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As I fed and I feed with

Preparation for breastfeeding

that I will feed, I solved till my birth Subjects. I read about advantages of the breastfeeding (B) before artificial (WILLOWS) much. In Sweden GV is actively propagandized. As a result of these 100% of the Swedish mummies nurse kids. And that I will worsen a shape of a breast I did not pay any attention. For me health of future kid was the main thing.

I prepared For feeding psychologically. Inspired in itself that I have to, I will be able, I want and I will feed future kid. Began to attend prenatal courses. Bought well sitting bra, massed a breast special cream. The breast grew since the beginning of pregnancy just catastrophically, and became just magnificent sizes.

For pregnancy and 1 - y month of feeding increased by 2,5 times. I looked at it optimistically. Began to do special exercises for a breast.

the First feeding

There now, the most joyful instant came to lives! I heard crying of mine of the Subject. Milk came right after childbirth.

me brought to

After all procedures the son, put to a breast and suggested to feed. A subject tried to catch a breast. Here! A subject took it. I heard an easy posasyvaniye, felt communication with it. My emotions cannot be described! The first feeding past for me quickly.

As I adjusted GV

I Want to tell separate thanks to courses where I learned to feed correctly. Now at me always - in any place and at any time - the ready, always brought to the necessary temperature, always fresh milk in a breast. When feeding it is important to put the kid to a breast correctly. At first I watched correctness of capture and did not allow a breast to move down on a tip. Corrected at the slightest deterioration. Tried that the son took all brown part of a nipple. But now I have no mastitis, cracks. The son “devastates“ completely a breast and well stimulates it.

plays an Important role when feeding and mother`s pose. I fed from a sitting position and from a prone position. The back did not hurt me. There was a lot of milk in both breasts. When feeding I alternated them. Tried that the son finished a meal from the same breast from which he began it.

the Problem was to find the necessary bra. Bought and buy the biggest size that is. I use laying for feeding. Constantly I change them that they remained dry. Constantly I observe hygiene. After each feeding I wash nipples. If you feed correctly, then GV brings you a sheer pleasure!

We houses

We are fed with

exclusively on demand. To 4 - x months of a fir-tree of 12 - 16 times a day. The son ate sometimes 5 min., sometimes 30 min., hour. Slept the Subject at first with us. I at first was afraid to press down it, but then the fear passed. At night the son ate a breast quite often - 4 - 6 times. Sometimes fell asleep directly with a breast in a mouth.

Were finished feeding by

till 6,5 months. Now I except breast milk began to give other food. Feedings became less frequent. We eat 5 - 7 times a day. Generally before going to bed and at daybreak.

Feeding on the street

I Try to feed with p the son before an exit to walk. But sometimes he asks a breast directly on the street. I quietly sit down in park on a shop and I give a breast. In Russia it was perceived by many disapprovingly. In a baby sling I cannot feed, it is inconvenient to me. I feed as got used. But in Sweden it is in the order of things. I saw many mothers feeding kids on the street. Itself fed both in park, and in cafe.

In France also. I fed in Louvre. Shameful is that you feed the kid naturally, but not mix, I see nothing. The kid has to receive food according to the requirement.

the Conclusion

Each woman can nurse

. It is necessary just to want it very much. The child`s life - in a female breast. You can give it to the child in the first year of his life. Milk contains a number of useful substances. Sometimes the child holds a breast simply to feel protected.

of Milk at me much! I will continue to feed. I want to finish feeding to 2 - x years. We plan still the child. I also want to feed him long and to enjoy GV. Feed and enjoy!