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OF OF OF D E T C K I Y L E P E T # 5
OF <<>>

<<>> It my mother so told

to me. Which much more “mamy“ all other mothers. Because works as “scientist“ at institute...
A I that? Well of course trusted! These are neighbour`s kids naive...“ the stork brought “, “ found in cabbage “, “ in shop bought“...
Dark... It is necessary to teach their mind - reason. Mother at institute learns and I will learn too!
- Hey, Anka, go here! You want, I about sections will tell you?
- Aha! Well as if it to explain
to you, foolish...
Probably, you have mother when small was - on the three studied at school. What can such mother teach to?
Well nothing, I am ready to undertake your education!
- you Know, here the house - it consists of bricks, and the person too as if from bricks, only these “bricks“ actually not bricks, but sections are called... It is clear?
- Aha! Understood! Still rabbits live in them!
- What else rabbits? :|
- Well... I do not know. Probably, small :) The father small bought yesterday me...
- the PRESENTS?!
- They white and a shit from them such black - small and climb!
<<<... And so, the person consists of sections. In these sections there live little rabbits. There is a small grass, a small luzhok with a twig and even small such sun. Rabbits with such here ears and a tail a pupochka. Belenky, greyish and black. From them still such shit round climbs :). still they the friend to the friend visit
A. From a section in a section. Only not to any rabbit guests come. Come only if it the adult and in his section it is pure. And to slovens do not go - they wash hands without soap and porridge is do not want...>>>
Not everyone it knows

! Only we with Ania. Because we are scientists. That is I am an academician, and Ania is the academician`s wife.
Mother told that Ania needs to learn to cook well if she wants to become the academician`s wife. Ania incidentally heard it and now trains. I asked three rubles for mother and bought her big table set. Mother there still something into the account of salt told
... What is “pood“ I do not know, but just in case bought a pack...
For days on end Ania vanishes in our house which I built of mother`s old blankets. Only sometimes it should be reconstructed anew is when at night rain expects to fall or wind will blow strong.
About a lodge at us is own small ogorodik. There burdocks, camomiles grow... That is I to tell a copper cabbage, carrot and other vegetables... We weed them, we water and we feed up father`s fertilizers. And the grandmother brags to neighbors what earth at us fertile behind a shed - to a lop... (fie!) ... the cabbage and climbs, and climbs from under the earth!

<<<... And plants - florets there everyones, trees - they too as people. And too eat. Only people a mouth, and plants - leaves. In the afternoon they on the sun are heated, and at night at them leaves are displaced in spoons. And when the rain goes, they as soup eat it. If to rise early in the morning, it is possible even to see the remains of this soup and even most to try.“ Dewdrops“ (so this soup is called) - very beautiful and tasty...
A still they are able to think also cunning. They always under the earth dig in something that then if the rain is not at night to get it from - under lands and to eat. Just as I: at me under a pillow always of some candies and croutons - full - it is full!...>>>

Mother explained that to become the real academician, it is necessary to write the thesis...
But it I and without it know. The father told me. And my father - too the scientist, only science at it some uninteresting... everything digs in some rags to the earth, waits until decay, then digs out and weighs...
What a difference at mother! At it there “melkoskopa“. As you will look in eyes at some small - a small small insect - so there whole DINOZZAVRR is visible!
is terrible and terrible... Mother says that the science demands the victims, but I all the same do not want that dinosaurs ate my mother... Well and that that small? And suddenly something not that will be eaten and grown? Mother says that it sometimes happens...
But anything! I will grow up soon, there will be big and strong, I then to these dinosaurs - OOH! By all methods of modern science as my father is expressed... “brainstorming“, “the dispersive analysis“ and mysterious “equations of regression“... on the head as I will give!
That time not to lose in vain, I began to write the thesis even last summer. The whole leaf wrote:
“Experience is put on the mountain Bubukh in a hole of ten square meters in depth. The purpose of experience is...“ and so on...
Thought, I will arrive home from “scientific training“, I will add... But whether you know, at us - adults, absolutely other cares... There before food to wash hands, to take out garbage... and in general: on the first place there has to be a family, but not career!

