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Indelible image. We do a permanent make-up of

of Care of the child, as we know, leave to young mother at least of time for themselves. And often women who still quite recently did not take also a step for a threshold without the “used“ eye shadow leave to the yard with a carriage, even without having touched a cosmetics bag. But if on walk, among similar, such “naturalness of an image“ confuses nobody, then, going on summer holiday, there is a wish not to look worse than other otpusknitsa. And, above all, that neither beach fuss with the child, nor sea water did not cause a loss to appeal. Well, there is quite real way to achieve it!

What women, first of all, seek to correct and emphasize in the appearance? As a rule, it is a shape of eyebrows, contours a century and outlines of lips. Possibilities of modern cosmetology allow to give to these lines the desirable forms, and the “drawn“ contours remain for many years. Now there was such service as a permanent make-up, or a tattoo - a make-up. Tattoos - a make-up and a permanent make-up (permanent make-up) differ among themselves with the fact that in each of these methods the device “hammers“ paint into skin on different depth. And respectively, this paint on a face differently keeps.

Skin and its “character“

For a start - small digression to physiology. Each cell of skin lives a certain period. On average the period from the birth to death takes 2 - 3 weeks then cages turn into the horny particles and just peel from skin. At healthy skin this process is absolutely imperceptible - it happens during washing, a wipe a towel and just in everyday life: the person leans a hand or a cheek against something (for example, against a pillow), and the become obsolete cages fly away. And they are “succeeded“ new which still were waiting in the wings under previous “layer“. The pigment (paint) at a permanent make-up is entered by device needles on this or that depth of skin. And that, is how long it will keep on a face, depends, respectively, on number of peelings. A tattoo - a make-up usually remains from 1,5 - 2 to 3 - 4 years then it is necessary to repeat procedure. At a permanent make-up the pigment is entered deeply, and so that over time paints can only slightly - fade slightly, having changed the shade from - for the renewed thin skin layer. But the permanent make-up remains on a face forever!

in practice situations when the pigment completely “follows“ with a blood stream often meet. It meets at expanded vessels (presence of a kuperoz) at the woman. Besides, there is some dependence on a structure of skin and a blood type of the client. Porous, thick skin holds a pigment worse, than thin and dry. And the first blood type holds a pigment worse, than, for example, the second or third.

Pigments for a permanent make-up on structure happen two types - cream and gel. It depends on a basis to which the pure pigment is added. Gel bases have water base, cream contain also fats. In most cases it is not cream, and it is rather an emulsion. Dyes which are used in a pigment, as a rule, of a synthetic chemical origin. Natural - more allergoopasna. But sometimes the combination of natural pigments of a phytogenesis to chemically synthesized dyes meets. These are rather harmless substances which do not cause any negative reactions in most of people though completely it is impossible to exclude an allergy to dyes. Often the dyes which are a part of pigments for a permanent make-up have a touch a basis, as food dyes which are used for decoration of confectionery (in creams for cakes and cakes, lollipops, fruit jelly, glaze for candies). They are used in pharmacology for coloring of covers on tablets and capsules.

is present

For the patient no difference, the cream or gel structure of dye is applied in procedure. These types of dyes are created for convenience of the master of a permanent make-up. It is more convenient to someone to work with gels, to someone creams. Stories that gel (or cream) pigments keep longer and are more physiologic, have under themselves no real soil.

of the Lip

At a permanent permanent make-up it is better for p to adhere to natural borders of a shape of lips and to try to find a shade, the closest to natural color of a red border of lips. Derogation from a form is possible, but minimum - only for correction of some natural shortcomings. For example, it is absolute at all people the right and left halves of lips are not symmetric. But, as a rule, it is imperceptible. And in certain cases - it is very much allocated. For correction of asymmetry it is possible to do spades for borders. Correction of a form will also help at lips “lodge“ if slightly - slightly to expand borders of an average third of each half of a lip. But here it is necessary to adhere to a measure not to receive a “fastidious“ look. An important question to do or not to do “shading“ of a contour to soften transition from border of a red border to natural color mucous lips. It is better to make it! Then the most beautiful and natural option turns out. But! Shading can be executed only on 1/3 from the general thickness of a lip. Otherwise it is fraught with the most unpleasant consequences of an injury of mucous membrane - up to tumors of lips.

