.

Tea (*****)

according to scientists, this best means for a thirst satisfying - it is required on a third (!) it is less, than waters. Also does not matter, cold it, hot or warmish. Green tea is spoken well by the high content of vitamin P which positively influences vessels. This magic elixir is easier drunk and does not leave yellowness on teeth, and black tea at the expense of caffeine tones up better. In one glass of both that, and another - 12 - 15 mg of the flavonoids which are an excellent prophylactic of cancer and are warm - vascular diseases. However in green - simple flavonoids, and in black - complex. It is easy to guess that the first are acquired quicker.

Secret . Hot green tea is capable to protect skin from ultraviolet rays: 4 cups of drink a day - and result are available! it is not recommended by

to p . To drink more than 8 cups a day.

Water (****)

the Most widespread and inexpensive drink. On ability I am eager to satisfy from - for a large amount of salts and biologically active agents cool mineral water takes the second place after tea. It perfectly refreshes, stimulates appetite and even takes off fatigue. Perfectly table waters with mineralization degree no more than 1 g/l, and also lechebno - dining rooms - with a mineralization 4 ~ 5 g/l, the Borjomi type will approach. More than 10 g/l are already medicine which should be applied only on doctor`s orders.

If you have

no gastritis or stomach ulcer, give preference to sparkling water. Carbonic acid, getting into a mouth, causes strong salivation and quicker wins against thirst.

Secret . Will help to overcome “enemy“ the slices of a lemon or several sour berries added to water - a cranberry or cowberry. it is not recommended by

to p . To drink from - under the crane, and also the ice and distilled water.

That moisture was late in an organism, in composition of tea, juice or aerated water the dissolved nutrients, generally - sugar, organic acids and minerals have to enter. Sense of a satisfying of thirst - not in accepting as much as possible cool liquid, and in restoration of forces and completion of the nutrients which “departured“ from an organism.

Juice and nectars (***)

well help in the Summer

tomato, cherry, grapefruit, plum, alychovy and cornel juice. Acid irritates flavoring receptors, plentiful salivation begins - and it seems to us that around not so hot. Juice with pulp, and also the blended (mixed) juice satisfies thirst much worse. However they contain also cellulose, pectin, fat-soluble vitamins therefore their nutritional value is higher.

Secret . In hot weather it is the best of all - the diluted juice. The matter is that isotonic (relatives on concentration to blood plasma) drinks are quicker soaked up and give relief. it is not recommended by

to p . The juice prepared from a dry concentrate.

Fermented milk products (****)

the Kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, curdled milk including organic acids excellently satisfy with

thirst. Besides they are quickly acquired (for an hour - for 91% whereas milk - only for 32%). Some of them - for example, bifidokefir, a bifidok - help to restore normal composition of intestinal microflora. Sour milk of all types can be used with sweet fruit, berries, vegetables.

Secret . In the course of fermentation lactose turns into lactic acid therefore fermented milk products suit the people suffering from individual intolerance of dairy sugar. it is not recommended by

to p . To combine with milk.

Milk (***)

When temperature “behind a board“ exceeded all possible limits, try to drink a glass of skim milk or integral, diluted with water. This drink reduces stress, prevents breast cancer and osteoporosis (an illness which results in fragility of bones), reduces a blood pressure and fights against excess weight.

Secret . Tea with milk - the tonic which is favorably influencing a mucous membrane of a stomach. it is not recommended by

to p . To drink milk after food as it reduces secretion of gastric juice.

Kvass (***)

the Secretary of the Antioch patriarch Makari who made a trip to Moskovia in the 18th century wrote that “in Russia people drink kvass instead of water, and therefore never have the diseases coming from bad water“. In the 19th century it became clear that this drink really possesses bactericidal properties - in it in 20 minutes cholera vibrioes and typhus sticks perish. The real, classical kvass thanks to the carbonic acids and amino acids which are available in it - a fine zhazhdoutolitel. It syten. Besides kvass belongs to group of the so-called fermented drinks, and therefore promotes faster comprehensibility of food.

Secret . At regular consumption kvass improves work of nervous system. it is not recommended by

to p . To drink the aerated kvass which is on sale in bottles. Additives of food dyes, sweeteners, lemon, sorbic and benzole acids turn it into the ordinary lemonade which only remotely is tasting like an initial product.

Beer (**)

Unfortunately, the “nectar from hop“ loved by many contains alcohol, and therefore it is more than couple of bottles in day - already search. Business even not in beer alcoholism, and that alcoholic drinks cannot fully fill water loss. Besides, beer kaloriyno, so, does not suit those who keep a figure.

Secret . The Czech and German doctors claim: in a small amount (no more than one mug a day) beer reduces risk warmly - vascular diseases, positively influences kidneys, preventing formation of stones, and increases protective forces of an organism. it is not recommended by

to p . To go to far. To satisfy thirst, it is better to choose tea, mineral water, juice or milk.

Compote (**)

If to observe accuracy, compote belongs not to drinks, and to sweet dessert dishes as the most valuable in it - not liquid, and berries or fruit. Adipsous ability of compote quite low - because in it it is more sugar, than organic acids and mineral salts.

Secret . If in hot day you decided to drink cold compote, part it with a small amount of water and add some red wine there (at the rate of 1 glass of wine on 3 l of kompotny syrup) - and thirst will crawfish. it is not recommended by

to p . To drink ice compote.

Lemonade (*)

the Prototype of all modern carbonated drinks was lemonade which was cooked, mixing a small amount of sugar, spirit tincture of a dried peel and citrus juice with water. Now producers refuse fruit syrups and infusions of fragrant herbs, replacing them with cheaper concentrates. Therefore food dyes and preservatives (is more often than others - sodium benzoate, the suspect of ability to cause an allergy) became the main components of “softdrinok“. They almost do not satisfy thirst and tasteless liquids are consumed in large numbers, than. Pleasant feelings play with us a bad joke, with each drink we receive a set of “foreign“ substances - fragrances, food additives... All this “chemistry“ leaves luscious aftertaste, and so-called residual sweet should be washed down again and again.

Secret . Rather useful lemonade can be made in house conditions. For this purpose it is necessary - navsy to part all fruit puree with mineral water. it is not recommended by

to p . I am eager to satisfy with lemonade. It is better to drink a glass of juice, a fruit drink or to eat yogurt.