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The sign of water

your kid feels confident, only bathing in a bathtub? Sea open spaces do not attract it, and he prefers to be ashore? Offers to swim for a while on a mattress do not cause enthusiasm? Well, seemingly, it from those to whom the water elements are represented full of dangers. And on it for certain there are reasons.

Some children with pleasure take a shower, but can arrange the real hysterics at the sight of the river. Other kids surely feel in the pool where the space is foreseeable and it is possible to grasp a side, but will not agree to show for anything the abilities in the sea. And there are children who cheerfully lap while water quiet, but at a small wave panic. Fear of water takes the most different forms and can be shown under certain conditions. And parents are not always able to treat with understanding to unexpectedly arisen fear, are often inclined to perceive it as a whim and try to relieve of it the child by means of rational explanations and admonitions. As a result the kid not only does not get rid of the concern connected with water but also feels some neglect to himself.


Oh, I am afraid!

are not always obvious to

of the Reason of fears of the child. Groundless at first sight, but, nevertheless, very resistant, fears can arise even in infancy. If someone from parents is afraid of water elements, it can give this mistrust to the small child unconsciously. In how the adult trains the kid for bathing, in careful preparations and the exaggerated security measures the unaccountable alarm which the baby will feel and will connect with stay in water can appear. Return option: extremely vigorous parent, without fluctuating, throws the child into water that that tempered character and learned to overcome difficulties. And the kid is not ready to such extreme measures.

the Similar deeply taken roots fears will not disappear as if by magic as soon as to the kid three years are executed, say. To help the child to cope with them, special efforts, patience and understanding from parents will be required.

at the same time not always the situation looks so dramatically, there is a set of the I other, more obvious reasons for which children can cease “to be on friendly terms“ with water. The four-year-old little girl came to the beach in one shorts because mother counted top from a bathing suit as a useless accessory. But it turned out that all her contemporaries sunbathe in bathing suits. The girl felt uncomfortably and during a lesson of swimming did not derive any pleasure. And sense of shame corresponded at it to stay in water. Other little swimmers can feel too clumsy, weak and thin. It is very difficult to cope with feeling of awkwardness to the small child therefore he will prefer to be afraid of water. It is “simpler“ to feel fear to the child, than to face shame, doubts and uncertainty in itself.

to Tame

you do not press elements on the child, do not try to inspire in it that he just does not understand how it is exciting - to bathe. If it touches water only fingers of legs, so it is still ready to interact with it only thus. It has own method to control and tame the fear, and you can help it with it, showing understanding and support.

Suggest the kid to play

with water that he was convinced that it is cheerful, safe and cools in hot weather.

If you keep the kid on hands in water, do not press it to yourself too strongly, he can think that danger really nearby.

Buy glasses for swimming - water will not cut eyes and it will be possible to play search of a treasure or studying of the underwater world. Game will carry away the child, and the fear will be removed on a background.

Many think that the child is afraid of water because is not able to float. Many instructors recommend to wait with swimming lessons until the child is six years old. Occupations in water will demand from it ability to make the difficult movements, big concentration and self-checking. For the child is younger than six years better to be limited to free stay in water with games and overindulgence, without paying attention to equipment. Do not refuse supportive applications. A fine accessory for bathing - oversleeves. They do not limit mobility, and in them it is possible to imitate the swimming movements.

Avoid scientific explanations. If you undertake to state to the kid Archimedes`s law, then will only waste time. Even at adults fears are often irrational and logical explanations have no force. What to tell about children?

do not resort to emotional blackmail:“ Well, please, do not afflict me, make to me pleasant“. The child does not want to afflict you at all and is ready to make anything that to please you. But even for the sake of you he cannot overcome the fear therefore not only will test fault and shame from - for what is not capable of anything, but also will decide that it will be less loved because upsets you.

the Authoritative method - unsuccessful strategy. We demand to overcome fear, we cite as an example different courageous children... Comparing the kid to others, we deprive of him self-confidence and support. Some children as a result are even afraid to admit that to them it is terrible. It is a right way to that the fear developed into a phobia. Show to the child that you perceive his fear seriously, tell that many children and adults feel similar fear and that he will pass through some time, and you will help it with it.