of the Eyebrow

At a portrayal of eyebrows it is better for p to adhere besides to “native“ paints. Brunettes will suit more saturated color - darkly - brown, is gray - brown, dark graphite. Blondes and light-red should stop on olivkovo - gray, bezhevo - brown or gray. Brightly - red there are averages of tone of brown shades and is dark - olive. You should not do a permanent make-up in the black color to anybody as over time, becoming covered by an epithelium, it tends to give to a blue shade. And blue eyebrows look a little unusually. Brown colors can sometimes eventually begin to give to pink color, in this case correction of color is necessary.

by means of permanent ways of a make-up can give to eyebrows any form - they can be made above the natural line of growth “to open“ a look “, to facilitate“ a look, to make it slightly surprised or more naive. The portrayal of separate hairs will help to make eyebrows visually more dense or to prolong the line of their growth closer to temples. It is possible “to draw“ an eyebrow more curved, or on the contrary, to straighten the line. There is a lot of opportunities, however it is necessary to remember that at strong change of a form it is necessary to watch very carefully a condition of eyebrows, in time to tint hairs that grown did not give a permanent make-up in the necessary color. And of course - it is regular to podshchipyvat eyebrows according to again drawn form. At observance of these rules everything will look absolutely naturally, and only very attentive look will notice that natural beauty is strengthened by artificial methods.

As for “arrows“ on upper eyelids, for them black color is the best of all to use

of an Eye. Over time it will turn in Xing - blue, but will look too very beautifully. Brown colors not really are suitable for arrows as they often create feeling of the inflamed eyes. Gray tone are good for natural blondes with very light skin. Blue and green brighten over time and become blue or turquoise.


To creation of “arrows“ on upper eyelids applies two technicians. The first is a portrayal of the continuous line from an eye, internal to an external corner, and, at the request of the client, - removal of an arrow abroad eyes at the necessary length. Here everything is clear - the look brought a century is created.

also the second equipment Is is a dot portrayal of a contour of edge of a century between eyelashes. Here only the line of growth of eyelashes is emphasized, the contour on an upper eyelid is not formed. Possibly and a combination both technician when the double effect is gained. But in each case previously it is necessary to consult to the makeup artist. The matter is that in certain cases very thick contour and strong blackout can create effect, the return to the desirable, - eyes will seem less. Besides, after use of equipment of a dot portrayal it is necessary to watch that eyelashes corresponded to its color constantly. At a dark portrayal and light eyelashes the effect of lumps of dirt on centuries is created.

As it becomes


of the General contraindications to carrying out a permanent permanent make-up and tattoo - a make-up:

  1. All diseases connected with fibrillation violation.
  2. Acne rash to areas of carrying out procedures, an inflammation of virus character (herpes), other types of inflammations of skin.
  3. the Chronic diseases connected with the increased education in skin of collagen (collagenase) as they can lead to formation of hems on the place of the minimum trauma.
  4. Tendency to formation of keloidny hems and keloid 1 .
  5. Exacerbation of psoriasis 2 .
  6. Recently postponed inflammatory or other diseases which are followed by decrease in the general and local immunity.
  7. of HIV - infections.
  8. of Violation of healing of integuments.

Now - about the procedure of a permanent make-up. There is no big difference in carrying out a permanent make-up and tattoo - a make-up. Both that, and another do on an outpatient basis, and the patient has no need to lay down in clinic. On time the portrayal of each object (lips, eyebrows, a century) takes about one and a half hours.

Carrying out procedure of a permanent make-up on lips is possible

of the Lip under two types of local anesthesia.

