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As the child you will call...

With the choice of a name for our firstborn of problems at us it was not absolute any.“ Alexey“ - and any disagreements.

my beloved grandfather (the mother`s father) was called Alexey Alekseevich. My tender children`s age is connected with it, my warmest and pleasant memories of the childhood - about it. My grandfather lived long difficult and interesting life, was the captain, was at war, was in captivity. Had six daughters. And I was the younger grandfather`s granddaughter - the daughter of his beloved younger daughter. Also he called me not as it is Tatyanka.

went fishing my

of the grandfather Lesh with me, with it we planted the first in my life tree, he sang to me amusing children`s songs (now such do not sing any more), told stories from the childhood, taught me to read and consider. My grandfather perfectly knew not only the native Russian, but in the same measure and Kazakh, knew great variety, both the Russian, and Kazakh proverbs and sayings. Always with it it was easy and interesting to me. And when my grandfather left this world, for me there were no doubts: my son will be called Alexey.

In life of my husband the name Alexey was of great importance too. Alexey - so called his father, but, unfortunately, his destiny developed tragicly. The handsome, the merry fellow and the joker, the fan of the cheerful companies and backpackings, adored water, mountains, the sun and air. Was born and grew in Alma - to Atya, oblaziv all mountains and small rivers Alma - atinsky area, graduated from power institute and married mother of my husband, my future mother-in-law.

When to their kid was seven months old, it dashed away to Baikal, in a backpacking by swimming on kayaks though earlier everywhere happened to the girlfriend, the bride, and then and the wife beauty Zina. That travel obviously dragged on, found in a consequence which - what its things, boat splinters, and did not find the father of my future husband. Only the husband for the rest of life had melancholy for the father whom he, in general, did not know and remembered only according to stories of the mother. But he resolved to name the son Alexey in memory of the father.


So, without arranging, without reflecting and without asking any questions each other, we everyone independently named the son, only our arisen miracle, Alexey.

our Leshenka grew at

and developed, turned in a ball or straightened, painfully squeezing a uterus, was kicked and floundered in my stomach, responded to the name and reached for a father`s hand when that ironed mine (ours?) stomach. We had no doubts, it was the son, and called this little man Aleshk. Only once we began to doubt: and suddenly girl? Vainly tried to pick up a maiden name, but nothing went on mind. And we left, having safely forgotten, our ineffectual attempts.

In the put time the kid decided to see the world, to see us, the mother and the father. And it was it, our beloved sonny, ours of Aleshk.

Ultrasonic research at the second pregnancy showed to

the girl and my gynecologist, having once again listened to heartbeat of the kid, told: “Well, we wait for the girl!“ .

Hurrah! Daughter! I want the daughter! Small, sweet washing, a candy, sweetie pie, the beauty, the clear head! And what I to you will sew dresses, suits, I will connect jackets, I will bind bows...

As you are called, a lapushka? What is your name? Nastya? Dasha? Perhaps, Vasilisa?

Long painful selection of a name for our beauty in which I participated and my eldest son. The father silently watched us and broke the silence only once again to reject the offered name...

Who are you? Katya? Elina? Marine? Perhaps Nadia, and can Zina? No, does not approach, all not that... And the baby does not react, does not respond. Not it this, not its. Galya, Natasha, Sveta, Olya? No, there are too much them, you for us only! Who are you? Who? We with the little son rummaged a lot of books, magazines, touched names of acquaintances, family and neighbors.

was Weighed, savouring each name as lays down on language as it is heard whether it is conformable with a middle name and a surname. Process was entered by the grandmother, offering the options.

As so? You grow and will be born soon, and we still do not know who you are?

I suddenly once:
- I do not know who there you, and at me have Nikita there!

Why it is Nikita there? From what our father took what THERE Nikita? He also could not explain and still cannot. Nikita and ALL!

I the most surprising that in the put time Nikita was born! Little, sweet mine, candy, sweetie pie, handsome and clear head!

Whom are grown up by you, our children? What will bring you the names given by parents? Whether you will take from them all the best whether you will bring something special? Whoever were you whatever it happened, know: you for us the most favourite and only.