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Our rest in Interwater

the Sea, the sun and water - our best friends. I will make a reservation at once: we did not look for the resort with all conveniences, we wanted by the modest opportunities to take more from the sea. Began to prepare for half a year, and at this time I learned the prices, services, conditions, possibilities of resort districts in our native land. As a result we stopped in the village Interwater which settles down on the Tarkhankutsky peninsula of the western part of the Crimea.

Acclimatization us practically did not touch

. We went night and early in the morning were in the village. Agreed in the price to the aunty (Antonina Nikitichna) and went to it to a billeting. I will notice that we bargained with two children of 3,5 and 2 years on payment as for three, but in our order the room on 4 places was all the same provided. At the same time the court yard was concreted, the courses to a kitchen garden are closed by small fences, in the yard was on two shower, a wash basin, a toilet (behind rooms, and aroma we did not feel). Still owners had two their two dogs boxes, the Boy and the Bug. And we saw Marquis`s cat only the first day, further he understood that for lodgers at them appeared, and came to eat, out of harm`s way, only early in the morning and late evening.

having A little settled, on the same day we went to the estuary, then to the sea. And slept off in the afternoon as all normal people. Further we went to the sea in the morning, and were treated on dirt in the evening.

I do not know

that on us found, but at the sea we were well very active. For us there was an unsuccessful day if we went less than 10 km. However, kids nursed at most 3, further they saddled the horses depending on mood, but more often synulya saddled mother`s neck, and the daughter the father.

At the sea to children it was pleasant to p, especially to float in vests as “turtles“ or to have a rest on the air-bed. Here did not do only without incidents. The children accustomed to hygiene refused to be in wet shorts which they managed to refresh with sea water with enviable frequency. Did not get into the water, even peeped in attempts them there to bring or get. But even more fiercely they battled for the right to be bought when we dragged “blue chickens“ on the coast. A bucket with sovochka also balls which we bought on the place helped with derivation from vanity only.

I if almost always we reasonably sunbathed in safe time, then for the second day we slightly were late till 11 in the afternoon (plus half an hour the road to the house). And here - that we came across as crucians a bait. On the beach at first carried by the handsome of pythons in one party, then in another, then still few times to and fro. Then the burro, a monkey with the owner and two dark horses with foals with a white horse in apples followed. Could not bear the last shower of the Young lion. Having learned the price, having estimated our Lev`s possibilities, we did not find anything the best, than that time to get away home. We paid off with ice cream and its favourite candies. And ours dithat instantly noticed a lodge where they are, and then it was difficult to pass by this institution.

we did not plan to Sit only in the most Interwater. Therefore we found out about the prices of excursions. At first we wanted to go across the Golden Ring of Yalta, but the tour operator dissuaded us, having referred that there the program, and practically all in the movement is too saturated. Time will not be to have a rest and stop just, but advised us to risk and go across Big Yalta where it would be interesting to children. We took advice and went to round lasting 15 hours in the bus.

I Will tell

at once that the Nikitsky Botanical Garden was pleasant to us though personally the guide got to us unimportant. Especially Kids liked to drink water from “fountainlet“ which in our city were removed as mammoths for a long time. With delight they tried to catch goldfishes in ponds, to pull out from there water-lilies, well and, of course, our kids were not left indifferent by some local abrupt avenues reminding hills with crossbeams.

Then we went to the Glade of fairy tales near which literally in 5 meters there is also a private zoo. We, by naivety, decided “to be run“ at first on a glade, and then quietly to visit a zoo. As we were mistaken! Wooden figurines, iron sculptures, stone fairy tale characters made great impression on our kids. But the burro was the most favourite character, it is very realistic reminding News agency from the favourite animated film. However, it was near an exposition “Hodge Nasreddin with the rich man in a bag“, and a present era left the mark on people so that the main question while children sat on a burro, was from people around: “Oh, burro. And where Shrek?“ . A burro our kids chose on beaten half an hour.

15 them could not be dragged Even minutes from the avenue of curve mirrors. As a result, considering our dependence on excursion, we did not get to a zoo what, however, we are not sorry about as we did not see what lost. Though, according to the others, the zoo is enough - interesting is also designed just for children (whether so it, I will not lie).

Near the Swallow`s nest to children not especially it was pleasant to p, but on platforms we were photographed with a monkey and the Crimean sandwort (owl). In the future, already in Interwater, we understood that now every day riding walk is necessary to us at least and it is good if only riding on horses, but not on donkeys. At the Swallow`s nest children strove to feel all the time a medieval dress in which I put on to be photographed. It is natural that the bigger curiosity Irinka pined. Children for the present did not estimate the building.

our excursion continued on the boat then we did not know any more what Lev gives preference more to: to trains or ships? Yalta, of course, beautiful city. But completely paid beaches, high prices and small amount of time for free walk and acquaintance with the district hid from us all delights of this city. I do not argue, vicinities, certainly, are magnificent, but it is better to have a rest in other place (in my opinion), and it is possible to go to Yalta and at excursion. Anyway, the trip across Yalta was pleasant to us.

