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Bruises standing

How to fight against a bad condition of vessels, are told by the phlebology surgeon of the Moscow Center of a flebologiya Dmitry Alekseevich Sosinsky.

Bruises can be

a blood disease consequence. However, then they in a set are scattered on all body. But if appear only standing, and small capillary stains in a look setochek or spider lines adjoin to them, then it is possible to assume what put in vessels. So the varicosity begins. Their walls weaken, lose elasticity so become more fragile. The blood vessels located under skin easily are injured from any contact with firm objects. Sometimes even absolutely insignificant and therefore imperceptible. Through microscopic gaps blood filters into fabric, and there is bruise. Approach of an illness can be suspended if properly to care for the legs.



First of all to them needs the movement. Muscles at reduction drive blood more intensively, without allowing it to stand. Very well walking on a ladder influences work of venous system. Therefore it is desirable to use the elevator as seldom as possible. And at the same time and city transport as far as it is possible. Besides foot walks, strengthening of veins is promoted by any rhythmic loadings - run, swimming, driving by bicycle and on skis. Those who are forced to walk the most part of day are most of all subject to varicosity. Minutes of rest it is useful for them to sit, having thrown legs on a table. Such pose reduces load of veins and facilitates blood outflow.

Still visible part of an illness is limited only to thin setochka - spider lines on skin, it is possible to do massage. Accurately, softly and surely with use of the moisturizing cream not to do new bruises. First of all stroke and knead the top part of a leg in the direction from a knee to a groin. Then a shin, beginning from below, and behind it each finger separately. From fingers it is necessary to rub an external surface of foot up. Then roundabouts - a sole and a heel. And, at last, vigorously to pound foot and an ankle joint. During the sedentary work it is important to watch the bearing. It is not necessary to stoop, strain shoulders and to cross legs. All this creates obstacles for a blood-groove. In each one or two hours it is necessary to arrange breaks to warm up legs. Of course, it is the best of all to walk. But, as a last resort, it is possible to move them sitting on a chair.

For example, having extended legs, to twist, shake feet in different directions. To put legs on a floor and, having raised heels, to rise on tiptoe. Then, having leaned on heels, to pull on itself fingers. 15 - 20 times serially each leg to cross from a heel on a sock. Emergence of the first messengers of the approaching illness demands more captious relation to footwear. It has to be as it is possible more conveniently. Here equally neither the high heel, nor a flat sole is no good. So it is necessary to choose something. It will be required to reconsider the clothes also. And to exclude from it close clothes and linen which can interfere with normal blood circulation.

Golfs and stockings on elastic bands are also subject to withdrawal. They strengthen developments of stagnation in veins. They with success will be replaced by products from compression jersey in which everything is thought over and precisely calculated. In an anklebone they hardly fit a leg, and in process of advance up the grasp gradually weakens. It provides vessels with additional support, and blood freely moves on veins. And modern medical tights, stockings and golfs, unlike former, are also beautiful. Gentle, transparent and strong, they fit on a leg well. These products are especially necessary during pregnancy, from the earliest terms. And also at reception of hormonal preparations. However before getting things with compression effect, does not prevent to consult to the phlebologist. He will determine the necessary size and will calculate the pressure force necessary for medical influence.

That should be done:

should not be done to

of What:

At a varicose disease should monitor food. Fats, sugar and salt lead to increase of intra belly pressure and locks. It increases inflow of blood to the lower extremities. And vegetables, fruit, wholegrain and vegetable products, on the contrary, promote a softening of contents of intestines and reduce pressure upon walls of veins.

of Exercise for legs

Lean two hands, as shown in drawing, and, freely breathing, rise on tiptoe, and then fall by heels. To repeat 15 - 20 times.

Sitting on a chair. Legs together are also pressed to each other. Consistently raise legs on socks and lower heels on a floor. Breath is free. To repeat 15 - 20 times.

Lean the hands located at height of shoulders against a wall. Then rise on toes and fall by heels. To repeat 15 - 20 times.

“Swallow pose“.
At a breath raise hands up and get up on socks. At an exhalation strike “a swallow pose“. To repeat 15 - 20 times.

of Exercise for feet

Exercise “on tiptoe“. Both legs to rise on tiptoe. To repeat 15 - 20 times.
the Serial movement by legs from a heel on a sock. To repeat 15 - 20 times.
the Rising on heels. To repeat 15 - 20 times.
of the Movement by legs to the right, to the left, in different directions. To repeat 15 - 20 times.