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It is forbidden to be ill?

the Competition in domestic labor market is extremely sharp. In some sectors of economy the offer repeatedly exceeds demand. It is natural that in such situation the fear to lose the good place quite often forces sick people to show miracles of heroism and to come to work even with a temperature if only only not to give to the management a reason to doubt itself.

the Price

A few years ago the British researchers who studied a set of the facts of similar self-sacrifice for the sake of the native company came to gloomy conclusion that approximately in 40% of cases appearance at work of sick employees led to considerable complications in their health subsequently. In particular, by means of statistical calculations it was proved that the flu postponed standing repeatedly increases risk to get serious heart troubles within the next year. The data published in the English mass media forced many insurers and heads of the companies to reconsider the relation to the racks which are ruining health on service and in passing infecting colleagues. Moreover, the British legislators received additional arguments in favor of saving the existing labor legislation in that its part that protects the rights of sick fellow citizens. For example, in Great Britain the person continuing to be ill after receiving the grant which is due to it under the law which is paid, by the way, within 28 weeks passes from the category of the working citizens into category disabled, receiving special pension. These payments cost the government of the country in the sum which is annually exceeding all expenses on unemployment for 3,6 billion euros. And the longer the citizen of the country is on a grant on disability, the more it becomes. Just socialist some utopia, but not the country with centuries-old exploiter traditions! And how is to the zaneduzhivshy person at us?

“Hospital“ reform

Despite sharp protests of businessmen, the Russian government adopted the law according to which since January 1, 2005 the employer is obliged to pay independently to the employees the first two hospital days. From the point of view of business people, such innovations obviously infringe upon their interests: they lose part of the profit. However most of all from - for new rules employees of the enterprises will suffer, of course. It is clear, that with adoption of this law many chiefs will take the appropriate measures against excessively painful employees. Already now many cases when heads in a rigid form lay down the subordinate a condition are known: “You will take the sick-list - I will dismiss!“ Perhaps, the good tradition of former times will soon consign to the past: to keep to the sick person his earnings depending on an experience and got paid. Well, it is necessary only to hope that such situation will lead to increase of interest in a healthy lifestyle among our population. It is also possible to predict that with crash of the last illusions about the native state people will rely more and more on own forces.

Social insurance

Is very frequent

, being in a condition of euphoria, the happy owner of new work not too cares for documentary fixing of the rights on the new place. However in the future to avoid the unpleasant moments connected with a salary, a circle of the carried-out duties, the same payments due to illness before plunging into office cares, it is necessary to find a little time for drawing up the labor agreement between the worker and the employer. Naturally, the greatest opportunities to ensure civilized working conditions at the highly professional expert who is getting a job in the solid and rich organization. Here, for example, that Sergey Rogov, the director of the Moscow representative office of the large European company of production of cars speaks:“ We insure all constant employees from the moment of opening of our branch. People have to feel socially protected. It favorably affects corporate spirit. And the frequency of diseases among personnel considerably decreases. As everything is paid, nobody doubts, to go to the doctor or not. Besides, the big benefit is brought by preventive measures. Last winter to me any sick-list on flu did not arrive - all passed vaccination. Such social policy already led to the fact that to us cool experts from other companies where there are no similar bonuses often wish to pass to work. It also an additional way to motivate people in the company. The matter is that than is higher the status of the worker, especially a prestigious insurance he receives. And if simple policies include the minimum package of services: out-patient treatment, discounts on drugs, house visits, in what is more expensive, - also the stomatologist (including expenses on prosthetics) the subscription in a sports complex“.

Protect yourself

Considering poor quality of medical care in our country and turn in city policlinics, it is possible to envy only in an amicable way not numerous category of staff of the elite companies. The same who is not among lucky need to learn to assert the right for that the little that else is necessary to them under the law. For example, what to do if the employer decides to get rid of the employee who often is on the sick-list and to take healthy on his place. Whether it is lawful? In principle, the employer has the right to dissolve the employment contract on the ground that the worker does not correspond on a condition of the health of a post, but then the director is obliged to produce the evidence confirming this fact. As such proof serves, for example, medical certificate (certainly, official) about health of the worker with the obligatory instruction that the person cannot continue to work on a post. But even if this fact will be confirmed officially by doctors of a commission of experts, the employee has the right to demand from the employer to transfer it to easier work. That is in principle our legislation still keeps lines of that, former, - the most humane in the world. But our many fellow citizens are so sure that they are absolutely deprived of civil rights in the face of the employer - the owner that do not even try to advocate the interests somehow. And meanwhile formally to dismiss the employee if he seriously decides to fight for the place, it is not as simple as it seems. The law says that it is possible to get rid of officially ill employee, only if he continuously certifies as ill more than four months. But even then the labor law stipulates the list of the reasons (for example if it is proved that the illness turned out to be consequence of work of the person at this enterprise) which do not allow to issue dismissal. And the most surprising that in the Russian vessels annually consider thousands of cases of the people who dared alone, to challenge the dismissal illegal in their opinion without the aid of labor unions.

the Phobia of the irreplaceable employee

However, is at this problem and the comic party in which regular psychologists of the companies are quite often forced to be engaged and is frequent - nopraktikuyushchy psychoanalysts. The matter is that there is the worker`s type - the workaholic with is disturbing the arranged mentality. Nobody and anything prevents to take it week of compensatory holidays at any time and to give sobst - to the wine diseased or just overtired organism rest. But in that is that and trouble that such people, promise them even the management to keep a threefold salary on the sick-list, all the same will not leave for anything the labor post as are sincerely sure of the indispensability and that without their participation everything will get derailed at once. If it is true and work actually demands their continuous presence at office, then such people need to sympathize only. But only it seems to usually similar employee that he such unique and unique. And psychologists should make every effort to remove the addict from his needle and soft arrangements together with the administration to convince the person who overworked to a red veil before eyes to have a rest several days of the house.

Health - the best recommendation

is valid

, only the healthy person can look with optimism in own future as hardly it sometime will remain without work and means of livelihood., It seems, it is obvious truth, but, nevertheless, the cult of a healthy lifestyle is somehow not too popular among our people and first of all - among youth. However, sociologists noticed long ago that than the status of the person and level of its vital wellbeing, subjects usually is higher with great attention it concerns to itself(himself): regularly visits a gym, a sauna, carefully monitors own food and so on. Here only the one who thinks that at first it is necessary to become the manager with a salary in 3 thousand euros is mistaken, and already then to be engaged in restoration of the reeled health. In that is continually that if you constantly are not in an excellent form, then you will not be able just to sustain mad career race with numerous competitors. By the way, curious detail: in many western companies, and now such fashion gets accustomed also at us, it is accepted to estimate very carefully employees regarding their physical shape. And, for example, with a beer paunch (of course, he will hardly be told directly, but excess weight almost for certain will not go to offset) and the heart knocking from nicotine it will be difficult to person to settle on a good position. A conclusion is simple: career loves healthy fellows - optimists! So, it is necessary to be engaged constantly in the health as very seldom who is lucky with it from the birth. Now, when on the street warmly and solarly, the best time to begin to make morning jogs. By the way, physicians consider run, swimming and bicycle walks as the most effective and fast ways of improvement of own physical shape and mood.