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Why it is not necessary to go to the Youth camp

this year we decided to send the eldest son (13 years) to good children`s camp. I long chose, asked acquaintances and, at last, made the decision: children`s camp “Yunost“ of Istrinsky district. The camp is on balance of the Kurchatov institute and works from Federation of Wushu of Russia. These two facts allowed me to hope that quality will correspond to rather big price of entertainment (450 dollars in 21 days). The website of camp and the people answering calls promised the sea of entertainments: wushu and English (daily), driving on horses, archery, theatrics. Whether it is worth saying that exactly all promises were a zilch?!

I give impressions of the child about a trip Below. From myself I will only tell that he asked home from the first to the last day those two weeks which it sustained. Parents took away a half of children, without waiting even for the middle of action. My son says that 90% of time they played cards and watched TV. As call the leader, he did not remember (probably, not especially enjoyed attention of this leader). When I took away it for a week before term, any person did not take an interest about the departure reasons but only forced to write the application that I have no claims. Generally, I suggest to read that is written by the child and if there are additional questions, then I will be happy to answer them!

the Charming trip to “Youth“

at the beginning of June my family decided to send to

me to camp. I agreed, and we began to look for camp on the Internet. Soon we found charming (in the description) camp in which had to be: four times food, wushu, swimming in the pool, driving on horses, archery, the English club, theater and club of tea ceremonies.

I Will begin

from the very beginning: we arrived to collecting, and put us on three crummy buses and carried to camp. Soon we arrived. We were divided into groups and parted on separate cases. Over an entrance of our case (it looked as if will collapse any minute) the plate “Welcome“ hung, and from below (probably from last shift) “Morgue“ + still some man pulled out black bags from there. Lodged us in the real tarakannik - walls were strongly painted and if to rub them minute a finger, then will be wiped to a stone; five beds and THREE bedside tables, and everything is located so that it was even difficult to go between beds. From above there was a system “sprayers + the wire which is almost bared = a powerful charge of energy at the fire“. One toilet on two floors.

In the first day, as one would expect, to us was shown where and what occupations we will have, and put to bed at 11 in the evening. I thought that next day we will go there where we will want, instead us as in army, constructed and moved on swimming. The pool was in principle nothing, but small - 120 cm in the deepest place. Then was wushu on which instead of promised nunchak and a pole there was an initial course of all single combats - blow about legs, the block, leaving from the block etc. Then there was English which consisted in the following: the girl entered, told that in a week there will be a parental day, and we have to learn the song. More we did not see it (certainly, at a parental bottom we were the worst). Soon there was a firing, but instead of the promised onions and arrows there was an air gun, it is unimportant, at me at most such, the fact that the target was at distance 1 m is important and it was very difficult not to get.

But most of all me were struck by occupations with acting skills. We came and began to wait, suddenly entered, some shivering old woman also shouted by a wild squeaky voice:“ And well, all got up in a circle“. We got up in a circle on all room, but as in the room there were some objects, the circle turned out broken.

- Idiots perhaps, I told in a circle, and you made some crap!
- Sorry, but here chairs and two tables, to us what it is necessary to rise on them?
- And me to spit as you got up in a circle!

We climbed on tables.

- Performing arts for us game, and here will not be nothing difficult! Now we will play such game, so, you and you left here. So, it is the teacher, and this is the pupil, and you all other class. So, you will ask it a question, you do not know the answer, and all of you have to give it a note with the answer. Well che you stand as the moron here, ask it about something. Well - at - at how many there will be 5+8+4? Well, you are an idiot, same each first grader knows. Set che nibud more difficult.
- Sorry, and to you not all the same?

of 30 push-ups for disrespect.

5 minutes later.
- OK, ask other question.

Pseudo teacher: What water (chemistry) consists of?
Teacher: Well.
One of schoolmates: Sorry, it is possible in a toilet.
Pseudo teacher: No, it is impossible, sit down and listen.
Teacher: You what, sduret? The teacher so do not do.
Pseudo teacher: Ours so does.
Teacher: This idiot tired me. Exchange.

Here the first and as it appeared so passed, the last lesson of theater.

One more amusing thing, camp has the rectangle form. But there is one but - about our case there was a fenced place behind which there were certain ruins (probably there was giving or something like it) and a garbage can which each 2 days burned down, and there was a “charming“ smell.

Needed to be told

about food still. It was very simple: A breakfast - semolina or vermishelevy porridge with tea.

the Lunch - soup a rassolnik in which fish, peas and still something floats. And on the second or mashed potatoes (always adjustable and obviously overdue) with fish (obviously rotten), or buckwheat with cutlet, tea. For dinner always only mashed potatoes with fish and with invariable tea. All always cold and on taste as excrements. We even joked - all pipes conduct to the dining room. Hands at cooks and a plate always dirty and opposite.

Leaders were the real laid-back persons, for example, once the boy approached the wushu coach with words that it has asthma and that he cannot be engaged. Instead of helping the fellow, the teacher forced it to be WRUNG OUT 30 times.

About tea ceremonies at all not words.

And instead of drivings on horses we received driving on the horse harnessed in the vehicle.

in principle, for the next three weeks nothing changed except that at us 3 times broke through a toilet, and all case did of boat beds.