  1. of Conduction anesthesia in the form of pricks (as at the stomatologist). This option is most preferable since it gives the most lasting analgesic effect for all the time of carrying out procedure. However it gives a side effect in the form of more severe hypostasis of lips which passes over time.
  2. Anesthesia by the anesthetizing creams and gels like ANESTOP or EMLA. In this case the analgesic effect is less deep, but it is not necessary to suffer having pricked, and swelled less expressed.

in case of existence of allergic reactions to the anesthetizing preparations should suffer procedure without anesthesia.“ The portrayal“ lips is carried out on two types of devices:

  1. Devices with progressively - a rotary motion of a needle. The needle bearing on itself a pigment not only moves to them down and up, but also slightly - is slightly turned round its pivot-center. This type of devices - the most widespread.
  2. Devices in which the needle does progressively - the returnable movements, that is moves only forward and back. They meet less often.

the Difference between these types of devices is that in the first case the severe trauma of integuments is formed, and process of healing proceeds more painfully: crusts on a procedure venue are formed, there is more severe hypostasis of fabrics which can keep till 4 - 7 days, and process of healing takes 7 - 10 days. But such procedure costs cheaper from - for smaller equipment costs. In the second case the trauma of fabrics is less, and, respectively, swelled less. And it keeps no more than 2 - 3 days, crusts are almost not formed, and process of healing proceeds within 3 - 5 days. All modern devices are equipped with disposable needles and caps for a pigment set therefore of infection or introduction of an infection it is practically possible not to be afraid. It is enough to check only that the master opened individual packing of a needle and cap in the presence of the client. It is also possible to ask to process other details of the device the disinfecting (disinfecting) solution, for example 70% alcohol, just before the beginning of procedure. It is quite enough to prevent probability of infection.

Very often clients try to do to

a permanent make-up in the medical centers that procedure was carried out by the doctor. On the one hand, it is good, the health worker has more knowledge to secure the patient against possible infection. Besides, the doctor more likely will make good conduction anesthesia as he possesses sufficient skills for this purpose. But pigments cannot be sterilized! All of them equally may contain microorganisms, regardless of that, are used in medical institution or in tatuazhny salon. The human body got used to fight against microbes in everyday life, and their slightly bigger quantity will not make serious negative impact on the healthy person. But in case of violation of immunity or recently postponed infectious disease it is better to postpone process of carrying out a permanent make-up until a complete recovery of immune protection or to refuse procedure in general.

Going to do procedure at the doctor, it is possible to face essential “minus“: the physician, alas, not always also the artist - the makeup artist. He, of course, will be able to repeat in accuracy what to it will be drawn by the client, but will not always see what can be improved. And here the masters specializing only in a permanent make-up will manage to pick up the most suitable forms and colors more precisely.


about a permanent make-up of lips, it is necessary to mention and one unpleasant aspect: when carrying out procedure there is “provocation“ of an exacerbation of a gerpesny infection. If at the client at least once in life “cold“ on lips was shown, it is possible to be sure that after procedure this problem will visit her again. That it did not occur, it is necessary in 5 days prior to procedure to begin intake of antiviral Zovirax preparations or VIR. And for processing of crusts after procedure it is necessary to buy creams of the same brands.


of the Eyebrow and eyelids

When carrying out procedure on eyebrows and centuries uses only one type of local anesthesia - skin. That is carried out by means of creams and gels. Carrying out anesthesia by means of a prick is in rare instances possible. But it gives severe hypostasis at once and changes a shape of a frontal bone and a century, that is complicates process of equal and symmetric drawing.

the Equipment and pigments at the same time are used by

same, as well as at a permanent make-up of lips. Hypostasis keeps less. Process of healing borrows approximately as much time and corresponds to type of the device on which procedure was made.

After procedures on centuries small lachrymation of eyes in the first 2 - 3 days is possible

. Therefore it is recommended to stock up with 20% SULFATSIL of SODIUM (albucid) and to drip in eyes 3 times a day on 2 - 3 drops in each eye.

Procedure of a permanent make-up of eyebrows - the simplest is also easily had by patients.

of “Front sight“ and a birthmark

Now birthmarks and “front sights“ on a face giving to appearance a coquettish look became fashionable again. It is not difficult to make them at all, but most often these “front sights“ or “birthmarks“ remain forever and after some time fade therefore they need correction or final removal of color by means of special procedures: deep peelings 1 , dermoabraziya 2 or even coagulations 3 .

