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Northern Greece, the Athenian Riviera, Peloponess of
Or the short continental Greece guide for travelers with children

“The world as the book: who was not anywhere, read only one page“, the known aphorism says. It is clear, it is pleasant to travel to us... But why we have to choose this edition from all library? The seas - Ionic, Aegean - at choice, the cut-up, various, amazing beaches, the most beautiful landscapes, islands, islands and ostrovushka, lovely cozy villages, clean air, magnificent greens, pines, cedars, declines which never you will forget, the Mediterranean food, an opportunity, tasty and very useful to children, to recover the textbook of history, having wandered on ruins and the museums - here, offhand, several arguments in favor of Hellas as Greeks like to call the homeland.

they are friendly, hospitable, hospitable Sami`s

. In many respects, by their own recognition, we are similar - Russians and “Greeks“. But, the main thing, they very much love children. The are indulged, will treat yours kindly. Once in a tavern we sat and listened to the Greek music, couple of musicians on high chairs played on a bouzouki, the baby of years of four “was grazed“ nearby. Pokidav pebbles in birds, she understood that it is boring for it, and found somewhere a felt-tip pen, saw musicians and in a minute tried to paint a musical instrument on the taste. Men patiently played, and smiled. Then it passed to musicians - hands both from them became covered by an Ancient Greek meander and a scribble. Nobody told not the word. Usual episode. It, of course, does not mean that everything is permitted to young robbers here, but, anyway, Greece very lovely and safe country.

heat: from the middle of July to the middle of August. But in the north it is not so brightly expressed, as in Crete. At a moderate temperature in May, June, the end of September it is just better to choose Crete. In general on islands is hotter, but at the same time the climate is softer and the heat is transferred easier.

of Formality

Schengen . The cost of 30 - 35 euros on the person, is made out week, it is better to assign the vanity connected with this procedure to travel agency. The known problem for Russians - to take the visa for term longer, than for standard 10 days. To have a rest cheap in Greece it is possible, checked. But... the hitch is in how there to get. To put the visa for 30 days, it is necessary to show about 1500 euros for the person, more simply of course, to reserve inexpensive apartments. With the reservation and all other papers necessary for Schengen (the reference from work on the income, the birth certificate of the kid, a photocopy of the passport Russian, international passports, the questionnaire, the power of attorney from the second parent if it does not go with you). Today the mass of agencies works with Greece therefore to get there in the usual tourist way not a problem. For example, in “Zeus - Trevel“ is special family offers when the child goes free of charge. To save, instead of hotel you can remove apart - hotel and even a room on the coast. The main thing to drive to the country with “camp“, and there will understand on the ground...

Aegean and Ionic . From my point of view these seas are equally pure, and in general, beaches in the distance from big cities qualitative - will not carp. Existence of blue flags - purity symbols - is absolutely proved! Especially it was pleasant to me in Kilini and Napfliona, on Sintoniya`s peninsula. However, even on Paleo Falero`s stones you will hardly find something criminal... like the broken bottle. Water already very warm at the end of May so safely go in May, June. Weather can change, of course, once on May 25 we were found by a gale-force wind on Kilini, but next day - again the heat and a swimming season continues.

Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki


Is, of course, an opportunity to go at first to Bulgaria, then to reach by train Salonik. But it is more reasonable to take, of course, the plane directly to Thessaloniki. Flight 3 hours. In northern Greece not so hot as in southern, and the beach season lasts from May to the first week of October. Pines, fine soft sand on beaches, the purest water of the Aegean Sea and cozy bays along all coast. Hotels are located not in resort towns, and usually slightly at some distance.

In small villages and towns can remove apartments, but it is quite difficult to make it of Moscow if you have no invitation from the citizen. And to choose apartments and a room from far away not easy. But it is possible!

Thessaloniki (if it is correct, then all - Thessaloniki) - the big and beautiful city. To fly there slightly less, than to Athens - about 3 - x hours. Huge advantage of this direction - available charters. It gives the chance to find inexpensive tickets.

