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Forty days to Sochi

were going to go with a family to the sea and Even in the winter to Sochi in which had many times a rest in sanatoria. The trip was planned since May 11 and decided to go the savage. As most of the people wishing to have a rest the savage at us had the most important fear - whether will find suitable housing. As they say, fear takes molehills for mountains. All appeared easily and simply.

Having landed at the airport of Adler, we sat down on a minibus and for 25 rubles reached to the Railway station of the city of Sochi. At the station, in Resort bureau, the manager, very friendly woman, having listened to our requirements, namely, the housing has to be in the Central district, without presence of owners and near the sea, offered us very cozy one-room apartment in the central region, with excellent repair and equipped with all necessary for health-resort visitors. In 15 minutes after arrival to Resort bureau we already were in “the“ apartment. The first problem - housing - with ease was solved.

our Second fear (read different forums:-)). Anything similar. What did I see on the central beach of the city? The beautiful, pure embankment on which it is pleasant to walk as in the afternoon, and in the evenings. The good pure beach and - yes, pure, any to you stubs, garbage, bits by which many frighten everything is pure and accurate, only occasionally from lying - fire were “distracted“ by the young man - the cleaner of the beach a question: “You have no garbage?“, and if that was available, suggested to throw out to it in a package, but not to drag to the next ballot box.

In May water temperature did not allow to bathe, at least, to me yet, but there were daredevils, or perhaps walruses which with pleasure lapped in water of +15 degrees and shouted: “Excellent water!“ . And here it is a high time to sunbathe. I in 40 days dozagoratsya to the fact that by the end of my rest in the address, for example, “African“ or “the girl quite often heard statements, you from Africa arrived?“. But the most ridiculous was:“ The girl, in a sunbed do not sunbathe any more“. Oh, it is ridiculous even now:-). Though I sunbathed even not every day and for only 2 hours since not the lover I such passive rest. As for water temperature, by the time of my departure it already reached +20 +22 degrees so I managed to be bought.

the Third problem of vacationers the savage is the food problem. Where to eat? Cafe, restaurants in Sochi, at least, the Central district, fully, for every taste and a purse. Having bypassed about 10 small restaurants, we found a couple in which we liked everything, beginning from tastes of dishes and their price, and finishing with service. Which - that we prepared houses (and the market was nearby), but, you see, to be engaged in cooking on vacation - the last business.

Where can visit, being in Sochi what to see? Well, we will begin with the fact that I lived in the downtown and therefore nearby there was a Riviera park in which it is possible to have a rest, ride long enough perfectly on various attractions. In “Riviera“ it will be interesting to both adults, and children. Went to it many times and it was always happy, however, I did not see dissatisfied, gloomy people there!

On the central beach of the city the aquapark “Beacon“ is. Here truly the remarkable place for adults and kids. So there it was pleasant to me that I went to an aquapark twice. There hills for every taste, are the children`s town, children`s hills, plank beds, souls, locker rooms, cafe etc., generally, all at full scale. Surely you descend.:-)

Of course, visited Dendrary park. Speak who in the Tree nursery was not, did not see that Sochi.:-) The area of the park makes 49 hectares. In it is mute more than 1500 types, forms and grades of tree and shrubby species grow. It has a big collection of pines - 76 types in number of 1890 copies, the collections of oaks, largest in Russia, - 80 types, palm trees - 23 look, cypresses, a set of rare subtropical plants. The park consists of two parts: top and lower. In the lower part the aquarium in which inhabitants of the Black Sea, and a pond are presented is constructed.

In park separate corners where collections of plants of the Caucasus, Japan, China, Australia, the Mediterranean, Northern and Southern America compactly grow are available.

Park - one of the best-known in the country, in it plants from many countries of the world grow. You would know what was created in the Tree nursery in May! What violence of flowers, smells, beauty what in words not to express! I went this year to the Tree nursery twice, on May 15 and in June 14, in June it is beautiful too, but not to compare to that beauty which I saw in May. The exhibition of birds, exotic animals and an aquarium will be interesting to kids in park.

Travel companies of the city of Sochi offer

a large number of various excursions. Here to you trips to Abkhazia, to Krasnaya Polyana, on falls, in caves and gorges, canyons, in a yew - a box grove, right there rafting on rafts on the Mzymta River, jeeping, horse walks. There are excursions for lazy - “On a visit to the bee-keeper“, “Trout farm“, “Apery“, the Dolphinarium, “The Russian tea“.


Ya for herself this year chose a trip on a viewing tower on the mountain Big Akhun where from height of 700 meters above sea level enjoyed beauty of the nature. Visited Agura Waterfalls, saw very beautiful places. At excursion listened to the most excellent story of the bee-keeper about bees, about various grades of honey and of course how it is correct to choose honey, honeycombs also not to run into a forgery. In the same place tasted a mead and sbiten than which is more tasty in Sochi and suburbs it is impossible to find, well and, of course, tried and bought the most real honey.


, the trip to Abkhazia was the most memorable, bright excursion. There under the most excellent stories of the guide Irina we saw the Blue lake, Rits`s lake, Dairy falls, the Prison cell, the Pitsundsky temple of the 10th century, visited the resorts of Gagra and Pitsunda and even within an hour swam in the sea in Pitsunda. In Sochi and Pitsunda one and too the Black Sea, but in Pitsunda it some another, than differs, I do not know, but the fact that it differs, all tourists who together with me visited Pitsunda noticed. Yes, I and all tourists going together with me to Abkhazia were tired (excursion continues 11 hours), but, in my opinion, there was no uniform person who would remain dissatisfied. One lake of Rits of what stands.:-) The beauty is improbable.

In 40 days that carried out to Sochi, I bypassed on foot a half of the city, was much bought and perfectly sunbathed, was taken impressions what and to you I wish!