B Interwater we were in almond landing, dug nuts which very much were even to the taste to children. With other vacationers at our hostess we went to rocks. And there two of my dreams of sea tour came true: to go to the sandy beach at rocks and to find independently a cockleshell of a rapan (I found their two). And besides the quiet sandy beach there was also a grotto in caves in the same place. On the beach we went down steep descent, but it stopped nobody especially as all walked in amicable file on the footpath mastered long before us.

By the way, on one of such walks by only our family the husband got very beautiful stone reminding a grotto and the lock at the same time from one grotto. As it very much was pleasant to me, I took it to bring to us home. At the same time we foolishly went to a beacon though to rocks went straight along the road from an almond grove. People, do not repeat our mistake. The Legenky stone is powerful slightly more, than 3 kg, I bore about 10 km on the embankment, including the rider in the form of a synula. At the end of the road I bore a charming cobble-stone already from - for the principle and greed:-). Now it very much it will even be beautiful to look in our interior.

In the second half of our rest of children in our yard arrived. There were two more families with kids - boys at the age of 2,7 and 3,2 years. One of them our Irinka in its first day of arrival “deprived of virginity“, obtselovav with huge eagerness. Persistently offered another the compote and balls. Then Irochka as the true hostess, banished from the box of the Boy and had a rest there. According to the aunt Tony, Irishka the first from children to whom he allowed so loose behavior. What was confirmed also by a young dog, roar driving away other children. At the end of our rest he only porykivat already on all and reconciled to a similar situation, but all the same Irinka remained with it a favourite. And Lev with a great interest chased a cat when that carelessly came into the yard, ran to a hen house and a gusyatnik at the aunt Toni. And still very much asked to descend to cows, especially, when we finished milk.

we passed with

the estuary Into the little active recreation on the road which divides it into two parts, tried to be treated by dirt. And Lev persistently did not want to be “pig“ as mother. And Irishka in the middle of rest managed to be brushed by a nose about me in dirt. As a result it the second half of rest had an allergic reaction on a face reminding signs “the sun burned a cat“. Nevertheless, the child did not suffer from similar outer effects on the body at all, and we persistently smeared children with sunblock creams and protected from active beams of the sun, especially in lunch hour

we rode the beach from hills, as from those that in the sea, and ashore. Especially we liked the most abrupt descent of “Hara-kiri“. We let children on hills in the sea. Still they were delighted with a trampoline. About horses of course. Even Irishka was indignant to attempts to place to her Levushka. And children sat in a saddle for the first time in life as real equestrians that could not but please.

Other delights of attractions for vacationers were not less interesting. The same katerka on which we could put the child near us (together still dangerously to release them in “long voyage“), hills, roundabouts. In a zoo children with delight called reptiles: snake, guillotines (our name of a crocodile), dragon (monitor lizards and chameleon), mavpa, papuga. And the most interesting that at a zooexhibition parrots and monkeys were not in demand.

We were in detail told about each creature, harmless opened and gave the chance to feel and stroke. Paradoxically, but children wanted to touch nobody, except... correctly, the most harmful and dangerous at them at a krokodilchik exhibition for a tail (for me all crocodile - crocodiles). With anacondas, to a regret, it was impossible to be photographed from - for their essential sizes, but the imperial python was in ours “the full order“. Generally, we had a desire, and entertainments found us. Eh, it is a pity what was not enough time.


From a local flavoring delicacy, strangely enough, to us most of all liked pies. Though local sea dishes very much even tasty. Our hostess traded on the beach in shrimps who she “on protection“ conceded houses to us for hryvnia:-). Lvenok and Irishka quickly remembered some shop assistants in a face, and under appetite conducted us with the husband in the pleasant points behind delicacies. To go marketing and not to buy a melon was for them a crime from our party. We bought part of products from our aunt Toni, we brought part with ourselves. Concerning milk we agreed with one grandmother, and this question was also not for us a problem.

we bought

In the last day several souvenirs, touched the stones and cockleshells and were satisfied with production. And then “had just a rest“ also gave to children the chance to unburden the heart on various attractions.

as a result we, fresh and tightened, with sports figures came back home. From rest there were most good memories. Only the husband sunbathed in our family. We, owing to features of skin, and also thanks to cream, remained almost untanned. When we left, many local took us for only arrived and offered housing. On my argument to one of them that we came not to sunbathe and to have a rest and revitalize children, he answered: “Logically, but all the same you deceive me. From us SUCH white did not leave yet“, and offended left. However, it is already trifles. I can tell that rest for us was successful, though lasted “only“ 10 days.

the Following travel for our kids this summer:-).

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