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It is necessary to sew?

the Men`s business suit by the number of myths and legends on one square centimeter of fabric can be compared unless to ladies` wedding vestments. Down with myths!

Myth the first : the suit needs to be bought in expensive shop. Try to take several suits (shirts, trousers) of different price level and from various producers and try to find between them essential differences. Them will be a little: quality and composition of fabric, processing of seams, accessories... Not to overpay for a brand, it is worth addressing services of the tailor - by the way, wealthy people understood it for a long time.

Myth of the second : in Russia there are no good tailors. Many consider that superprofessionals can be found only in Italy or, as a last resort, on Seville Row in London. We dare to assure that good tailors (even if not to take those who work hard at expensive shops) and at us. It is just necessary to know, where to look for. The female most often resorts to their services, and it is quite probable that the found tailor will refuse to sew a men`s business suit - is not sure supposedly as never did anything of that kind. If it is for certain known that at this master of a hand grow from where it is necessary, safely buy fabric and persuade him to try: costs of tailoring together with material in comparison with the prices of clothes in boutiques - minimum. And the thing as a result can turn out not just qualitative, but also unique.

Myth the third : the best men`s shirts are on sale in “branded“ shops of outerwear, and than high price - the is better a shirt. Actually important how the shirt on you sits, but not how many it costs! Rule number one: the size of a collar has to be such that when fastening the top button there was no place left between it and a neck. If there was “triangle“ in which your throat is visible, and even a breast - the shirt is hopelessly big. Rule number two: buying a shirt, measure it. The ready-to-wear clothes are focused on a wide range of buyers - and advertizing of beer, restaurants and all it is calculated on it from what “the beer stomach“ is formed over time. Producers of shirts, as, however, and suits, sew the products with a stock on this popular attribute of a man`s figure. Therefore if you for any reasons (for example, thanks to love to a gym and a racetrack) managed to keep symmetry, then, a skor of everything, the shirt bought in shop will be big in a waist. Be not too lazy to take in purchase from the tailor, otherwise to you not to avoid a bubble on a back. Rule number three: rather abrupt shirts are cut out “on slanting“ - so they sit better. In this case material is spent more approximately for 30%, and the product turns out more expensive, but the end justifies the means. If in shop of a similar shirt it did not appear - welcome to the tailor.

Myth the fourth : correctly tied tie has to reach a belt of trousers. This statement belongs to those far years when the belt of trousers was somewhere at the level of a breast moreover was fixed by braces which today not in the course. The modern man`s fashion declares that the waist on men`s trousers can be low. Therefore it is worth relaxing and not to pull “stranglehold“ below a navel especially as excessively long tie looks as herring.

Myth the fifth : the best cuff links - gold. Generally platinum. But it is a joke. Actually it is easy and pleasant to discredit myths about cuff links - just because cuff links, alas, are not too popular. Meanwhile it is not necessary to men who are guided by the principle “to the stronger sex of excesses - except expensive watch, cuff links and a spectacle frame“, you should not neglect this opportunity “to prove to be“. For reference use: cuff links are most widespread in Great Britain - any clothes brand lets out the cufflinks line there.

I finally about gold cuff links: it is useful to remember that color of metal of three above-mentioned man`s accessories has to coincide. Therefore you should not give gold cuff links to that who has no gold watch. The return, however, is not forbidden.