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The prices and entertainments in Interwater, the Crimea (2005)

Rest as any of human weaknesses, contributes to expenditure of money.

it is possible to Reach by

to Interwater by bus from Simferopol, Dzhankoy, Yevpatoria, Krasnoperekopsk and the other cities of the Crimea. From the same Simferopol buses go not less than 6 times a day.

the location of the village is very successful

. On the one hand the estuary - the lake Dzharylgach, with therapeutic muds almost in the same place (actually, through the road which divides the lake into two parts). On the other side of the gulf Yarylgach stretching to a beacon at the cape behind which the Karnibiysky zatoka, practically part of the Black Sea opened.

And so if in the estuary water very salty, a bottom - sand with small stones, near dirt, then in Yarylgache water slightly - slightly presny and depth is more, the beach sandy with the found stones. And here is closer to a beacon the shell rock already formed small rocks which were especially distinct behind a beacon. At the same time both in the sea, and in the estuary depth rather small, therefore for rest with small children so well this place.

In the estuary we came on distance of 50 - 100 meters, and water was not deeper than knee-deep. In the sea at the same distance - depth from a belt to an armpit depending on the place. At desire it is possible to go further, but at us that was not observed. By the way, it is recommended to be treated by dirt in the second half of day when dirt gets warm. Still, two main “are impossible“: it is impossible to smear dirt on a throat around “an Adam`s apple strip“ and around heart, especially to children. In case of hit of dirt on mucous membranes of a body (eyes are more often), urgently wash out them fresh water. Just in case, in the local market the book about treatment by dirt, in illustrations, for 3 hryvnias is on sale (UAH, approximate hryvnia exchange rate to dollar - 5:1).

Climate, of course, as everywhere near the sea, but specifically western part of the Crimea is very close to our central steppe Ukraine. At the same time climate drier, than in the southern part of the Crimea. Main “indigenous people“ from animals - rodents. Various birdies also love this peninsula. For example, on northern part of the peninsula there are swan islands.

from northern part of the Crimea not far from the village located an almond grove. If to you laziness to walk to the sea, then free nutlets are guaranteed to you. It is worth digging or bringing down and pricking them “only“.

generally, Interwater the village with the population represents 1,5 thousand people. A working season - summer though they can plant potato twice a year: in February and at the end of June - the beginning of July:-). At the moment the village is installed gas. At us for three days switched-off the pipeline for test repair, but locals on this case everything were with gas cylinders which were filled by periodically going car.

of the House in Interwater, generally no more than 3 - x floors. One is more often - and the two-storeyed “barracks“ divided into rooms, but there are also separate lodges, cottages. Are in the main demand 2 - x and 3 - x local numbers. Conveniences from “all in the house“ to “water, a toilet, a shower and kitchen in the yard on several rooms“. Such rooms cost 15 - 20 UAH a day for a bed - the place. By the way, in the same Yalta a bed - the place costs 15 - 20 dollars a day. In the presence you children, with a lodging for the night can have problems from - for unwillingness of locals to take you to themselves (generally, became too choosy).

of the Price, further specified by me on Interwater, for Yalta you can multiply safely twice - you will not be mistaken. Yes, across Yalta: an entrance to Nikitsky Botanical Garden - 7 UAH. with the adult, 3,5 UAH from the child of 6 years. Excursion on a garden - 2 UAH from the paid person (children till 6 years - it is free). I will tell honestly, personally the bad guide got to us, besides there is a lot of groups, and they go with very small period therefore “stick“ to one of such excursions in the place interesting you better, and spend the rest of the time on photography and rest, especially, if you with children.

the Entrance to the Glade of fairy tales - 10 UAH the adult and 5 UAH children`s since 6 years; a private zoo near - 15 UAH the adult and 10 UAH children`s with 3 - x years. An entrance on the territory of the Lastochkiny nest - 2 UAH of 6 years, driving on the boat - 10 UAH of 6 years. Near the Lastochkiny nest it is possible to be photographed in a medieval dress on the camera for 10 UAH 1 suit (3 frames). The same quotations on suits and in Yalta. And here in the Swallow`s nest the Italian restaurant (and by Italians it is leased). In which one laying costs 4 UAH. on the person, and prices corresponding.

hire of monkeys, eagles and an owl - the Crimean sandwort stands up to

Near the Lastochkiny nest 5 UAH for 2 frames on your camera, 10 - on them. At the same time if you at least stroked someone (contacted), then to you almost not to pass destiny to be photographed with this miracle. Especially, if this animal was taken by your child.

Further, on Interwater. Food - to the discretion of the vacationer: most to prepare, the hostess, still at additional expense from her products at additional expense prepares; you can agree with any boarding house for complex lunches (or the menu for all day), you can eat at restaurant. Generally, as our hostess told:“ There would be money, and to spend them for various rest, entertainments and restaurants it is possible also at us“. At the same time, time the speech about lunches, the following prices went: the complex lunch varies from 25 to 40 UAH from the person (at desire it is possible to find more expensively). In boarding house (near us) our neigbour agreed for lunch and a dinner for 30 UAH from the person. Shops on quotations not much more differed from the prices in the central Ukraine, were comparable with Kiev.

