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Dysbacteriosis. Meet the artful enemy of the kid

Dysbacteriosis - the word famous practically to each mother. Violation of structure of intestinal microflora is considered one of the most widespread children`s diseases today. However, not all parents know how dangerous can be dysbacteriosis consequences, and their priority - to be aware and in time to help the child, to make so that in the future it had no serious problems with health.

The matter is that the microbes inhabiting ours zheludochno - an intestinal path, provide processes of digestion of food, synthesis of vitamins and assimilation of minerals. For this reason dysbacteriosis at babies can become the reason of decrease in immunity for which the infinite loop of the most unpredictable diseases will reach subsequently. So, laying the foundation for health of the kid, parents should pay special attention to normal work of his gastrointestinal tract.

How to prevent development of violations of intestinal microflora and to avoid unpleasant consequences? If to speak about children about one year, then here a paramount role is played by breastfeeding. The matter is that the substances which are contained in breast milk promote a prizhivleniye and reproduction of useful bacteria. However sometimes even the children who are on breastfeeding suffer from dysbacteriosis. For example, reception of antibiotics by the feeding mother or the child can be the cause. In that case doctors appoint the special preparations containing useful bacteria - a probiotics.

Nevertheless, the big difference between a “normal“ bacterium of intestinal microflora and the probiotic getting there from the outside together with food exists. If useful bifido - and lactobacilli are permanent residents of intestines and are capable to breed there, then components of preparations - probiotics stay in intestines temporarily and do not form colonies. Need of their regular and long reception for achievement of a lasting positive effect is explained by it.

Other way of impact on intestinal microflora - stimulation of its growth due to use of prebiotics. It is represented to much more rational as promotes reproduction of own useful bacteria in the child`s intestines. Prebiotics are a kind of the carbohydrates stimulating growth lakto - and bifidobacteria in a thick gut that well influences processes of digestion and the general health of the kid. In a significant amount prebiotics (galakto - oligosaccharides) contain in breast milk therefore the children who are on breastfeeding with other things being equal suffer from dysbacteriosis and intestinal frustration less often.

But what to do if the kid is on artificial feeding how not to allow development of dysbacteriosis and violation of immunity? Earlier in such situation purpose of the preparations containing prebiotics was the only exit. However the science does not stand still, especially in the field of artificial feeding. Understanding all importance of prebiotics for health of children, scientists of the Research center Numico studied unique properties of these components of breast milk and developed mix of oligosaccharides, as much as possible to them corresponding from the functional point of view, and also by the sizes and weight. This important discovery allowed to include prebiotics in children`s mixes for artificial feeding of Nutrilon.

If to speak about a positive effect of mixes with prebiotics, then, first of all, it is expressed in normalization of structure of intestinal microflora as parts of oligosaccharides serve as food for useful bacteria, suppressing thus reproduction of pathogenic microflora. Also as a result of a number of researches it was noted that the chair of the children receiving mix with addition of oligosaccharides practically did not differ from a chair of the kids who are on breastfeeding. One more important point - at addition in mix of prebiotics raises absorption of calcium in the child`s intestines. And, at last, the main argument in favor of application for artificial feeding of the mixes Nutrilon with the content of prebiotics is a prevention of dysbacteriosis and strengthening of natural immunity of your kid.