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Lodge in the village

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of D E T With To I Y of L E P E T # 7
of To m and to in r e in of N e

Well... not that absolutely in the village, and so - behind city boundaries :). That is even not the cities, and ma - and - alenky such town :). Generally, everything is correct - in the village. It because water needs to be got from a well, and gas is brought in big red cylinders. And still because every evening by the house there passes the herd of the most real (!) cows.
In a lodge that there lives our family the grandmother and the grandfather. They a lodge bought it! Saved up a money and bought. Now nearly an every day Sasha and Dasha “to help“ there go - at once after kindergarten. Rabo`s
- about - ota - a plenty! To saw firewood is Sasha with the grandfather. Florets to sit down - Dasha with the grandmother. And here the father with mother has a work of owls - this not interesting... All “on a kitchen garden“ to themselves dig yes dig :(...
One is bad - day very quickly comes to an end. Also you will not manage to clear up properly - night comes and home it is time to go. And houses boringly - from entertainments only the TV, music and the vacuum cleaner...
Another matter - Sunday :) when aunts in kindergarten have a day off. Then it is possible the whole day “on the house“ to carry out. To come on Saturday evening, to drink milk and to be filled up to sleep... yes not ABBA where, and on a big and warm oven! To bring firewood from a shed, to make fire in a fire chamber... and if the grandfather resolves, then and a log small to thrust - most!
Only very quietly it needs to be done, and that the vava oh - oh - oh what will be! Fire does not love when it is bespokot and bites (Ooy!)... And still it is impossible to touch matches and to open doors on an oven (them there much!) and that fire will break loose and the trouble then will be!
On an oven to sleep is good and tasty! If you zasoplivit (you will have wet feet on dew or a rain when on the street), then not to an oven it in a moment will recover! Any cold - heat is afraid, and is warm in an oven much, it especially for it is made. And here it is necessary to sleep on an oven very quietly, and that it is possible to fall from it and to break something - it is high!
I so with pleasure on an oven is slept that even slobbers in a dream flow! And dreams everyones dream interesting...
meets Morning: pair milk, bright sunlight, fog and smell of a smoke. Some time it is necessary to take a walk in the house - let on the street will become warmer... And then! And HERE THAT WILL be THEN!!!

P r about to about l yu h to and

the Act the first.
I Stick out in kitchen, I try to repair an electric tile.
Approaches synulya:
- the Father! Give the razor!
- Is impossible, synulya. The razor is a piece dangerous. It is possible to be cut...
- I very quietly.
- Sasha! It is impossible - means it is impossible...
- the Father, I will obey you!
- I will obey you. I will not be capricious. Cream of wheat is I will drink all drugs also. Also I will sleep in the afternoon... The father, give the razor...
the Touched father not in forces to resist promises of the son. I give to the son the razor, previously having pulled out from it an edge.

Act of the second...
Dasha approaches mother:
- Mothers! Give to shampoo! there is no
- Darya, is not a toy...
- I will be played very quietly! Ma - ma... I will obey you. And porridge is. And to sleep to lay down. Also I will not be capricious. And I will not show a navel any more... And to remove tepik... Mother! The Pozha - And - an aluysta!
the Surprised mother gives to the daughter almost full bottle of shampoo and long looks after the leaving daughter.

Act the third, the last. Something became silent
on the street.
Is suspiciously silent.
Mother with the father go outside - to look that there to their children there was it. (If it is silent - means for certain something happened).
I precisely - happened!

Mother, having grabbed a stomach, takes “legs in hand“ and runs behind the camera.
the Father, having bent from a laughter, urgently looks for the grandmother with the grandfather... Four together we suit
and it is looked carefully out from - for a corner.
Kids were inclined over some lump. Dasha its mother`s “shampoos“ waters, and Sasha the father`s razor to and fro crawls.
Sit, so our small under cherry and... shave the Hedgehog :).

P r about “mishenka“

we with children Gathered a one-liter jar “mishinok“, washed them as it is necessary (“and that the tummy will hurt!“ ), and beautiful such hill laid out on a silver platter. so we learn
I small: cherry should be eaten, and a stone - on a saucer to lay down. Several minutes observed them - all correctly do. Ten “mishenok“ was eaten - ten stones on a saucer.
I left to go about the own business.
of Minutes through ten returned. A saucer with cherries empty, and on a saucer with stones - the same ten stones. Mother and the father in horror are going to wash out to children a stomach.
Dasha (without any arguments) forced to drink “kaka“...
I comes the grandmother here:
- And why it you so many cherries in a garbage can threw out?!
-???!!! - Mother with pity looks at the daughter...
“Solution“ was simple. Small turned a plate on a floor, and the scattered cherries collected and threw out in a wastebasket. Because each child knows: what fell to a floor - becomes “what“ and there is it it is impossible more whatever tasty it was.
Sometimes parents happen well such silly!
as compensation for “medical error“ bought Dasha a new doll, but (about it further) it was not necessary for it.