Tam definitely is what to look therefore if to plan independent travel, it is reasonable to stop in Thessaloniki for couple of days to wander on the city, to visit a rotunda, the White tower, to glance in St. Sophia Cathedral and Saint Dimitrii`s cathedral, to sit on the embankment overlooking Thermal (or Fermsky - too the admissible name) the gulf with a cup of cold frappe, or to regale on mussels and octopuses in one of street cafes at Aristotle Square.

In Thessaloniki absolutely the sea laps nearby. You go by bus, and here it suddenly will flash between houses. And if to get into the top city of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Pauly and from an observation deck near fortress to look around, then it is possible to see Thessaloniki - this Nympha Fermskogo of the gulf clearly. In Pauly`s Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization the mass of all interesting: walk on narrow small streets - pleasure. Old houses, residences, the restored country houses very much remind Bulgaria and Romania. The silence, cats who are heated on the sun dries linen. Sincerely!

Saint Dimitrii`s Temple. Struck the long candles. It appears, Greeks have such tradition when someone is ill, it asks for help of god and if recovers, puts a candle in the growth. But at the end of June and all July in Thessaloniki as, however, and in any other large cities of Greece, - it is very stuffy and heavy. Generally, you understand steams of cars, noise - far away from the megalopolis, is closer to the sea.

Absolutely near the center Salonik - 20 - 30 minutes by bus or the car - are suburban beaches: gold dust, the majority of them have an entrance, convenient for kids, and the blue flags testifying to purity of water, good ecology.

cannot call

of the Price in Greece mentally ill people. But all - is Western Europe. In one of taverns the Pontic Greek woman who emigrated to Greece from Georgia complained that she with five hilyarika (5 thousand drachmas or 15 euros) went marketing earlier and was bought for all week, and now it is a zilch. For an example, the cup of coffee costs from 2 to 4 euros, a tea cup - not less than 1. 5 euros, and in hotels reach also to 2. 7 euros, the ticket for the bus cost 70 cents, to be passed by a taxi in city boundaries about 5 - 6 euros, a half liter bottle of mineral water - 1 euro. In general, to save, reasonably to go to the market or to discounters. There it is easily possible to find juice for 90 cents, vegetables and fruit at the prices are not higher than Moscow.

In Greece absolutely wonderful olive oil, excellent feta, tasty and inexpensive bread is on sale everywhere. The modest dinner in a tavern costs 10 - 20 euros. Why such dispersion - depends on a set of dishes which you choose. But never the sum of my lunch or dinner fell lower than 10 euros. Unfortunately :). Shrimps on a grill, the Greek salad, juice, a decanter of wine, a dzadzika (special snack from yogurt, sweet pepper) - for two it is possible to keep within 20 euros. Sweets - a separate subject. Are especially popular east - tauk - a gyuysa, a cauldron - dib, churek with a stuffing, cakes with a praline, sweets with syrup and ice cream. Very much - very tasty kurabies from northern Greece - melt in the mouth, but not in hands :).

Near the city the aquapark - Waterland is. Quite quite good aquapark, but it is not really convenient to reach. But what really should be visited are thermal sources, thermi. In Fermi from June to October medical baths with sulfuric sources, a clinic and hotels are open. And in 55 km from Salonik, on the bank of the lake Volvi - the modern water resort. Closest Langadas with warm medical baths, 18 km from Salonik, it is possible to reach by bus or a taxi. To catch a taxi, it is necessary to vote and shout the name of the place which is necessary for you.

the Real beach zone, if I may say so, begins

on the peninsula Chalkidiki. For children it is paradise. The peninsula Chalkidiki in a form is reminded by Poseidon`s trident, three fingers - peninsulas Cassandra, Sitoniya, Agios Oros. Itself Greeks call peninsulas not fingers, but legs. Who knows why? So it developed.