<<<... The mountain Bubukh is called - because there it is possible to go also to a hole... bubukh! And Babaki`s holes dig - specially that to them nobody went and their chalk did not steal. And if who takes courage and will go there - they still from far away begin muster: to whom what to do. They even have sentries. Will put pads and stand as tell-tales, about the minks. Also guard, of course, on - turns...
is the most dangerous to approach edge of a hole. Babak then can unexpectedly appear, peep and frighten about the legs. Here then - that will also be bubukh! Such, as then you do not otkolupat bones from babachy chalk!
They say that animals they mysterious and modern science yet not studied...>>>

the Family - business very responsible! Here I also tell
: I just as to the father - from - for family del have no time to finish the thesis...
A of problems is a lot of! It is not less, than at mother with the father...
For example, everything with “zeny“ the child we cannot conceive in any way :(.
Is impossible for some reason!
Already adult absolutely - in a year in the first class - and... will not turn out... well though you burst... We, probably, already one thousand times tried
- Ania, you love me?
- I Love.
- I love you too...
- You want from me the child?
- Yes.
- I want too...
Well why, why why nothing is impossible to us?!
- Anna, listen attentively! You ACTUALLY love me, or just pretend?
- Actually, - appear “avaricious“ female tears.
- Come on, I believe, I trust... Let`s cages connect. We long - long hold
I the friend - the friend by hands. It we so cages connect
. That then at Anka the stomach ached and she gave birth to the child. She mother asked to buy
a new doll long ago, but that all “is not present money, there is no money...“
Greedy person... we want
A so that and to buy and money it was not necessary to spend! It to buy
- from a salary to a salary. Once a month... And it is possible to give birth though every day :).
Main in this case - that parents not of a prosekla... and that, speak, they for such business oh - oh - oh as swear! Even it is more, than for the broken vase...
It it does not matter that at us again nothing turned out. Mother speaks, it is necessary to be on friendly terms and not to swear several years that the child turned out...
We with Ania stocked up with patience. Nearly an every day we try to unite. Also we know that sooner or later, but at us the child will surely be born! And then one more! And one more! And there is a lot more - much, it is a lot of - many healthy and beautiful kids!


Of course, this history still will have a continuation :)


If you remember

, in one of last releases I invited to “cooperation“ of all to whom “destiny“ of mailing is not indifferent :)
Ya sincerely I thank all who responded to this “appeal“! And with pleasure I tell all of you that mailing found the constant house in one Very good Place :)!
Now (well and mine, naturally, first of all) will know about genius of your children much more, than 2175 subscribers...
O them is learned by the whole world! Therefore now I already insist - surely specify surnames of children. Let them know not on parental nicknames, and on real names and surnames!
A sheltered us the website 7ya. ru :). Very and very pleasant town, where besides archive of future issues of “baby talk“ (that, of course, the most important!) there is also a huge heap of any useful information on detsko - a parental subject. Come - you will not regret! I not for the purpose of advertizing write it and as the parent for whom the family became both rescue, and a damnation... At the same time both headache, and medicine for it. And, maybe, - meaning of life...
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to eyes and the friend at friends not to select a toy!
Surely come to “sandbox“! And that meanwhile there is empty as after a rain, me and to talk there is nobody... and I am going “to be walked“ systematically there...
By the way, I what everything about myself yes about myself write? The winchester at me was covered and together with it and all your letters with stories... So I accept condolences and I apologize. About it a request to all whose material I did not publish yet: send the stories on the second time, all right?

(OF COURSE, according to CHILDREN)

of missile defense of the CHILDREN OR missile defense IN the CHILDHOOD

As I already repeatedly told

, the country has to know the future heroes :)

of All good to you and your children,

(C) 2000 Vorobyov Sergey

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