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The first time at the sea

Yes, as it is not surprising, but it was my first trip at the sea in nearly 28 years of the life. Partly from - for it, and also considering circumstances of our constant diseases, I decided to go surely with the child.

A. A month before an estimated trip there was a resistant desire to pack things. Overcame.

on June 28, 2005

After daily assurances that we will go to the sea soon, three-year-old Natasha was already tired to wait, and in the evening, before an exit from the house, declared: “I do not want the sea!“ . But it`s done, and at 20:20 we went by train Tambov - Moscow to our treasured purpose! All close relatives who are in Tambov in number of 6 people came to see off us, and Natasha nearly fell asleep in the bus on an entrance to the railway station.

As soon as we got

on the train, a dream at Natasha it vanished as if by magic, and we began to reflect and whether the child will sleep in general? Fortunately, our hot wishes were executed, and the child safely fell asleep at half past nine p.m. Here I regretted that I did not take an occasional seat on the child. To three o`clock in the morning I literally sat in legs at Natasha since she to me simply did not allow to lay down with her nearby. Then I was succeeded by the father, and a couple of hours I dozed.

on June 29, 2005

In Moscow, expecting change on the Simferopol train, Natasha chased on the building of the Kursk station, and I it. Still she very much liked to ride the escalator, and we as two provincial little fools, rode with it from the first floor the second and back:-). Thank God that it was necessary to wait not for long, only for a couple of hours!

All remained day and night we carried out

in the train. What happiness that we went to a compartment and that on the child took the place! Only this way it is also necessary to go with children. On the road we saw that sell boiled crayfish, and Sasha showed willingness to try them, but when I bought them and began to undress, the husband stated the hostility to their contents, and then we from the Natashky streskala their. In our opinion, taste as at crabsticks from a bag:-). Anything special...

on June 30, 2005. Thursday

Simferopol. Actually, Simferopol - that we also did not see. Only building of the station and trolleybus ring. Thanks to my friend Lena, we safely sat down on a minibus and drove to Alushta. On the way to Alushta I understood that a roller coaster in comparison with our mountain bends and height differences has a rest, and for the first time regretted that I did not take with myself motion sickness medicines as to the child, and themselves.

First that pleased eyes in CURRENT “Rising“, is a pool with the blue water.

Having issued all papers, we went to number in 2 - m the case. It was triple, with a balcony. The TV and the refrigerator rent. The furniture is new, repair fresh. But the most important that struck me, is a bathroom! I open a door in hope to see so long-awaited shower, and I see aloone the standing basin instead of the pallet or a bathroom. The first 15 minutes I thought how to be washed under a shower, standing legs in a basin and not to wet a floor and a toilet bowl... :)

Later I understood that it is possible to wash, just standing on a floor, and water will flow down in discharge in a floor! Plague, well, especially after reception of a shower: the sea of water on a floor and clouds of steam in a toilet. In a word, number very mediocre. The bed is changed 1 time in 6 days, and here the floors are never washed, seemingly, and vacuumed, probably, once in day of departure...

In hope to have breakfast at least, we jerked to the dining room where we were waited by a complex lunch. On food the special remark: if you are unpretentious, then will fatten you provided that you will eat everything that you will be given (so was with me, and I even recovered, despite the daily exercise machine in the form of a ladder), but if you the gourmet, then food is not pleasant to you, and is you will not be (so was with my husband, it was necessary to gather additionally products in shop). In a word, eatery very on the fan and what you would like for 600 rubles a day (accommodation and 3 - x single food is included).

When in due time I read to

responses about CURRENT “Rising“, of course, heard about absolutely abrupt ladder conducting in a complex, but that it will be so mad in 180 steps and it is necessary to go on it with the child at least three times a day there and back, I somehow did not calculate. From here probably and name of this Rising tourist`s complex.

But, having inspired by the fact that all of us arrived to the sea, having passed 180 - ti a step ladder, we went to the sea...

the First time I saw the sea! What it is cool! Unusually blue color! And what excellent mountains! What types! And air of an incomprehensible coniferous smell, in general separate song! And... water appeared +16 degrees. I am not a walrus and therefore at most decided to wash patches why those broke. And some people bathed and lapped as if it is not water, but pair milk...

