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The pure house

how effectively to organize clear-out in the house, is told by Bogdana Pystina, the professional maid, the most skilled specialist of the House Angel company.

the Plan of cleaning

  1. Before beginning cleaning, load dirty linen into the washing machine. By the end of cleaning some things will manage to dry and you will be able to stroke them.
Begin with
  1. cleaning with of kitchen .

    Unload contents from lockers. Wipe regiments with a disinfectant for kitchen. If it is necessary, wash out and wipe table glass and ware. Then you pass to cleaning of a plate and oven. Pay attention to a wall site around a plate, and also plate walls. Clear too polluted, stiffened or burned spots special zhiroudalitel: leave means to work for several minutes, then carefully wash away. Wipe all kitchen doors, and also lockers from above. Clean a sink, process bactericidal means a garbage can and a site around it. Vacuum and wipe batteries, wash a window sill and illuminants. A floor - the last point of cleaning in kitchen. At first vacuum to collect large dirt and dust, then wipe.

  1. your following item - a bedroom .

    If it is necessary, lay fresh bed linen. Take out clothes, wipe regiments. Often used things have at the level of eyes. Whenever possible you store linen, socks and tights in drawers. Wipe window sills, batteries, frames of photos, baguettes of pictures, illuminants, furniture. It is better to wipe small objects with a damp rag since on them most of all dust accumulates. You pass to cleaning of a floor - attentively vacuum and wipe under a bed in corners.

  1. Move in a drawing room .

    Wipe dust from furniture. Vacuum upholstered furniture by means of a special nozzle. If in the house there are animals, wool from upholstered furniture can be purified by means of special brushes or mittens for a vycheska of cats - in this case get the separate mitten intended especially for an upholstery.

  1. with a hall, a bathroom and a toilet.

    Hall . If there is a need, sort footwear and outerwear in a case. Clean that you do not carry now on storage. Wipe with a damp rag regiments where there is a footwear. Vacuum and clean a rug by means of shampoo for cleaning of carpets. Vacuum all hall and carefully wash out a floor.

    Bathroom and toilet . You pass into a bathroom and a toilet. At first remove from shelves all jars with cream, tubes and flakonchik - them can be put in a sink or in a plastic bowl. Wipe lockers, shelves and a mirror. Put your jars back, previously wiping them a pure damp rag. Properly rinse all rags and sponges which you used during cleaning, wash up a bucket and pour clear water there - it is necessary for mopping in a bathroom at the end of cleaning. Further, if it is necessary, wipe a tile with special means which does not leave stains, clean a bathtub, a sink, polish cranes. Wash up a floor, rinse a rag and pour out water in a toilet. Now clean a toilet disinfectants.

System of storage

That summer things and footwear did not take the excess place in a case in the winter, and winter - in the summer, clean seasonal clothes on a mezzanine or there where it will not be stirred you.

Seasonal things put away

in packages after washing or cleaning. In packages of woolen and fur things put special means from a moth or bags of a lavender.

Footwear which you do not use at present wipe

and put in boxes. Before loading on a mezzanine it is desirable to air footwear on a balcony and to dry on the sun, having whenever possible taken out insoles.

the Necessary pair of shoes will be easier to be found

if on a box the sticker with the description is pasted. Boots on fur before a bookmark in a box it is desirable for p to put

in a package. Simple councils

Glass, crystal, devices

Crystal and glass it is the best of all for p to wipe

with a dry and pure cotton rag.

the Mirror in a bathroom can rub

with the newspaper, then to brush away small parts of paper a pure rag.

Crystal and thin glass is not recommended to be washed with

in dishwashers except for modern models of the cars supplied with the special crystal function.

Table silver and cupronickel is perfectly purified by tooth-powder.

Hygiene and disinfection

For cleaning of a toilet, garbage cans and other places where pathogenic bacteria can accumulate, use old sponges and rags which then can be thrown out.

a garbage can can drench

After cleaning with boiled water and to pour out in a toilet.

to block a way to the apartment of street dirt and bacteria, put at a door a special rug - a mud-catcher on a rubber basis.

Try to rinse

well and more often to change rags for a floor that a floor always was pure.

Work with

in gloves that skin of hands was not affected by cleaners.

the Floor, carpets

the Parquet floor should be washed simple clear water a soft rag, 2 - 3 times are desirable. The rag has to be damp, but not wet that excess moisture did not get into cavities.

Carpets from synthetic fibers cannot be taken out for cleaning on a frost. Otherwise they can crack. However they are not afraid of moisture, they can be cleaned by means of the washing vacuum cleaner, but only cold water.


That on a parquet did not form dark traces from a carpet and it did not slide, get special substrates under a carpet in the big shops trading in carpet products.

Two carpets will not part if to connect them a bilateral adhesive tape.

the Carpet is recommended to be vacuumed from two parties that small particles of dirt did not damage a floor surface. It is also necessary to wash out a floor under a carpet.

For polishing of furniture can use rags from soft suede, for example it is possible to cut out rags from an old suede jacket. Perfectly fur pieces are suitable for the same purposes also.

Houseplants with small leaflets the easiest to wash out

under a shower. After a shower it is possible to stir up and leave them for some time in a bathroom that water flew down and they were dried.

As it is correct to p to put things

of the Shirt

  1. Clasp all buttons at a shirt.
  2. Turn
  3. a back up and put sleeves.
  4. Fold a shirt on each side.
  5. Straighten
  6. and accurately put in half. If it is required by
  7. to li put once again.

of the Undershirt

  1. Turn an undershirt, put on each side.
  2. Put
  3. in half.


  1. Fold socks and curtail into a roll.
  2. Delay the region of a sock which is located from outer side, and fix, as shown in drawing.
  3. U you has to turn out a compact and dense parcel.

the Curious fact

the British scientists conducted research which revealed some of the most hated types of houseworks for the English hostesses.

of the Englishwoman is not loved :