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To feed, to feed so!

I Read fierce disputes around breastfeeding and I am surprised, really we will not get used to a freedom of choice in any way? To feed or not - a question individual, and only mummy can make the decision. It is difficult to cope with the kid when he the first and all new. And if abuse? All would be happy and happy, and other will develop!

When I became pregnant, did not reflect as I will feed - a breast or from a small bottle. It was not the main thing at all. And only when on the sixth month my friend terribly was surprised that I am not ready for everything 100 to nurse the kid, dragged to me lots of magazines with articles about breastfeeding. Well of course a breast, I solved, two only loomed BUT. The first that I prepared to Caesarian, and milk could not arrive on time. And the second that I, the thin person on life, could and not have milk by the nature.

When my little son to me was brought in maternity hospital for the first time, he did not find appetite, is lazy licked my nipple and fell asleep. On the second and third time the same history repeated. It was full still pre-natal food as explained to me. For the second day by the evening appetite came. My kitten drank a milk half an hour, has a sleep 15 minutes and again cried. I applied it to a breast again, and he 50 drank even minutes. Has a sleep 10 minutes and again cried!

Ya was in panic and called the nurse. The nurse looked at my kid shouting and thrusting hands into a mouth and declared a verdict: hunger. I was indignant, ate one and a half till this o`clock. The nurse felt my breast, squeezed out colostrum and told that milk will be, and it is a lot of that there is nothing to worry, the kid just did not eat the whole day yesterday. She also taught to feed me lying. So we also slept - my kitten sucked, fell asleep, woke up and again sucked. And I only moved it from one side on another when itself turned over.

of Milk really came much, I constantly used cups for the collecting dripping without ceasing milk. We were glad. The kid ate hour, hour fell down and again it was ready to eat. For the first month it considerably was rounded, appeared the second chin and thick cheeks. Added 2,5 kg and 10 cm (was born 3100 and 49 cm). We could not rejoice. And here he began to belch, and is very active, on a half-glass somewhere. I was not ready to it and began to be afraid terribly that it did not choke. Nights turned into tortures. For feeding it was necessary to rise and after food of minutes 20 to hold the kid a column that the milk passed in a stomach.

in the Afternoon he began to sleep a little, could not be calmed down and asked to eat. Overate and when began to fill up, belched and woke up. Without understanding what disturbs him, he demanded to eat again! And I, having read articles, also did not buy a baby`s dummy. It was necessary to buy, but it did not help any more. Got used to a breast, he spat out it and shouted just intolerably. Generally, I just ceased to sleep if I laid down, then already I slept. By third month I was terribly exhausted and already thought of a small bottle with mix, so though it is possible to regulate quantity somehow! However milk just flew and who knows, suddenly at night the kid will want to eat still. Then it is necessary also to potter with a small bottle!

And were endured by the first three months, it became it seems simpler. And began to sleep better at night - to wake up less often. The mode - was adjusted each 3 hours. Perfectly, I thought, now it is possible to relax and enjoy breastfeeding. Vomiting did not stop, but I already understood that it is inevitability - he overeats, and the stomach just sends back what not in forces to accept.

We not fans to stay at home and often we leave on a visit or we leave on the nature. Here - that I also rejoiced. Food always with us, and the full kid behaved always perfectly, he too not the fan to stay at home! With a dream it was not adjusted. At night my kitten slept perfectly, even began to wake up once in a night. But here to put to bed longer in the afternoon, than for 15 minutes at a breast, it was not possible.

However, the finger appeared. Oh, it also gave us nerves! All acquaintances unanimously went on - it is a nasty habit, do not allow! I tried to take out a finger and to put a baby`s dummy, as a result the roar stood constantly. It was necessary to leave a finger and everything calmed down. Such quiet and peaceful life added to us fairly to weight, is more faithful to my kid - by 4 months it already weighed 8 kg. And I... ate everything podryal and returned to the former 48 kg. The back began to hurt terribly, I began to think of a small bottle again.

I here we caught flu in one children`s company. Here ill luck! The breast appeared as it is impossible by the way. I do not know what I without it would do! And yes the nose razdyshivatsya, and cough stopped, and in general the illness passed rather easily on GV as I understood then. However the night mode was broken, again to wake up each three hours, again not to have a sleep in the afternoon. Well, ahead of 6 months, that`s when I will begin an excommunication, I consoled myself in especially difficult days.

Decided to live

nevertheless without feeding up up to half a year as recommended articles chitany me magazines. However unexpectedly in 5 months the lock began, it was necessary to enter fruit and juice that the kid did not suffer a tummy (and in general since the birth only a few days he suffered from kolik or gases). Even began to take a baby`s dummy and left a finger - was tired to suck for hours it. Hurrah, hurrah - I exulted, I will begin an excommunication from a breast soon! Everything, we are already able to eat from a spoon, to drink from a special glass, we approached by 6 months, we eat fruit, vegetables, we drink juice and... unexpectedly the kid began to fall asleep perfectly in the afternoon after I apply him to a breast! Began to sleep on an hour three times a day! I do experiment - I give a baby`s dummy and I rock to sleep. No, does not sleep. I give a breast - instantly calms down and sleeps!

Well I will tell

to you, my plans cried. On life nothing could be planned, and life with the kid did not become an exception. There now, I solved: I will feed until itself is tired! So our dairy river runs, we grow, we get stronger, already 10 kg of a nayela, folds, cheeks ruddy and all the rest as it is necessary. The most terrible behind to feed, to feed so! Good luck to you, young mummies.