Such temperature of the sea stuck to

two more days, but for the third day Sasha and my mother nevertheless decided to pomorzhevat and swim for a while. Decided to become tempered, it is good though did without consequences. And we from Natashkaya were helped out by the pool where Natashka swam in “bathing suit“ - the inflatable plane, and I protected her nearby. Natasha could not get out of the pool for days. Said that it is “muduza“ (jellyfish):-).

All days of our stay in Alushta we ate too much fruit, though the prices were almost Moscow, but fruit directly from a branch! In a word, even there is nothing to compare to our market. Considering that in the dining room Natasha did not eat anything at all, and Sasha did not want to eat anything from offered, generally fruit also were their main diet. With only that difference that the child was interrupted still frozen and juice, and the father by beer and baklava. However, and we did not disdain baklava, and even it very much was pleasant to us. Then we were accustomed to take baklava, cherries pies and samosa from one local man, everything so amazingly tasty was prepared!

The fact that we went with the grandmother was huge plus since we could go for a walk quietly in the evening on the embankment or go to excursion together, and the grandmother walked with the granddaughter in park.

Embankment of Alushta not really pure and not really dirty. Ballot boxes stand, but the people manage to throw garbage by as, actually, and in any city. On the embankment it is full of tents with souvenirs exhausting for every taste. I very much liked a picture from cockleshells, but by then as I was going to buy it, the picture was already sold. Very wide choice of aromatic oils which it is difficult to resist and I did not resist:-). Brought with itself small “car“.

can meet by

On the embankment whom and anything. From monkeys and yogis to offers to be photographed in a suit 19 - go centuries and to drive on roundabouts. I did not resist neither that, nor another. In a suit was imprinted moreover drove on a trampoline. It when you is fastened on safety harnesses and shaken so that you with mad acceleration jump as the grasshopper who ate too much a henbane. I so shouted for fear, and, probably, I had several gray hair that Sashka got a fright and ceased to remove this action on a video camera. But for memory for all the time of holiday I had about 2 huge black bruises of the size of a palm on both forearms. I so seized elastic bands that there were bruises...

we visited all planned excursions. Especially when at the sea there was a storm. Went to the Nikitsky botanical garden independently that left to us in a half is cheaper than the offered round with guides. Looked at magnificent plane trees, zemlyanichnik, oaks, bananas, firs and stone pines. Even you will not remember everything! Natasha on the favourite piggy habit got into a dirty pool in a garden and the rest of a trip walked in wet socks and sandals. But did not take place by a uniform floret in a rosary where we found time of blossoming of roses. Looked at a bamboo grove and paid the attention a kaktusariya. Natasha very much liked artificial twigs with goldfishes.

we as well Visited a dolphinarium. Only it was necessary to go there since morning since in the evening Natasha was already tired and went into an awful hysterics in Partenite, and I had to walk instead of representation with it along a corridor and without results to calm the squealing child...

B one of evenings mother with Sasha went to tasting of Massandrovsky wines to Crimean Dawns restaurant. Very much it was pleasant to them. Natural Crimean wines are magnificent!

As Sasha already was in Alushta, his dream was to visit once again the mountain Ai - Petri and majestic caves. What we also made.

At first we visited Vorontsov Palace in Alupka with its huge park. So far we wandered about it, the rain gradually began, and on an entrance to Miskhor ropeway it turned into the continuous heavy rain making a stand. Of course, we were upset since rise on teeth Ai - Petri was not represented possible, but the old man - the regular guide CURRENT “Rising“ - just suggested us to rise by a plateau and to eat a shish kebab. All other tourists bought raincoats and agreed, we, having bent, started wandering afterwards...

Rise on a ropeway was remarkable

up the fact that in windows of the car nothing was visible! We went whether in a cloud, whether in fog as in milk and what our surprise when, having arrived on a plateau, we did not see not a uniform droplet was but felt the invigorating mountain freshness. Our old man - the guide put all tourists in teahouse of the acquaintance Hassan where in the same place people also began to order a shish kebab (very mediocre, by the way, and warmed in a microwave), and we from Sashkaya were on the quiet winded on teeth Ai - Petri for the sake of which we, actually, also arrived.


