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Serious fitness at frivolous age of

“Children`s“ fitness appeared for forty years after “adult“, and it is very strange. That can be more practical, than take the child together with itself in fitness - club and to leave it to strengthen health under supervision of trainers?

Children`s fitness is something between actually fitness, physiotherapy exercises and game club. Adults solve “adult“ problems in the gym: get impressive muscles, get rid of excess weight, return in norm warmly - the vascular system which is impaired a little by alcohol and nicotine. It is not necessary for children of it, in addition their requirements differ depending on age. Therefore the majority of the clubs including children`s fitness in the range of the services allocate three age groups: babies (3-6 years), kids (7-11 years), juniors (12-16 years). Besides, in a number of institutions there are special groups for kids from one and a half to three years which can join fitness together with the parents.

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For the least visitors (babies) lessons are conducted in the form of the improving games developing coordination and ability to own the body. From outside it reminds occupations in kindergartens: relays, outdoor role-playing games, competitions. In summertime pass in Multi - Sport club of class in the Fitness Star program in the fresh air, in the territory of sport center “Luzhniki“.

However at any games, certainly, also the necessary training minimum urged to cope with children`s illnesses - scoliosis and flat-footedness, and, unlike kindergarten tutors is present, instructors try to train differently children with bilateral flat-footedness and their healthy companions.“ Children`s fitness is a system of trainings with the improving purposes, - Elena Boeva, the manager on children`s fitness of a network of Reebok clubs in which there is a special program “Healthy Back“ directed to prevention of violations of a bearing emphasizes.

Besides, kids actively master dances: according to coaches of Planet Fitness club, it allows children “to feel“ music and a rhythm.

“Both preschool children, and younger school students develop in game much more successfully, - Natalya Isaeva, the coordinator of Children`s club says fitness - Forma club. - Researches of psychologists and teachers show that game promotes development of intelligence, memory, attention, is training of communication, the social relations, helps to disclose identity of the child, stimulates activity of children`s imagination, the imagination and creativity“.

Even the youngest age group occupations in the pool are available to

. Certainly, do not teach sports swimming of kids, however by means of the special equipment they get used to water elements and master technology of the correct breath, and lessons can pass also with active participation of parents.

the Developers of programs of children`s fitness considering that development of the child - the question complex, is included in the program of occupations also lessons having very indirect relation to sport. So, in “Fitness“ in Little Genius group children learn to draw, mold, do to the Planet origami and in every possible way develop “a creative vein“. In Reebok club there take place the occupations with elements of preparation for school directed to formation of mental and creative abilities.


Development of small motility in Montessori`s method, training of memory, the speech, and sense organs - strangely enough, but also it it is possible to entrust fitness - to instructors. And certainly, it is necessary to give to the kid the chance just to move and play with age-mates, without worrying for its safety.“ The offered system of lessons - one of opportunities to save the child from intellectual “equalization“, to teach to recede from the learned algorithms“, - Natalya Isaeva says.

Children from age group kids can be already engaged in

independently and more seriously. Specialized lessons with thorough sports loading - aerobics, yoga, classical choreography, gymnastics with elements of power exercises, oriental martial arts are added to the developing games. And dances: at this age independence turns into a side, children begin to show character and to doubt need of visits fitness - club together with mother. So the modern dances giving the chance to flash before companions quite often become for girls the only argument in favor of sport. And for boys a bait are boxing, aikido and karate. At these lessons except all-physical training they receive skills of informal communication with peers.

