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About travel to Cambodia of

we Had a rest in Thailand in the resort in Pattaya, local exotic, civilized commercial excursions, but suggested us to go acquaintances with them by car to Cambodia and to look on Angkor.

why is not present

A? It almost nearby. What it, I then did not know, but went. The only thing, confused that remembered since the childhood - there was a war and fir-trees of people, but calmed itself that it was long ago, and precisely nothing happens to us. Agreed with the driver, the truth he did not know English, and communicated by means of a leaflet and the handle, type of rock painting. Got into the car, took local beer, we go and we go bananas, so to border went hour 3 - 4. When arrived, the type of border surprised us, we fondly thought that it will carry us further, and it, having taken money for hotel as for the next day carried us back, abandoned us.

Around, dirty children were enough for trousers, struck a type of the children rolling huge carts with some stuff, against this poverty shook huge buildings of a casino as they were not in the world center sex - tourism, and in a free zone between Thailand and Cambodia.

On border us was met by group as we thought, free guides. They took our things and carried, only then we understood that for the services they want from us about $100, we, of course, refused to them and that is surprising - released us without fight. On border we had to receive immigration visas from Thailand that hardly goes in. What struck on a customs post, so is that all customs officers sat on different chairs - as in the movie “Ten Chairs from the Palace“, only all different.

When came over to the Cambodian side, the landscape still changed, and of course, again customs.

the Customs post settled down just under a canopy. There people in uniform sat, and their hands decorated rings with emeralds. I do not remember persons, it was remembered that they wanted money and rings. Of course, we were exposed on money again, but we found the car to the city of Seaham - Riap for only $25 on which an hour more four went then. Then in Angkore we met the rare Russian-speaking press photographer from Hungary, so he with the passport without any money crossed border, to it only the stamp was delivered, here and be proud then.

of the Taxi represented five-year Toyota Camry of white color. Struck lack of the tool in a luggage carrier. I then had a domestic car, and without totality, a padded jacket and two books on repair I did not come out to streets of Moscow. Here I reflected whether it is time to change the car.

On the way most of all was struck by the road or its total absence. Asphalt with traces of bombardment was only on border, then there was just rolled red clay. Passenger cars all without registration number, but cargo, generally “KamAZ“, had them. But there were they all flowers, seemingly, just that to learn the car.

Local went on pass - trucks, jamming into a body and sitting directly on a roof. As they transferred this heat, just surprised! By then skin on a hand was inflated and burst: burn of the second degree. The nose gained steady crimson color. You will go - put on white shirts with a long sleeve.

On the road us was filled with gasoline from 2 - x liter bottles from - under Pepsi. Gas station represented just a canopy with a shed at the road, but by then it surprised us a little.

Money in the course local, pay off with packs. Dollars and baht - from Thailand.

People live in lodges from straw, then, having seen on Sri - Lanke lodges without windows and doors, but from a stone, I remembered “Three pigs“.

Along the road the unusual landscape - the dried-up and cracked earth, the dried-up rivers, poverty stretched. Saw how it is possible to carry on one moped two pigs at once, and they were live.

Suddenly, already in the late afternoon, ceased to shake

, and the civilization began. I thought to spend the night in a tent, but offered us hotel in the city of Seaham - Reap. Opposite to the royal palace there was a hotel for $300 in a night, but we lodged for $20 for number - with the conditioner and other conveniences. In the TV counted 60 programs, but there was nothing to look.

Having settled, we went for a walk to the city. Having come to the central street, we felt a fire smell, but by that moment it was very difficult to surprise us.

Have supper at restaurant with white cloths, we were served by three waiters. Ate seafood, meat, drinks. Cost on four $20, it did not surprise us too.

is farther than

as true Russians, went to buy souvenirs for $2. Came into the first shop, there traded in gold, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. As the prices were time in five below Moscow, we spent practically all money that were.

in the Morning at five in the morning the driver sent to

the car to hotel, and we went to meet dawn in Angkor. Angkor is a forgotten ancient cult city in the jungle. The story about Angkor is a separate subject, but it was one of the strongest impressions in my life, for the sake of such minutes and hours it is worth living.

of Money for a breakfast at us was not, went hungry, but happy. On a case of hunger there were two sweet dry biscuits, we then, having returned to Thailand, their mudflows with beer. (After such travel all superfluous - the smart lady vanishes, all in gold, sits on a border bench and drinks beer with a sweet dry biscuit. Just she is happy at this moment, and is happy not because that she in gold, not because that she drinks beer, and because that it returned back to Thailand, and could remain there on border in dust with beggars.)


several hours in Angkore were worth it that almost to spend days on the way though, maybe, and the road with the difficulties and became the most interesting on travel.

Just as in life - happy life begins not on reaching the purpose, and in process since we live here and now, every instant is unique, our life is fine. Try to learn to derive pleasure from difficulties!