Ya and therefore we were beaten to other excursion going to teeth though everything appeared absolutely not terribly. The guide - the young guy - practically shook out from us 10 hryvnias (60 rubles) for the fact that we were beaten to his group, but these are trifles. Passing rocky Liski, we appeared at mountain top. Clouds below all dissipated, and to our look the fascinating picture - a panorama of the southern coast of the Crimea clearly appeared! Really it was worth arriving once to the Crimea to see such beauty!

One more sight of the Crimea who by all means needs to be visited is the Marble cave. How surprisingly the nature created the fancy masterpieces! Stalactites and stalagmites, stalagnata and korallita. Names, as if music for ears. And beauty in general inexpressible. Each figure has the name, remembers century time and stores the history. In a cave it is quite cool, + 9 degrees, and is very damp. But, according to a speleoterapiya, we left looked younger for a year in 28 a cave-degree air.

, but the conductor got not really good, and except a skeleton of a baby mammoth and the person of a sphinx which obviously came in dream to me, to me nothing was remembered. On a way back, having made a halt in mountains Chatyr - Dag, we found a big glade with thickets of large mountain wild strawberry of absolutely improbable taste though, maybe, we just got hungry:-)?

the Crimean wines in pouring and shish kebabs from everything at every turn sell to

In Alushta, anything. From sturgeon to mutton. We were traditional and sat in “Jolly Roger“ with a small bottle natural Ai - Serez and brochette of local production. What tasty was a shish kebab! Mother is expensive! And wine was too sweet on my taste and what was to expect from sweet wine? But most of all I liked to have supper in Vstrecha cafe. Magnificent service, the most tasty food and quite reasonable prices. In cafe always the notice is also practically not present empty seats. But we were lucky, and we tried mussels, stewed with vegetables, Milan salad, and also chicken and squids salad, mutton on - shepherd`s in a pot and roast home-style too in a pot, chicken wings of a fra and fruit jelly. In a word, also you will not remember all, and you will lick fingers!

Of course, what sea without sea walk? We went twice: in the evening to the high sea and in the afternoon to Yalta and the Swallow`s nest. Views from the sea tremendous, and water of unusual turquoise color! Desperate seagulls catch up with the motor ship, and playful dolphins occasionally flash near motor ship. History of the Crimea as if fairy tale: the majestic bear (the mountain to Ai - Dag) guards the Partenitsky valley. The swallow`s nest shook! I did not expect even that it so impresses! And what transparent blue sea at the cape Ai - Todor not to express in words! Huge sea and same sea of positive impressions!

Yalta, certainly, stands

independently among other resorts. Therefore everyone needs to visit Yalta, to admire plain architecture of buildings, greatness of streets and resort color. I want to express separate admiration to an exhibition of Yalta artists on the Embankment. I even could not present what can be drawn SO! Would be at me much - a lot of money, I would buy up everything, and my house would become the museum:-)!

were past So quickly by our 13 days of rest in Alushta. The last day we planned to go to excursion to the Rock - Karasan, a manor of Gagarin and Rayevsky, but at the sea there was a storm, and Natasha had to be content with what to do “kissel“ of jellyfishes, namely to rumple them hands and legs, and to us to enjoy the Black Sea air.

our way home lay through Kharkiv as tickets through Moscow from Simferopol were not in 40 days though really cars were thin. In Kharkiv we should spend 7 hours of expectation of landing to the train Kharkiv - Tambov. We spent this time with success in the Kharkiv park and a zoo. At an entrance to park we were met by a brisk hungry little squirrel, but having understood that we are not local and is at us there is nothing, the hlebushka went further “to shoot“. We very much liked park with its well-groomed beds and pure fountains, and a zoo in general beyond an admiration limit! Whom here we only did not see. From fishes to a white camel. So the waiting time of the train past for us quickly, and one more night later in the train we were already at home!