In Reebok club children of 10 years in a game form, but quite seriously join adult “fad“ of club - to trainings with use of the Core platform. Games in the pool are replaced by training in sports swimming and water sports, including not absolutely standard (in Reebok of the girl of 7-9 years can try synchronized swimming). The Multisport club of kids begins to be engaged in squash, fencing and different types of single combats; in “the Planet Fitness“ them is allowed to occupations in a gym (under obligatory supervision of the instructor).

the Category juniors is distinguished by the maximum specialization. In - the first, separate power classes for girls and boys, in - the second are allocated, there is opportunity not only to be engaged according to the all-developing programs, but also to choose the lessons aimed at concrete needs and problems - for example, in the children`s schedule of Reebok club occupations, popular with adults, on a slide - platforms and a saykling, in Forma club - water aerobics and water polo appear. In “the Planet Fitness“ is a lesson at which the instructor acquaints teenagers with the equipment of a gym and elements of power trainings.“ Loadings at this age have to be absolutely others than at adults: children have a soft bone tissue, oporno - the motive device was not issued yet, besides, they quickly are tired“, - Irina Shivrina says, the manager of children`s programs of a network it is sports - improving clubs “Planet Fitness“.

“And of course, for all age groups the lessons preventing violations of a bearing and flat-footedness“ are, - Elena Boeva says.

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the “Children`s“ card fitness - club worth from several hundred to several thousand dollars seems an excess even to wealthy parents. However there is no real alternative: school physical education classes demand cardinal revision and health of children almost do not strengthen, and occupations in sports sections are aimed mainly at result and a record. Meanwhile statistical data say that for the last 30 years the number of almost healthy children aged from 6 till 12 years decreased from 61 to 46%. That, in general, and no wonder: thanks to a wide circulation of TVs, computers and game consoles modern children prefer to spend time, free from school and homeworks, not in the yard, and at home and have the same deficiency of physical activity, as well as adults. If to consider that lack of physical activities at children`s age when the organism is formed, affects on health even more seriously, than in the adult, purchase of the children`s subscription in fitness - club becomes a parental duty. You should not forget also that popularity of fast food provokes emergence of such illness as obesity. To estimate scales of its distribution in the future, it is enough to be verified with experience of the West, closely from the excess weight pushed with a problem at children.

“Needs to be remembered that modern children have arrests of development of motive skills, violations of processes of a kosteobrazovaniye, weakness of the svyazochnomyshechny device, insufficient development of a muscular corset - all this slows down physical development and worsens somatic health“, - Natalya Isaeva notes. According to Irina Shivrina, at all children these or those are observed an aberration.

Besides fight against functional frustration of an organism, flat-footedness and stoop fitness - one of the most effective means of strengthening of children`s immunity. It is remarkable that here the large role is played not only by physical activity, but also positive emotional impressions.“ Wash 11 - the summer son Grisha goes four years with me to the gym, and especially loves teykvondo, - Elena Fedorova, the client of one of Moscow tells fitness - clubs. - Special talents in this area at it are not observed, but he goes to classes for the sake of a party. I do not know whether it is connected with sport, but my child very seldom is ill. And this with the fact that it has increased adenoides. I think, maybe, it and is bad? Thank God, had chicken pox when went to the grandmother last summer... Perhaps, occupations by active sport nevertheless influence immunity“.

“Children`s“ fitness not only solves specific improving problems. It becomes also serious help in emotional and social development.“ On dancing programs children receive an emotional charge, are liberated and feel more surely“, - Irina Petracheva, the director of children`s club “Multisport“ says.

A to the parents anxious with safety issues, it is worth remembering: occupations take place only under supervision of the instructor and at constant medical control.“ At the first visit fitness - club of the child surely direct to the sports doctor who estimates a state of health and makes recommendations about visit of children`s group occupations“, - Elena Boeva tells. In a number of clubs the administration will also ask to bring the reference from the attending physician. If the child has malfunctions with health, to it will advise to be engaged in an individual order with the personal trainer (it concerns both aerobic, and power programs, and the pool).

the Exception of the “safe“ rule, according to trainers, sometimes. In - the first, they want to use all those opportunities which clubs give to the adult members, in - the second, at this age children have a conscious assessment of the body. Therefore boys begin to load themselves with unlimited power exercises, and girls - infinite aerobic classes. Both dangerously: when oporno - the motive device, that is a skeleton and muscles, are in development, “adult“ power loadings with additional burdenings can slow down growth, and excessive aerobic loadings - to create base for uncontrollable jumps of weight during all life (and even anorexias).