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The choice of the realtor of

Own methods

Searches of the reliable realtor company often - the first and most difficult step in long process of acquisition of real estate. Possibly, there are some criteria by which it is possible to choose serious agency and to carry out the transaction without risk.

to make a right choice in favor of one of real estate agencies, it is necessary to pay attention to that, how seriously in it treat legal examination. The majority of the sold apartments already exchanged, gave, descended. During similar procedures quite there could be moments, unauthorized from the legal point of view, which one fine day easily can call into question your right for the acquired living space.

Quality of work of agency can also be estimated on those guarantees which it provides to the clients. If the company is ready to bear financial responsibility for each carried-out transaction and can document it - to work with it more quietly and more reliably.

the good agency surely gives to the client a guarantee of safety of transactions. Legally it looks in the form of the guarantee or insurance certificate. The similar obligation guarantees you in case of loss of the property right to the object acquired by means of agency monetary compensation at a rate of an overall cost of the acquired apartment or granting equal cost to other living space.

do not forget

also about that attention which to you is paid, besides, it is desirable to take an interest in length of service of your agent. The skilled employee has to work in this market at least 3 years. If the agency provides you the employee who also did not work years in this sphere - ask to give you more skilled or change agency.

Way No. 1. Check on the Internet and mass media

First of all can check a rating of agency on the Internet, in printing mass media, to estimate advertizing volume. The considerable volume of the performed operations also demonstrates solidity of the realtor company, stay duration in the market of real estate. Large volume of advertizing also testifies to success of firm. It is desirable to read a selection of articles of analytical character or PR - materials about the studied agency in the special and open press.

the Indirect demonstration of duration of existence of agency in the market of real estate. Now licensing is cancelled, but originally licensing of this kind of activity was obligatory. Therefore, for example, two-digit number of the license confirms registration of agency at the beginning of formation of the market of real estate when this market was controlled by the state especially strictly.

Realtor activity of all decent companies is insured by

, the insurance sum close to one million dollars, is a sign of solidity of the company too.

Way No. 2. Through acquaintances

the Excellent way of the choice of agency - the recommendation of acquaintances. As a rule, it turns out that several acquaintances solved approximately the same problem recently, as you now. You can collect their responses - bad and good. Bad you should not be afraid, but it is necessary to understand from where this negative is. The negative review of your acquaintances of some agency does not mean yet that this company bad.

Often negative reaction to real estate agency arises because the realtor company mediates only between the seller and the buyer. Therefore the agency is not always guilty that you should return advance payment for the acquired real estate from after a while - for the fact that the seller decided not to sell the living space, and to make it it always all sum having the right before date of transmission completely.

Way No. 3. Telephone selection

Some choose agency as method of telephone selection. The preference in this case is given to the company whose employee most of all managed to convince the potential client, that their agency - the best option for it.

the Most correct decision will be created by

at you if you looked at information on agency on the Internet, learned opinion on it of your acquaintances and called this company.

If during collection of information about some agency you received about it flatter comments from acquaintances, made sure of its high rating and longevity on the Internet, but you did not like telephone conversation with the employee of this agency - do not hurry with conclusions. Perhaps, you were simply not lucky - you got on tired or not really the responsible. However it does not mean yet that all workers it is agencies are not rather polite and patient.

How to distinguish swindlers?

Average and small real estate agencies are not worse than

large at all, more individual approach to each client who addressed them is characteristic of them, but the database of offers at them is less, possibilities of legal preliminary check of potentially acquired real estate are weaker. Therefore everyone decides for himself that to it it is more important - excellent service or a large number of offers.

At all agencies counting on long existence in the market of real estate, approximately identical service prices, as a rule, it is 4 - 6% of transaction cost. On very expensive apartments fee of the company can fall to 2% of apartment cost.

Prick up the ears if the agency sells the services too cheap. Perhaps, they want to take away everything that you have. As it is banal, but you know free cheese where happens. The such agency, as a rule, enters the market of real estate for a short time behind single, but large profits.

Even if to you managed to perform successfully operation on purchase of real estate, preservation of the rights for it in case of unexpected claims for this living space is not guaranteed, for example, from suddenly appeared successors of the former owner at all.

If some agency offers you very cheap apartment - it is worth pricking up the ears, it for certain has essential shortcomings. For example, it can be the doubtful rights of the seller of the apartment for sale or a terrible condition of the apartment.