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The book - a homemade product for children of any age of

U me two children: Ilyushe is 7 months old, Timosha - 2 g 3 months. At first I had a thought simply to print out pictures with animals for Ilyushki, and then thought that it would be quite good to accompany each picture with riddles and verses for Timofey. With it we quite often read children`s books.


Now at it spilled out interest in verses which we tell “in half“, but their most part in our books everything is for kids is more senior - so it is simpler to get on the Internet. In general, still it is necessary to look for the good book. I bought rhymes about animals here how to you this, for example?

That for a cat this lynx? you will not tell
of the Lynx “shoo!“
the Lynx itself lives in the wood
I does not ask sausage!

U me language will not turn to read it to the child. And happens, verses good, but pictures … By the way, we sometimes are to the father in “Bibliopole“, and we find the most valuable copies with Suteev`s drawings, Vladimir there, Ogorodnikova, Chizhikov - now will not find such illustrations - and simply we iron them the iron and we irradiate with quartz.

I do not argue, many good books for kids are on sale. But to buy the book - the baby with the one and only verse for 30 - 40 rubles … it will last for two days. And here you to publisher.

Now about the book. Illustrations are unpacked on the color printer. The text - on usual. All sheets are placed in transparent folders - files and inserted into the dense folder. To each animal there corresponds the leaflet. It is better to lead round capital letters (the name of animals) a felt-tip pen that it was postponed in memory. The scope for creativity is unlimited! The collection of verses and riddles can regularly be filled up, inserting additional pages (as well as pictures), besides between verses it is possible to leave an empty seat, pasting small pictures with animals from different magazines.

you, of course, know

about Doman`s cards which, by the way, are also on “7e“ (an animal or a subject has to be accurate, large, and on a white background: the motley picture does not suit for absolutely little children). In the beginning I wanted to unpack them, but, in - the first, could not take the picture from the presentations, and in - the second, not all animals are photographed successfully, and I solved, generally to use drawings. I took many pictures from cliparts for CorelDraw, and then, having found pictures of animalists, partially replaced them.

you ask

why to one drawing one rhyme, and is applied to another eight? Yes because it so far only beginning, guide to action. There are many pictures which verses, and also verses without pictures did not approach. I do not spread them yet, but still ahead. As they say, “we will look for“! Just so far there passed not enough time. I put peanuts to bed, and I sit in front of the computer at night while I do not begin to be sleepy. But “if I what solved …“. There will be both “Seasons“, and “Transport“, and, hope, it is a lot of everything still.

Why the book for any age? Yes because verses can be read only those which your child will understand at present, leaving more difficult for later. Here, for example, for kids:

Accurate leverets
of the Pad?
was Washed.
was Washed.
was Washed.
washed Everything.
I now we pure
Hares fluffy.

Or such:
the Hare
On three pads the hare jumps,
I loudly cries with pain.
As an edge at a knife,
of the Needle at a hedgehog.

to Children will be more senior than

longer verses or, for example, riddles are interesting:

the Grey small lump
Chick - chirik! - it froze very much!
the Sun, vyglyan rather,
Waits for you ours... (sparrow)

One more nuance which wanted to be noted especially. Of course, probably, it is necessary to ask permission artists and poets to use of their materials. But, I think, time of any commercial party is not present here, hardly they will be against we will show to the children their pictures and we will read their verses. Actually, for this purpose all on the Internet also gives all the best.

I Want to share

also with parents interesting links (these are the websites which were useful to me).

I Wish all creative achievements!


, and do not forget to share ideas!

P. S. If someone needs to scale the picture, to cut out on a contour, to make an inscription, etc., but you are not able, write me - I will make. The same concerning images - send the list that is necessary - I will try to find. The only thing - not quickly :).