Cassandra - the most western finger, is closer to Thessaloniki, is densely populated. White beaches, rocky capes, pine woods. Hotels of any class, active recreation, with children it is better to lodge at the coast. Sitoniya - a middle finger. Azure coast, fishing bays, cozy harbors. We stopped in “Porto Karras“, very large hotel which is famous for excellent food. And well-groomed beaches. On Cassandra - white beaches and rocks, the pine woods. Greeks very much love this “leg“ from a tripod.

Athos - among three fingers the most beautiful and spiritualized. It is a pity only women can see it only from far away during sea cruise by motor ship. Climate here rather Balkan, than Mediterranean, it means that temperature drops are possible, plentiful rains in the winter, plus the swimming season lasts less, than, for example, in the Southern Greece, on the island of Crete. It is possible to bathe to the middle - sometimes the end of September.

If to you not enough beach rest is p>

of Excursion, it is possible and to travel.

Opposite Kavala - the volcanic island of Thasos, only 10 km on the ferry or the boat, and you there. In the center of the island the mountain Ipsarion, with fir forests and chestnut groves, well and, of course, sandy beaches.

What Greece, so strikes it with picturesque roads. Be this Pelopponess or Northern Greece - corn fields are replaced by barrows, low mountains, yellow rocks, the woods. Of course, a way along the sea - this infinite blue-eyed being, - it is impossible to forget. Among the field where grow up tobacco, the stone bridge of the Roman period suddenly will get.

Another thing is that with kids far you will not leave, at least, at one go. It is reasonable to choose a two-three of places which should be visited for few weeks not to exhaust either itself, or kids the long road. Children will transfer cruise around Athos, excursion to Meteors - nearly five hours from Salonik - I do not think. On the other hand, if to hire the car, to stop in way on Olympe`s the mountain to have a rest, then such moving will not be too tiresome.

it is very simple to p to be guided in Greece. Plates with the indication of sights of brown color, an inscription - yellow letters. So do not get lost. Pella and Vergin - the places connected with a name of Philip, Macedonian tsar, and his glorified son Alexander the Great.


in the past - seaport, now an archaeological monument on the plain absolutely near the highway from Salonik. Here znoyno, therefore prepare for the scorching sun. On the way it is possible to stop in the delta of the river Oksios and to try a local delicacy, river fish in a tavern. It is cool that here, in Northern Greece cultivate rice - in June fields turn green as though outside April or the beginning of May. In the fall everything will be yellow.


very much it is pleasant to children, so I was lucky to see the amazed faces of five-year-old and six-year-old kids who asked the daddy on that happy person who possessed all this wealth. In Vergin unique tombs, and Philip`s armor, and also gold chests and diadems remained. 85 km from Salonik.

In Northern Greece, at 3 - 4 o`clock ways from Salonik, are Sacred Meteors. On the road - beds with a lavender, picturesque fields, rocks of intricate forms. From this recognized geographical “monument“ and a Christian shrine takes the breath away in literal and figurative sense. Because monasteries are literally abandoned on huge rocks.

Excursion is tiresome

, but the result is worth it... The main thing, in monasteries, open for visit, - the mass of interactivity for children. Who will refuse to touch the rope grid which was once serving as the elevator for the monks who decided to lodge in one of local monasteries. Rise over steep rocks caused thrills which are documentary described by eyewitnesses. The rope was not replaced until at God`s will did not break over an abyss. But, the main thing, in this grid, however, indoors, it is possible to climb most. Or to touch a huge barrel on 12 thousand liters, to sit in a refectory and to learn about unusual for us, secular, customs of skhimnik.

the Meteor is better to choose

For visit of Saints day more cool, and do not forget the Panamanian, cream from the sun: on the ladders conducting to monasteries godlessly bakes. On the first Sunday an entrance to all museums free. With children it is better to be chosen till the heat and before flow of Germans. Tickets in the museums cost from 4 to 15 euros. In the Acropolis - 9 euros, to Mycenae - 8 euros.

Peninsula Peloponess: Kilini, Napflion, Lutraki

If you love the Crimea, then Peloponnese to you for certain it will be pleasant. Because it is similar because different because - unforgettable. One grandiose Rio Bridge - Antirio near Patras what stands. And the narrow Corinthian channel connecting two seas...

