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New old acquaintances - toys for a bathroom of

The fact that with us all life

our childhood such far and almost improbable seems to

today. Really it were we? Snowflakes and Hares on children`s morning performances, touching girls with bows in dresses and boys in short panties? Those that gave to mothers self-made cards for March 8 and penetrating sang the song in protection of fathers:“ The father can... anything! Only mother... is that so!“ And still - watched animated films about Winnie - Down and Carlson, could listen continuously to verses about Moydodyr, played with baby dolls in the daughter - mother and made grandiose heats in a bathroom together with a house zoo - rubber elephants, begemotika and ducklings.

the Enduring symbol of the childhood

At modern children absolutely other childhood - with Barbie, Pokemons, the Spiderman. Invariable was, perhaps, only a passion to “rubber“ toys and infinite friendship with them - as before, today kids go to a bathroom in good mood, only if they are accompanied by soft animals, baby dolls or balls.

Rubber Toys were always, only did them generally of PVC (polyvinylchloride). They are checked not by one generation of children, they were played still by our grandmothers and grandfathers. They with pleasure are played also by modern kids. It is an enduring symbol of the childhood, big weakness of small children which not in forces to refuse to them parents, even despite the opinion on harm of PVC which is actively extended today - toys.

the Main danger to buyers

Such point of view consolidating mass media with representatives of medicine and the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate is not deprived of the bases in the sense that now the market of children`s goods really abounds with low-standard production from PVC. That a rubber toy lovely in appearance - the work of the unfair producers ignoring recent toughening of requirements to quality or not certifying the products at all is known to not all parents of small children. Besides the goods are available at the price, and it is easy to find it in many outlets.


Mass distribution dangerous to kids of PVC - production seriously disturbed the Russian Ministry of Health and control authorities of quality submitting to it - in particular, they toughened requirements to quality of toys from PVC. Leaders of a commodity market for children immediately reacted to this event. They right there declared a response from sale all PVC - the range (despite existence of certificates) for additional researches.

Unfair producers of toys decided to fill with

the emptiness formed in the market - the large companies withdrew from trade not one and not two, but thousands of PVC parties - products - and continued to deliver toys from polyvinylchloride which safety is subject to doubt. The empty niche began to be sated instantly with production of new, unknown brands for which quality nobody is responsible, and the buyer, perhaps, not knowing about toughening of norms, faced lack of the choice: in shops and on counters only the doubtful “bezbrendovy“ goods lay.

Consumers appeared

in the most difficult situation: Mass media so strenuously exaggerate a subject of harm of PVC, namely high doses of contents in it of phenol that whether it is more reasonable to refuse absolutely purchase of rubber toys, than to risk health of the child?

“The world of the childhood“ on guards of health of kids

the World of the Childhood Company answered with

this question by deed, not by word. It began search of alternative materials for production of rubber toys which would contain the minimum doses of phenol. Search was crowned with success: safe materials, suitable for production of this product, in which phenol contains in scanty quantities were found or in general is absent. With producers of the raw materials, suitable for rubber toys, answering to world and Russian criteria of safety, the company established strong business relations.

At the moment the World of the Childhood company tests samples of products from materials of new generation. As soon as their safety is confirmed - toys “for water“ under the Kurnosiki brand will go on sale. And then parents will be able to buy bravely the ducklings who are so loved by small children, young frogs and other companions of the child in a bathroom.


it is obvious Now that the future of toys of this type - behind alternative PVC materials with the scanty content of phenol. Most likely, shortly will pass all large companies working at the market of children`s goods to such safe raw materials. In any case, those from them who proclaims the mission true care of children and does not save on their health.