Should know

After procedure that in the course of a permanent make-up or a tattoo - a make-up the crusts consisting of the dried-up blood, a lymph and a pigment are formed. The percent of maintenance of a pigment on a surface of crusts is very high therefore their brightness is always higher than brightness of a true permanent make-up. Taking into account that the pigment entered into depth of skin from above will be covered with an epithelium, for procedure brighter color, than wished is always chosen. It is possible to carry out the small test (but it is already more important for experts): to take a pigment, to apply it on skin, and then to put from above a tracing-paper. That shade which will turn out when examining through a tracing-paper and will be close to total result. Crusts should be “protected“ from premature peeling and, of course, not to tear off them violently at all. They will depart when under them healthy skin appears. During violent removal of crusts together with them as if “vytaskivayetsI“ the pigment entered deep into skin and on their place am formed or lighter, or in general the site deprived of coloring. And the pigment should be entered into it anew. For faster healing of a crust from above it is good to grease with BEPANTEN cream, 3 - 4 times a day, and between these procedures it is useful to grease them with creams the ACYCLOVIR or ZOVIRAX.

How to achieve uniformity

Procedure of drawing a permanent permanent make-up or tattoo - a make-up it is carried out repeatedly. Carrying out from 2 to 4 procedures is possible. The matter is that at primary drawing a pigment absolutely smooth, flat line without admissions not always turns out. In the course of healing of wounds the crusts which are formed on their surface fall off, such sites become visible therefore and it is necessary to carry out correction. Unfortunately, on lips everything is very frequent - there is an exacerbation of a viral herpetic infection, and it completely destroys a pigment on a site on which arose. As a result on this place the white spot is formed, and the line of a permanent make-up is interrupted. Sometimes it turns out that crusts incidentally tear off (for example, in the course of a dream), and the pigment on these sites is lost too. So additional correction, after an otkhozhdeniye of crusts, is necessary almost always.


Effect of chubby lips

After procedure of a permanent make-up on lips, especially if made expansion of a contour, it is possible to resort to cunning reception - to enter under new edge of a border of lips the resolving gel on the basis of hyaluronic acid. Why it is better to make it? If to watch sideways at lips that them the red border anatomic slightly - slightly is given forward and at once after this becomes more flat. When the pigment is entered, lips visually extend only at a look a fullface, and at survey in a profile it is visible that it is just drawn site, and true camber of a red border is located below. At introduction of gels under again created border the level of this site rises, and lips look naturally in all foreshortenings. These gels have also other positive moments - they interfere with formation of vertical small wrinkles over an upper lip, support an optimum level of moisture content of skin over the place where are entered, and give to lips slightly bigger volume, without doing them at the same time vulgar.

Unusual situations

K to them can carry too large natural volume of lips. In this case by means of lighter tone which is picked up in color of surrounding skin it is possible to narrow borders of lips visually a little bit. However, in a profile it will be all the same visible that the natural border is higher. Also the option is besides possible that, having become covered by new cages, lighter site will become even lighter and will strongly differ from other skin. In this case, perhaps, a large number of procedures of color correction before receiving final result is required.

Other non-standard moment touches already eyebrows - when own do not arrange their owner with either a form, or volume, or a location. In this case own eyebrows completely are removed (are pulled out or clean up by means of electro - the laser - or photoepilations) and instead of them are drawn new which are necessary. But here besides there is some affectation: eyebrows turn out drawn on skin, and there is no volume of hair. Especially it is visible at a look in a profile. Therefore, deciding on this procedure, it is necessary to think properly: whether really it is so necessary.

Sometimes should do to

drawing only on one eyebrow - from - for a hem which remained there after a trauma. In this case primary pigmentation in two stages becomes - at first correction of area of a hem, and then when crusts depart, - procedure of a permanent make-up already on a full eyebrow is made (it is necessary to do for uniformity the same and on the second more often).

the Permanent make-up of cicatricial fabric - in general rather complex challenge as this fabric very badly holds a pigment, and number of corrections cannot be determined by

in advance.

That who does not intend to be limited to a permanent make-up on a face and wishes to improve other parts of a body with its help should be remembered: it is not recommended to do procedure of this sort on okolososkovy auras of mammary glands. This area is very vulnerable and often begins to live with formation of rough hems. Besides, from - for subtleties of the organization it is very subject to tumoral educations, and the excess travmatization can increase risk only.

in conclusion wants to be emphasized especially: the permanent permanent make-up is very convenient, practical, beautiful and safe if it is executed by rules and with observance of all put restrictions. In this case results of this procedure will only please, and appearance will become such expressive of which still it was only necessary to dream.