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OF OF OF D E T C K I Y L E P E T # 6
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Is amusing

of of History from Olya Artemyeva, but children for some reason have special relations with dumb animals :). Why does that happen to me, for example, unclear. Often kids perceive everyones Barsikov and Jolly-boats as equal to there. Here - that various funny things also begin...

Summer. Heat. We all family left to the village to the grandmother. And at this time presented to the granny a puppy of a sheep-dog - a small miracle which only learned to drink up independently from a bowl. Anyuta (1,5 g) at once began to sort out with it the relations concerning domination in the territory of the yard (they, probably, did not take adult individuals of a human and animal race into account). The puppy for the dream (which is able which it stayed the most part of day and all night long) chose an old trough in which the careful grandmother put a polovichok.
But as it appeared, a trough was pleasant not only to a puppy.
in the yard were distributed Once such heart-rending cries that we rushed from the house nearly battering down doors. Ania shouted, and the puppy accompanied her squeal and already making the way growl.
Anyuta, razvalyas in a backet, kicked puppy sandals, and that, having caught edge of a dress, tried to pull out it from “bed“.
the Most interesting that neither that nor another were going to concede and continued to fight fiercely until the conflict was resolved by Mother, having seized Anka in an armful and having dragged off the child from a furious young of wild animal.

Growing up, kids begin to realize that the person, generally, the king of beasts. And in this regard try to apply methods of physical impact to the animals who left obedience. What is not always reasonable... But try explain it to them!

At neighbors lived in the village very harmful doggie. Adults, understanding that “the dog barks - the caravan goes“, treated her with feeling of scornful indulgence, but Anyuta awfully was afraid of her. So that one did not even want to go to the girlfriend living through the house.
But once, having told Mother that she is afraid of nothing any more, Anna went beyond gate. In a minute heart-rending squeal, and behind it a deafening roar and footfall of legs was distributed.
Having slammed a gate and otrevevshis, Anka was subjected to biased interrogation from Mother.
Turned out that midway ways of the child and a dog were crossed. Having stared to a spiteful animal in eyes, Anna decided not to concede and...... having swung from all force-legged, set to a dog to a jaw.
the Pause, necessary that the animal recovered after such impudence, and a reciprocal sting for a leg, as they say heartily.
Then a roar and escape from a battlefield.

Anna climbs all village and managed to get acquainted with all four-footed living creatures, and also with their owners.
the Owner of couple of horses is the grandfather Ivan - very picturesque personality. The matter is that he communicates with animals only by means of a perfect Russian mat, and is quite loud. That is, when the grandfather Ivan goes to milk a cow, about it all village recognizes by those epithets with which he awards a Burenka.
Once the Daddy, having seen the horses who are grazed near our house, decided to acquaint Anyuta with these representatives of fauna.
Between Papsey and the daughter took place the following conversation:
- Anyutka, look, - a horse.
- (scornfully) Is not a horse, but a mare!
- And what is her name?
- the Daw.
- And this horse?
- Son of a bitch! (the father`s widely opened eyes) the Truth - the truth, I heard as the grandfather Ivan so called it.

On a grandmother`s farmstead is costed by a pigsty. In it there lives the huge male pig. In a pigsty the window is cut through.
I Observe such scene:
Anka (3,5 g) reaching a window:
- Well, hi, the boy. How you here without me? You miss? (a joyful pokhryukivaniye) And grew thin - that as! Look, eat well, and that you will get sick. (Mamulina manuals were not in vain) Well all, so far, I went...

I stay only during winter vacation At home - 2 weeks. All this time Mother makes with me march - a throw on shops. One of them - the such improvised supermarket with small pet-shop. In it there is a cage with a rat. While I and the Mummy we rummage in rags, Anka NE COMING OFF costs near this cage. And not just costs, and seizes hands rods and literally fixes the eyes sad on a rat.
we Go after one of such campaigns home. Anyuta, plaintively sighing:
- Mother, let`s buy a mouse...
Mother sighs too, but fatefully - was tired. Probably the question is brought up not for the first time.
Ania, having kept silent a little:
- I Know, she will crap everywhere. (pause) And cheese it eats much. .

Adult uncles and aunts! Let`s make
so that there was enough cheese not only to us, but also remained a little bit for a mouse. And we will teach to crap it in a pot. The truth - the truth! Only buy, please, a mouse...


I Apologize

for some delay with releases. I think, companions parents that you forgive me. I, as well as most of young fathers and mothers, bird dependent. When the family releases - then “I depart“ to do new number.
Obeshchany release “From where undertake children“ it will be obligatory - but a little later. Meanwhile for it there is not enough material. Probably, all “interested“ parents on holidays were winded - few letters something come to “Baby talk“ :(

of All good to you and your children,
the father Seryozha

(u) 2000 Vorobyov Sergey
(y) 2000 Artemyeva Olga

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