By the sea many persons interested to sell baklava for 2 UAH, pies on 1 UAH, belyashes for 2 UAH, sweet tubules - 2 UAH, nutlets (roasted peanuts and almonds) - 3 UAH for a glass, shrimps on 4 UAH for a glass, shish kebabs of mussels or (and sauce) rapan (mollusks from the usual “the rustling cockleshells“) on 3 UAH for a feature (a small stick from 8 - 10 mussels), casting wine (very not sovetuyemy both owners of housing, and vacationers) from 2,5 UAH for 50 grams go. Still pilaf, salads, crabs, mussels, chops from rapan, dried fishes of different types and the sizes, shish kebabs and other carried.

In the market of a melon at the time of our departure cucumbers from 1,5 to 2,5 UAH, tomatoes - 3 - 5 UAH, potato on 2 - 3 UAH cost to

on 4 UAH for kg, apricots on 4 UAH, eggs on 5 UAH for ten. It is better to take wine in shops (Crimean from 7 UAH for 1 l) as there are a lot of fakes or “fake“. Nevertheless, we with the husband took one liter of “Moldova“ from hands in the market and were satisfied both with quality, and taste.

In the local market or about it you will also be able to order excursion (journey and the guide, and all visits already on a local tariff) in any corner of the Crimea. The prices from 25 UAH to 80 UAH from the person, depending on the route chosen by you. Near the same market it is possible to agree also about walk on horses. One hour costs 35 UAH, night walk on the Pansky island with bathing with horses and other costs 80 UAH. (itself Panskoye is in 6 km on the road from Interwater, the bas-relief with the image of the lying Heracles is found there).

By the way, on the same horses you can pass a circle about 10 meters on the beach for 5 UAH, and it is only worth being photographed 3 UAH. Horses very quiet and benevolent therefore you can not worry that you will be thrown off or bitten. Yes, it is possible to go to other cities along a route for any age. In a dolphinarium in Yevpatoria an entrance about 30 UAH including children from 3 - x years, it is worth being bought together with dolphins about 250 UAH an hour (we did not manage to check). Personally we went with our kids to Big Yalta tour of the general lasting 15 hours.

About entertainments and a photo: photography (at us went) with a burro - 5 UAH on your camera and 10 UAH for them, with a monkey - 4 UAH. For a monkey (by the way, photohire on your camera was very friendly) only. Still the same horses, and and with foals; crocodile and imperial pythons - 10 and 7 UAH respectively, at the same time at a zooexhibition all this pleasure costed 5 UAH for each available copy, and the entrance costs 3 UAH for children of 6 years and adults.

the Exhibition not rather big - only one spacious room. Nevertheless, there were snakes including poisonous, monitor lizards, a chameleon, crocodiles, two monkeys, turtles and two parrots. For a change it is quite possible to visit if your child loves similar animals. Ours personally kids were delighted with all a zhivotinok, but in particular with “drakonchik“ - monitor lizards though they stroked only a crocodile. Well, and on the coast went with a lama and the kid of a lama, but to us was enough and a burro, and also favourite horses.

Further, quite decent inflatable hills of even two pieces. On one there were descents on reduction of coolness of the descent: “Hara-kiri“ and “Atlantis“, on another:“ Hara-kiri“, “Dragon“ and “Babylon“. There is such pleasure of 1 UAH for descent, near two-trigger there is a trampoline for children which costs 3 UAH in 10 minutes. Near the second, which more in the center, the pool with katerka for children. At the same time driving of one child costs 5 UAH in 3 minutes, and together on one katerk - 7 UAH

Were also accumulator machines near, but from them we hid with the Young lion as the devil from an incense, understandably, therefore even we did not learn the price. And here we with the husband could not be dragged for ears from “Hara-kiri“, well, and the horses loved by all of us:-). In the sea there are also two free iron hills on which liked to drive both children, and adults.

Still boats, water bikes, “bananas“ with the boat and other pleasures of water drivings are. Besides, owing to small children and not to set the teeth on edge, these entertainments we decided “to lose sight“ and did not ask the price.


Still slightly further for the beach, closer aside to a beacon brought together the center of entertainments consisting of chains, cheerful hills, a karuselka and other attractions. Here the prices bite a little, in my opinion, considering passion of children to ride. They fluctuate from 5 - 6 to 12 UAH from the person. Attraction time - 2 - 3 minutes.

In the market, the beach, practically everywhere in the center of the village, you will be able to buy souvenirs from 2 UAH apiece. Near one house the raw cockleshells rapan were on sale on 50 kopeks for a feature. Swimming means also for reasonable prices, generally, everything that is necessary as a hobby:-).

Yes, these prices were till July 6. During a season the rise in price, but insignificant, for a bed - the place, at most, for 5 UAH is possible. I do not think that there will be a huge shortage of places. When we left and expected 2 hours our bus which “as always“ was late, about 15 people with offers of the services approached us (owing to the fact that we, except the husband, almost did not sunbathe from - for properties of pigmentation of our skin).

I Hope, after my story if you want to go to have a rest in Interwater, it will be not really difficult for you to count the approximate volume of money for your family by your inquiries.

of Good luck:-)!

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