I with m e x and r e x

Former hosts lived as a pig in a den :(
the Kitchen garden grew with an orach. Under sofas a centimetric layer of cat`s... guess what. Under windows a hemp plantation - they under a film grew up it (we mowed this nonsense at once).
That most of all struck - so this lack of a toilet. Not that in the house (the phenomenon for rural areas normal), but even on its street was not. Yes readers these “details“ will forgive me, but first we just under a bush went :(. And our old great-grandmother by which to reach “a bush“ brought certain difficulties, “went“ directly “for a corner“ (dug out a pole, “did serious work“ and then dug in it).
A we sit in kitchen at this time, we prepare “hamchik“ for small and we hear suddenly as our old woman matyukatsya like a sailor. And children`s crying trace... we Find out
then in what business.
Left, so our old woman “on business“. Only lowered trousers as our Sanka poyalyatsya it is unknown from where and from all the children`s force as will splash in the back place!
I Dasha right there runs up:
- And well on goshok to kakit di! What you here to us amuse air?!
“Wai`s Woman“ a naked bottom in a nettle and villages...
Was necessary to drag a valerian urgently.
How to be told, both is ridiculous, and is guilty...

Were in time!“

One more case “about a pot“ such occurred:
Went we to shop from Sankaya. Bo - about - the olshy bag was bought. We bear together home (you know that “to bear it together“).
I here Sanke of “pisa“ was impatient.
- Sash, you will suffer? To the house slightly - slightly remained...
- to Potepl. Send bysty...
we Go quicker.
At the house shouts:
- the Father, we will not reach! I want the Pisa!
What to do... we take off trousers... we do “serious work“...
Made :) the Son looks
to the father in the face, his mouth blurs in a blissful smile...
With relief sighs:
- Were in time!:-)

B the EU in p and p at!

A here, so the oppositionist zeshet to us on a visit one local with the detishka (under 3 years, as well as ours). I also ask its (detishka):
- Nikita! You love mother?
- Not...
- And the father?
- Not...
- And the pussycat...
Long thinks...
- And the pussycat not...
- And (I am kidding) “belaruskasts, demakrytyyu, nezalezhnast“ you love?
Nikita long thinks, and then inclines the head and - “baud - baud“ - climbs to butt...
How to be told, a slivka from a yablonka nearby slides :)

New ig ru sh

Designate to

all these elegant, but lifeless and uninteresting dolls! Dasha had a new toy (a detishka, it is natural) - a vegetable marrow. It is its new “babies - golyshik“.
Well and that that there are no legs, a peephole and other parts of a body? But pricks can be pricked, in a bathroom to bathe and to cover with brilliant green - as much as necessary! Mother resolves!
Here also went, such mysterious, the whole week with it “golyshiky“ :).
A trouble happened then - golyshik “from a short flight of stairs“ fell and on two parts broke! It wound it with bandage and in tears...
A we with mother on a kitchen garden were at this time, with Dasha the grandmother sat.
Here, so also calls the grandmother:
- Trouble happened! Urgently bring to Dasha a new golyshik! And that I cannot calm in any way!
could not be Done. I break a kakbochok and run home... Only I give
to it in hands - she right there on a bottom mercilessly of
begins to thrash him: - I spoke to you do not climb a short flight of stairs!!! Spoke?! And you disobedient children! Sichas to you I will give an injection! And I will dig ears! And you at me a plateful eat porridges!
A in the evening when mother prepared water and called the golyshik “buy - buy“ to do, Dasha with astonishment asked:
- I to you that, a vegetable marrow?!

of Missile defense the crane

Usually we have

of no hot water in the house, as well as almost in all city. But here before visit of the president to the Alma - a mater local authorities “are bent“ and give to unfortunate hostesses so long-awaited “boiled water“ - and at once from both cranes :(.
Here and during next such “bending“ when from the crane went rusty - rusty water, Dasha, having looked at this disgrace, with astonishment declares:
- Mother! The crane FEELS SICK!
A long gets then the father regarding an explanation as nevertheless the crane eats these ill-fated “mishenka“...


with the author is possible on “ICQ“ - UIN 63813760 (Always). The archive of mailing, as well as a lot of another useful detsko - parental information, is located at www. 7ya. ru. The half-dead forum “Baby talk“ - discus. nsys. by. Be not ill and do not cough!

of All good to you and your children,
father Seryozha

(C) 2000 Vorobyov Sergey

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