Peloponnese is a natural mosaic. Landscapes are untouched, fine, surprising. Present, fog, early morning. An olive grove in Sparta on the way to Ancient Theatre, air already in nine it is impregnated with heat, in kindergarten nearby the peacock wildly shouts.

In Panandassa`s monastery that at top of an archaeological monument Mystras, - a sea of flowers which conventuals, and cats, cats, cats carefully look after.

by Gore Taygetos`s

it is simply created for walks with children. Here lodges for climbers - katafina, the dangerous serpentine, natural tunnels and unique points for the review. Olympia, wonderful for walks, among huge century trees - perhaps, the most “children`s“ sight. It is possible not only to tell in detail the child about the Olympic Games, but also to try to make hundred-meter running on “ancient“ stadium.

the Port of Napflion with its fortresses for certain will fascinate by

also you and children. Postcard views, paved small streets, opportunity to swim on the boat on the small fortress of Burdzhi, the excellent pebble beach and the picturesque road to it along rocks with prickly pears... Unless it is possible to pass such “fan“?

In Gitio - the fishing settlement - octopuses on a string, a beacon, and excellent taverns with the most tasty seafood. By the way, and it is inexpensive. The lunch with shrimps, the Greek salad, teramasalato, wine cost me only 10 euros. 3 km to Pylos - very interesting gulf. And in the Navarinsky bay Pyrgos with the grown-up children it is possible to visit the place of the well-known battle. To Pyrgos - the mass of good places for a camping. And in any town of the plate of “Rooms for rent“. Cost rooms from 15 to 40 euro as will carry. We paid 18 euros in a night.


Very known resort of the Southern Greece, is located in only 80 km from Athens, on the bank of the Gulf of Corinth. Quiet resort town known for the mineral curative sources and hydrotherapeutic center. There are expensive luxurious hotels and inexpensive appart - hotels, just rooms in houses. Is suitable for family rest quite. Almost our Kislovodsk, is only better :). Beaches - small pure pebble.

the Athenian Riviera

Glifad and Vulgyameni`s

, Higher education institution, Vul, Varkiz, Lagonisiya - resorts on the bank of the Saronichesky gulf in close proximity to Athens. Literally 15 - 25 km from the center to Glifada. By fast tram it is possible to reach in 30 - 40 minutes from Syntagma Square. It in case you decided to see the Athenian sights and to combine business with pleasure. Minus - Athenians here too have a rest on the weekend.

Vulgyameni`s Lake with curative mineral sources, beaches sandy - generally, allocate day on walk in the pine woods around a reservoir. Wild beaches happen not well-groomed, and equipped, paid - an entrance of 2 - 4 euros - on quality quite approach. But than me the Athenian Riviera is pleasant that here from any stone it is possible to bathe. Another thing is that little children need a convenient entrance. On this case - just one of Glifada and Vulgyameni`s numerous beaches.


I admit to p At once, this adventure for true fans of travel because I will be able to repeat a similar feat the second time not soon. On the other hand, the game was worth the candle because to see Florence and to die - perhaps, one of necessary acts of the person in the modern world. So, to reach other Cradle of Humankind from Greece, it is enough to buy tickets for the ferry in Patre or Igumenitsa. There is a ticket in the general hall with seats about 40 - 50 euros. If to plan similar travel in advance, then it is better to take sleeping bags on number of people - and then on a skin onboard the ferry it will be possible to have a sleep more or less conveniently.

the Food

Yes, nearly forgot. Greece is the Mediterranean kitchen. I will tell more, exactly here scientific nutritionists found a longevity secret - a pyramid of the Mediterranean food: cereals, vegetables and fruit, greens, there is a lot of fish, meat, fried on fire, beans and... olive oil. Surely try octopuses, fried on a grill, large shrimps, home-made salad, teramosalato - oil with caviar, unsweetened yogurt, feta and spinach pie.