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Aromatherapy in children`s practice. Part 2

Part 1 can be considered it here. it is desirable for div to Begin with

aromaterapevtichesky procedures with the child not earlier than 2 - x week age, at body weight not less than 2000. At such early age it is possible to use a lavender and oil of a camomile.

If the kid had intertrigo, attritions, then it is possible to prepare mix EM of a camomile and a lavender which in equal quantity need to be mixed in a pure, empty bubble, and already from there to take 1 droplet of mix on 30 ml of oil - bases or 100 ml of water, and then to process problem places.

air 7 aromatization - yu drops of Tangerine and 2 - mya Camomile drops before going to bed will help to de-energize

; or mix 4 - x a thaw of the Lavender and 3 - mya Camomiles.

we Fill with

them in an aromalampa which to work in the presence of the kid no more than 10 min.

the Same oils can be used also for bathing of the kid before going to bed. Only you have to know that EM badly mix up with water therefore for the best solubility they need to be mixed from 50 - 100 ml of fat milk (cream, kefir) before pouring out them in a bathtub.

also the drop of the Lavender applied on a distant corner of a headboard of a bed Will help to fall asleep. It will exhale aroma for all night and to promote a sound and deep sleep.

At diseases of the respiratory organs especially widespread among children of 2 - 7 years, it is necessary to use EM with anti-inflammatory, spazmolitichesky, antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant and antiallergic properties. Steam inhalations which are the easiest way of fluidifying of a phlegm are most effective in treatment of diseases of the bronchopulmonary device at children. The medical effect is caused by carrying out the course treatment consisting of 8 - 14 procedures which, depending on a course of disease, are carried out daily or every other day, in one or one and a half hours after food or physical activity. The optimum duration of procedure - 1 - 3 min. since long receipt of EM in airways can interfere with allocation of a phlegm at cough.

you teach the children to carry out this procedure correctly At once: we take a slow deep breath, we hold the breath for couple of seconds, and then we carry out a short exhalation. Of course, if cough absolutely at the small child, then it is possible to carry out inhalations only by a so-called method “tent“ (the child at the mother / father on hands, and from above you are closed by tent, an oilcloth, a raincoat etc.) . But at any age it is necessary to close eyes when performing this procedure because as a part of many oils substances, the irritating mucous membranes of eyes contain. It is safer to small children to dress a bandage on eyes.

the Expectorant effect of EM depends on a dose. They stimulate an otkharkivaniye in small doses, and in big - reduce secretion. Most often for treatment of bronchopulmonary diseases at children oils of an anise, fennel, an eucalyptus, a pine ordinary, camomiles, manuk, a myrtle are used. Keep in mind that EM of an eucalyptus is not recommended to children to 2 - x years since development of a bronchospasm is possible.

the Same oils can be used also for the warming compress on a thorax (vegetable oil we warm up on a water bath, we add EM in the necessary dosages (see the table), we moisten a rag in solution and we cover an influence zone, then we close kompressny paper or a film and we warm a towel, a blanket, etc.) . Time of influence of such aromatic compress - 2 hours.

the Warming compresses can be applied only in case of lack of temperature!

evacuation of a phlegm is complicated by

At children, and the drainage and massage of a thorax with pat on it the palm put by “boat“ at small children - fingers, massage of mezhreberiya, and also tightening of a thorax can help its removal.

Thus, we got acquainted from in several ways application of EM that allows to vary their appointments depending on a problem and features of the child.

do not forget

that within one day it is recommended to do no more than one aromaterapevtichesky procedure. Health to you!